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I am somewhat of a beginner blog. I blogged with my students this year. A fellow teacher had a travel blog from this site and I thought I'd give it a go for my UK and Ireland trip this summer.

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Brandon August 1st 2011

I made it home in one piece yesterday. My parents (they had been on a trip to Toronto and flew home to Winnipeg on the same flight I was on after flying into Toronto from London) and I arrived home at 11:30PMIsh. I was able to go straight to sleep as I was exhausted and it was 5:30AM the next day for me. I hadn't slept since the night before as the flight was during the day in London time. I had a great trip. It was an amazing experience. I am already looking into potential trips for next summer. I was thinking of doing another Contiki tour called Road to Athens but, it (along with most tours I want to do) starts in London and it is the Olympics there next summer. I might go ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin July 30th 2011

I am writing this late at night after our farewell dinner. This morning we had an optional tour of the Guiness Brewery and had the rest of the day free in Dublin. We had an amazing Irish experience dinner as the tour guide called it. We had a traditional Irish meal (with several options to choose from) with an amazing live band playing traditional Irish music as we ate. During a break for the band there was some Irish dancers-which was really neat. They pulled up four audience members for one of their dances-two of which belonged to our tour group. After the dancing the band returned for a bit. They picked out audience members who they thought had no rhythm and made them come up on stage. Luckily, I was not selected. The first one ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny July 28th 2011

Day 13: I keep on meaning to discuss the people on the tour. Most of the people are very friendly. We have one person on the tour that nobody can stand but that is it. I am not having too much trouble with the party reputation the tour company has. There are a few people who are happy to not party and return to the hotel at an early enough time (like myself). The tour guide warned us about the Contiki cough at the start of the tour and many people have fallen victim to the cough. Myself, I haven't got the cough but, I do have a bit of throat thing going on-nothing too serious, just a tinkle in the throat. The Internet wasn't free yesterday so I didn't use it. Today was free thankfully. ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Oranmore July 26th 2011

Day 12 I keep on forgetting to mention the zombies and zebras that I saw in Dublin. Yes, you heard that correctly, I said zombies and zebras. We had a few free hours in Dublin before our included dinner and I spent them wandering around with two Canadians. During our walk we kept on seeing zombies roaming the streets. One of the people that I was walking around with approached a zombie and asked what they were dressed up for. They informed her that it was National Zombie Day and in the evening there was a zombie walk. After supper our tour guide took us on a walk of the city and we saw men dressed up as zebras. We weren't able to get a straight story on the zebra dressing up situation. Today was our ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Oranmore July 25th 2011

Today we had an morning walking tour (unfortunately in the rain) of Londonderry before heading out on a long drive to Galway. The tour of Londonderry was amazing with a great tour guide. The tour guide provided a lot of information on the conflict and issues in Londonderry. During my time in Northern Ireland I enjoyed learning about the Northern Ireland history (especially about the conflicts) in Belfast and Londonderry We then drove for a few hours before a lunch stop on the way to Galway. I provided the lunchtime entertainment for the Aussie I was sitting with as I had a struggle with my taco kebab (a wrap with taco meat and ridiculously runny sauce). The sauce was running all over the place and I couldn't help laughing about my struggles. The Aussie informed me ... read more

I am behind in blogging due to not having free Internet every night and being busy on the days when the Internet was free. I am finding that the Internet costs to use in the big cities so far (Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Dublin) with the exception of the hotel I stayed in London. It has been free in the small stops we make. I do need to remind my mother that I am on holidays and should be out enjoying the cultural experiences of the countries I am in-so please don't nag for blog entries. This blog will be a long one but, I will write quick summaries of each day in hopes to shorten the length. The night before heading out to try and catch the Loch Ness monster we had a trivia night. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness July 20th 2011

Hello, Today we had lots of driving. We drove about 90 minutes to the home of golf (St. Andrews). We wandered through the cathedral ruins. We then wandered through the city for awhile. The beach was lovely. We then went for lunch 90 minutes away at a place I can't recall the name of. There was an optional tour of a whisky distillery. Some of us who didn't want to go in there wandered around together after lunch. I did some shopping and got a fleece jacket as well as some tartan plaidish scarves. We then had a two hour drive to a place outside of Inverness where we are spending the night before going to the nearby Loch Ness Lake to see the Loch Ness monster. Here are my shout outs for this blog: Aunty ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh July 19th 2011

Hello, Yesterday we went to Greta Green (in Scotland) for the mock wedding ceremony. Greta Green is a place where in the 1700s people under 21 from England would come to get married as England had a law saying if you were 21 or younger your parents must give you permission to get married. Scotland didn't have the law so Greta Green being just on the other side of the England-Scotland border started doing these marriages. The mock ceremony was neat. The "minister" had an Aussie from our tour be the father of the bride (who had shown up angry with his wife to protest his daughter's wedding) and gave him a gun. He pulled another tour member (the actual girlfriend of the guy he pulled to be the father) to be the bride's mother. He ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cumbria » Shap July 17th 2011

Hello, Today was a dreary and rainy for quite a bit. We went on a cruise of Lake Windermere in Bowness on Windermere. It was another great experience (I haven't had any badexperiences yet!). After myself and some other Canadians plus one Aussie went to the Beatrix Potter musuem and had some lunch before heading back to the bus. We then had another optional activitiy. It was some sports like activities at a sports adventure place outside of a town called Keswick. I went canoeing. My partner and I were not very successful. It rained as well but the views were great! We then went back to Keswick for a "walk-about" dinner. A "walk-about" dinner is what they use to refer to a dinner that isn't one included in the tour (you have to find your ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Wetherby July 16th 2011

Hello all, I chose not to blog last night as the wifi was 4 pounds for one hour. This is roughly 7 dollars Canadian-too expensive! The hotel we are staying at tonight (just outside of York) has free wi-fi at the bar. This blog will be short as my roomate was getting ready for bed when I came down. The tour has people from Australia (heaps), Germany, Japan(one), United States, New Zealand, and Canada. I think that is all of the nationalities on board. Our tour guide is an ex-Aussie. He seems to be nice. The tour has a day song that they will play at the start of each day as well as wake up song to wake those sleeping on the bus (so they can hear the instructions). The fire alarm is ringing as ... read more

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