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North America » United States » Alaska June 20th 2011

This is the practice blog to see if the alert is working. If you are here, it's working!!! I won't be posting everyday, so with the alert, there will be no need to check to see if I posted. When I post, you'll be notified. You can navigate to previous or next blogs with links near the top of this page, and return to my profile page by clicking on my picture. I hope you enjoy it. I'll enjoy reading your comments (located below each blog) if you are so inclined. I hope you enjoy the pictures too. Always scroll down to see if there are more. Barbara ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau June 18th 2011

Whale watching! It’s just three days before I leave for Alaska and I had one last excursion I wanted to tell you about. Rather than book on with the cruise line’s whale watching trip, I found Captain Greg and his little catamaran hulled boat that only takes six guests. The name of his business is Weather Permitting Alaska LLC. I booked out of Juneau in the afternoon after doing the morning helicopter/glacier landing/ dogsled mushing trip. I think I’ll have about an hour for lunch between trips so I told Captain Greg he would find me at the crab shack at the Juneau wharf. He knew it well and agreed to pick me up there. Of course I have no idea what this crab shack will be like. I found it online and it seemed like ... read more

I'm set to go on a cruise in Alaska with two friends; a married couple. They booked a veranda suite on Holland America and I booked my single interior cabin just across and down the hall from them. Cheryl and I figure we'll have coffee on the veranda in the mornings while Mike sleeps in. They're good friends so a polite walk across the cabin to the verandah won't bother Mike, or so Cheryl says. Today I'm researching the best places to eat crab. It seems Juneau may be one of the best, (Crab Shack or Twisted Fish) but it's also the best for helicopter tours, dog sledding, and whale watching. My list of things to do is so long, that I don't think I'll have time to eat! Good thing they offer box lunches! So ... read more

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