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23rd January 2012

Go to...
Go to Denmark next, the greatest country in the world ! ;) Im also studying political science, its cool !
6th November 2011

rayko i felt really sorry for you.somebody should have told u swimming in Marmara Sea isn\'t a very logical idea.maybe in the bosphrus but not in the marmara.but u cant know without trying:)actually regardless of being a native,i did experience similar things during classmatesislandpicnic trip.it was a disaster.istanbul is a huge city.there are much better places to visit which i didnt manage to see all of them yet. i do enjoy your blogs.keep writing!by the way,if you need to ask something,i will be happy to answer them.since being under exams stress nowadays,i may accompany you to get some fresh air if u want a trip mate.best wishes! here\'s my email: gokaykarapinar@hotmail.com
6th November 2011

impressed your impressions
i enjoyed while reading your blog.your writing style made me feel like u are talking with me<)
12th September 2011

thank you
thank you for sharing!
11th September 2011

journey on!
Rayko, awesome blog. My condolences for your luggage zippers. Manchester United sounds like one crazy place, hope that you're finding you have back the proper clothing. Say hello to your family over there for me!
24th August 2011

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