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22nd August 2010

Thanks Judi - we're loving it and have such nice people around us here too.
21st August 2010

What a beautiful camp site
I an really enjoying you travel blog..The photos at this camp site are "The Best" Sating longer here was a great idea
14th August 2010

Thank you Lyn! I've sent you an email xx
14th August 2010

Hi Val and Doug, I am loving your travel blog and counting down to when I can get my little MOHO and go "on he wallaby"! Your photographs are first class, the country looks beautiful - who would want to go overseas when we have all this in Oz. You are both obviously having the time of your life, so continue to enjoy. Hope to catch up when you get home to chat about some hints and tips for me when I get going! Lots of love from Lyn xxx
13th August 2010

This is one of my most favorite of your travel blogs..Lovely pics...
1st August 2010

Thank you
Thank you Liz. I've bookmarked your blog and will be following your US trip with interest. There's a lot of great places to visit! Have fun, Val
31st July 2010

Great Entry
Thanks for sharing your blog. I love your photos and am envious of your lifestyle. One day my husband and I will do the same thing! Liz
16th June 2010

Val, I remember Sister Kenny coming to the USA .It must have been inthe mid 50's.She was concidered a hero here also
7th June 2010

What wise people you are to desert the East Coast at this time. Happy usual I will follow the blog with interest.
19th April 2010

Great to hear from you!
Hi Val and Doug, Thanks so much for taking the time to read our blog and thanks very much for your kind words. We've loved our trip and can't wait to come back and have another go at it! There's still so much to see!! I'll enjoy reading through your blog when we get back to check out where you've been on your travels. Keep in touch and hopefully in the future we'll meet you on the road! All the best from Darryl and Sarah
4th April 2010

Thanks Dianne, it was a short trip, but we enjoyed it all. There are some beautiful places to see in our country.
2nd April 2010

What agreat trip, I loved the photos.I wish Tass would be a bit more enthusiastic about doing a bit more Australian travel...while he is healthy!I have enjoyed your blog immensely. Dianne
26th March 2010

What beautiful country you are traveling through..I love when mountains and lakes are together
20th March 2010

Beautiful photos..Thank you for my travel trip for today.
6th October 2009

Well, yes and no. I'm sorry to be leaving the hot weather and finishing our travels, but we're looking forward to seeing everyone! Not long till the baby Jules! So exciting!!
6th October 2009

I think someone wants to come home....
Hi Val and Doug, There is nothing like coming down the coast, knowing that you are in a home stretch. There seems to be nice weather for you. It has been raining here for the past 3 days - not that we are complaining, as we desperately needed it. The garden should have some nice blooms for you after this spring rain on your return. Have fun. ps: Baby - 5 weeks to go, and all is baking along well...for now! Just have to organise where the bub is sleeping!!
26th September 2009

Isn;t it Jules? We intended staying at the caravan park coming back to go at night but decided against it. One day ...
26th September 2009

Paronella park..
Hi Val and Doug, Having such a glorious time, you are! We remember visiting Paronella park - so interesting. Jules
11th September 2009

They're great, Judi - though we've done them before we had to do it all again.
11th September 2009

Those 2 trips the sky ride and the train are on my MUST do list..Look lovely
12th August 2009

Hope not!
There don't seem to be any around here, just as well with all the people swimming!
12th August 2009

I felt safer on the footbridge than the bank - they're pretty fast!
12th August 2009

No crocodiles??
The funny thing is this little spring looks very similar to the one at timber creek! No crocodiles then!! Jules
12th August 2009

Hi Val and Doug, Don't tell me you stood on that bridge! I did notice there is a photo standing on the bank...very wise. Jules

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