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30th August 2022
Town hall in Bamberg

Amazing Architecture
29th August 2022
Cologne Cathedral

Beautiful Architecture
Enjoy your travel.
14th August 2022

Sounds as though you are having a great time. Enjoy your adventures
From Blog: Budapest
14th August 2022

Looks fascinating. Would love to see more of eastern Europe
From Blog: Budapest
24th June 2022

Thank you
Thanks for sharing this amazing experience with us.
23rd June 2022

Hotel Booking in Monroe
Amazing Information. Thanks to share the Wonderful Information.
4th January 2022
Estonian flag

this is the flag of estonia with the coat of arms not finlands flag
finlands flag is a white flag with a blue cross not the estonian flag with the coat of arms
From Blog: Tallinn, Estonia
5th January 2022
Estonian flag

Thanks for that. I have updated it
From Blog: Tallinn, Estonia
2nd April 2019

Abu Simbel
We enjoyed our time at Abu Simbel. Thanks for the memories.
From Blog: Abu Simbel
22nd March 2019

It is breathtaking standing there absorbing all the history. We enjoyed our time there. Plus we took a cooking class!
22nd March 2019

It was one place as we walked around that you really felt as if you had stepped back in time
25th July 2018

YOu've been busy. Thanks for taking us along.
From Blog: Moscow
26th July 2018

Hard to find time to write blogs when on a tour There are so many things to do and see. It is good to reminisce though when you try to match the photos with the sights. Having a rest now. Maybe Egypt next year
From Blog: Moscow
3rd July 2018
Catherine the great

So much gold and opulence.
20th April 2017

Have fun
We really liked Levanto and went ball room dancing in the village square with the locals! Have fun tomorrow. Hope the weather is good for you.
18th December 2016

This pic inspired me to open a new thread in the Photography Forum...Cruising...brilliant!
24th August 2015

Head spun looking at the Marina Sands Hotel...what floor were you staying on?? Sentosa certainly different to my visit. Guess you are winging your way to the UK as I'm writing this. Hope the flight wasn't too bad!!
14th August 2014

Hi Guys, I have loved following your blog and nominated the Widerbeest Crossing photo for photo of the week. Best part is that the moderators agreed and you were the winner. Cheers, Rob
14th August 2014

Many thanks. We had a wonderful time and are now sifting through thousand a of photos to find some representative ones to put in a photo book .
1st August 2014

TRULY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unbelievable photography guys, I am certainly enjoying your photos and travel entries (will save me a trip I could never undertake) so THANK YOU! It sounds like you are having a great time. In the 'Help Me Mum' elephant photo, is there another elephant or another animal between the mum and bub?? Sad to think that the bloody hyenas rob from the python as if it isn't sad enough to know that the beautiful gazelle is dinner for the python - that's life!! Look forward to the blog on the Victoria Falls. Take care and enjoy!!!
1st August 2014

Mum and bulb photo
There were only elephants protecting the little one. The hyena was walking near it. The photos are great but they don't tell half the story. Just watching the animals is the real story. This morning as we were leaving we came across a zebra giving birth . We couldn't wait for the full birth but we saw the head. We were glad that we couldn't wait as apparently she was in a bit of trouble. A vet would have been good. Also Kevin went out this morning on an extra game drive. They saw three lions get chased by two buffalo.they were happy at first just to get the photos of the lions. It is all amazing. We are at Mount Kenya tonight and then off to Lake Nakuru tomorrow to see the flamingos. Home soon.
21st July 2014

That's a funny lookin Hippo
Maybe tell the Hippo to disguise himself as a Hippo and not a Rhino, he will be better off!
23rd July 2014

Everyone's a critic. Title updated
6th August 2013
Horseshoe Falls

Great Photos
I have been having a look at some of your photos and they are very good. I look forward to seeing more. Rob
From Blog: Niagara Falls
4th August 2013
Rainbow over the boat

This is a good photo.
From Blog: Niagara Falls

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