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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru April 21st 2014

After our second stint in Adelaide it was time to head north towards drier regions. On our way we decided to take a quick stop in Adelaide Hills in an Aussie petting zoo. We had previously read about it and dismissed the idea of petting kangaroos as activities for small children, but our host in Adelaide warmly recommended the experience and when she told us there are other interesting animals like Tasmanian devils there at least I was sold. The petting zoo exceeded our expectations from the first steps through the door. The first thing we saw was a group of potoroos (think of it as a kangaroo of the size of a rat – really cute!) that we could give small pieces of fruit, and from there we moved to bigger beasts all the way ... read more
Adelaide Hills - Potoroo
Adelaide Hills - Feeding kangaroos
Adelaide Hills - Tasmanian devil

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne April 10th 2014

It's been already two weeks since we arrived Down Under, but keeping our blog up to date while driving around and camping has proven to be a real challenge. The biggest problem with that is that our laptop has quite a lousy battery-life, so normally it's out of power after few days on the road, otherwise it would be easy to write the blog during our evenings in the tent. We recently bought a car charger too, but unfortunately we can only use it to charge our phones and cameras. Up to now we have been around the most southern parts of this vast country, starting with three days in Melbourne. We loved Melbourne, it seemed like a city with lots of culture and art, and in some parts reminded us of London, especially the St ... read more
Melbourne - walking in the city
little blue penguins spotted in Melbourne, they say red light doesnt bother them
white kakadus on our first Aussie campsite

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin March 24th 2014

We arrived to Queenstown, the central town of the mountains of southern South Island, with mixed expectations. On one hand we had heard it was overfull with tourists and super expensive, on the other hand we had heard both the city and the surroundings were supposed to be beautiful. The road to the town was at least measuring up to the latter, and the lakefront where we had lunch just outside of town was spectacular. We also experienced the other part, being stuck in traffic jams (only time we have seen such in South Island except for in Christchurch where all the road work made the traffic jam) and having to pay for internet at the library, in all other public libraries we have had free internet access. Although the surroundings were beautiful, the city itself ... read more
Queenstown - the town
Milford Sound - morning (before the fog returned)
Milford Sound - the fog is clearing

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Kaikoura March 16th 2014

Our time on the South Island is already half way through, even more. At the moment we're sitting in the kitchen facility of an exceptionally fancy (for us, that is) campsite, usually we stay at the rather basic DOC campsites, which cost next to nothing, but today we had heard that a cyclon would hit northern parts of the island, and that would mean heavy rains in our area too. Thus, we figured we would get a motel room for the night, but a last minute weather forecast check at the New World supermarket parking lot (they have a good and free wifi) showed that it was a false alarm, so we ended up camping in any case, only a DOC site wasn't available in this town. Camping has become so much nicer since we got ... read more
seals along our way to Kaikoura
Kaikoura peninsula coast
Kaikoura peninsula coast 2

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington » Eastbourne March 7th 2014

Most of the geothermal and volcanic phenomena we have seen this far in New Zealand we had seen more and bigger on Iceland and in Yellowstone earlier on the trip, but our next destination was however something completely new to us, an active volcano island! White island outside of Whakatane got its name from the white steam clouds surrounding it when the first westerners saw them. It is still steaming, it is however mostly safe enough to visit nowadays. Already half an hour before we arrived to the island we saw the steam plumes rising. The area around the steaming crater lake was filled with fumaroles and yellow sulfur crystals, and the air burned in your throat if you breathed it without the gas mask that was given out before boarding the island. The crater lake ... read more
White island - the volcano
White island - ready to explore the volcano
White island - A lot of smoking holes in the ground

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland March 2nd 2014

We've been a bit of a lazy bloggers recently, mostly because we are currently camping around the North Island of New Zealand, and thus have very limited wifi access, but also because we have just been quite busy taking in the wonders of this place. Arriving in Auckland almost two weeks ago truly felt like a return to civilization; after all the Spanish and French speaking countries it was so nice to have English spoken all around us, and being able to easily communicate whatever we need to. And after nearly four weeks of island hopping in French Polynesia, it was a nice change to be in a big city again. We stayed in Auckland three full days, rented a room in the house of a nice and fun Maori lady, Ruth, in a peaceful suburb ... read more
hiking in Auckland
view over Wellington
berry picking :)

Oceania » French Polynesia » Tahiti » Papeete February 16th 2014

After three weeks of visiting only small pensions we decided to go to the other extreme when we got to Tahiti, the Intercontinental where we stayed is the biggest of the resorts on the island, and one of the most luxurious. We had booked the room with my last remaining reward points from my stay in Harrisburg last winter, and even though our room was free we managed to get upgraded to a room with a ocean view, nice! As the rainy season was catching up with us and the weather was all but sunny, we spent a lot of time on our balcony enjoying the view towards the neighboring island of Moorea that you could actually see through the rain every now and then. Our stay wasn’t just rain and gloom. Our first morning the ... read more
Tahiti - at the resort
Tahiti - The view from our balcony
Moorea - Johanna and the cat watching the sunset

Oceania » French Polynesia » Rangiroa February 10th 2014

French Polynesia stretches over an area roughly the size of Europe (which we certainly couldn’t have guessed before coming here), and contains god knows how many islands, so obviously we cannot cover it all within three weeks, but we tried to include some different islands on our itinerary. Thus, after the mountainous, green Leeward islands, we hopped on yet another flight to reach the Tuamotu atoll islands, Tikehau to be the first destination. Seen from the plane, the atolls look kind of like sandy rings with palm trees on them, filled with turquois water in the middle. But once you are on them, you can’t really tell the shape anymore, as at least TIkehau is so big that you cannot see the opposite edge of the atoll when you are standing on the beach. So, the ... read more
Pension Hotu beach
Tikehau had the prettiest beaches of all the islands we visited so far
palm tree filled beach

Oceania » French Polynesia » Maupiti February 1st 2014

French Polynesia brings up images of blue water, white beaches and green palms. With places like Tahiti, Bora Bora and a lot of atolls we expected the ultimate holiday paradise when we planned our mid-trip “vacation” here, and this far we have not been disappointed. The only trouble we have had is sometimes with getting understood as many people speak no English, so I guess we need to start working on our French to make future trips smoother. ;) It is the perfect place for a beach and snorkeling holiday, if you have other plans, well, go somewhere else! We arrived in the middle of the night to Faaā airport at Tahiti. We had our luggage at around 2 AM, and after checking the price for the nearby hotels (expensive!) we decided to roll out our ... read more
Maupiti - a view from the Mountain
Maupiti - climbing the Mountain
Maupiti - boats

South America » Chile » Easter Island » Hanga Roa January 21st 2014

At our arrival to the Easter Island airport, we immediately got to feel like we have left (continental) South America behind and arrived in South Pacific, as we were met by Keka, the owner of our guesthouse, placing flower leis on our necks in real southern island style :) Keka was great throughout our stay, always asking how we are, offering fruits, and being helpful with anything we needed. Her guesthouse Vaianny was also a very relaxing place; nice garden to sit in observing chickens walking around, good kitchen, peaceful nights, nice people - couldn't have been much better! We met three other couples , who were also traveling around the world taking pretty much the same route as we, from New Zealand to Tahiti to Easter Island to South America, obviously we are just doing ... read more
one morning we woke up before dawn to see moais at sunrise
Anakena beach

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