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6th July 2011

Well, the most important of this experience is that you will never forget it. Vancouver is gorgeous and a splendid place to visit. Glad you enjoy every second of it. See you soon.
6th July 2011
Dressed for dinner

Great picture of the three travelers. Looks like you're all having fun. Good blog...have a safe trip home. xo
5th July 2011

Really Amazing
Hi Barbara: Have been following your tours.. Your independent planning were really great, it paid off. Love everything so far.
5th July 2011

Love the Dogs
Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You got to be so close to them and hug them. Is something you will never forget.
5th July 2011

Face to Face
This experience must have been stunning and unforgetable.
3rd July 2011

pics and blogs
hey Barb...the blogs continue to be great and glad to see all your independent planning has paid off so well! The last 6 or so blogs I have had no prob getting your pics. There is a picasa link at the bottom that takes me right to each album and I simply hit slideshow. Great whale and dog (and dog handler!) pics!
2nd July 2011

Amazing photos, great adventures
Love the whale tails!
30th June 2011

Glacier Bay
Sorry it was misty and cloudy. I am sure you will have better and beautiful days. I have been following your vacation. By the way, Boo and Scooter say HI. They are fine but I bet they miss you.
From Blog: Glacier Bay
29th June 2011

can't get photo link to work
I tried both ways...any suggestions?
From Blog: Glacier Bay
28th June 2011
Fly fishing.

Fly Fishing
Love this photo. Are those baby brown bear? So Cute.
28th June 2011
Lunch on the train to Denali

Train to Denali
On your way to fly fishing. You really enjoyed it.
From Blog: On the Fly
28th June 2011
What do you think?

Quite hot! Where's the "like" button on this blog?? :)
From Blog: On the Fly
27th June 2011

Looks like "A River Runs Through It" sequel, only this time it's a comedy. Very funny...very scenic!!! xo
From Blog: On the Fly
27th June 2011

You must be having so much fun, there's little time blog. :-) Either that, or the spicy reindeer sausage is still taking it's toll... Check your email for a coupon sale on a photography course (4 hours) for $79 in Lantanna. I showed it to Peg and she wanted to do it and asked me to send it to you. The classes are only held on a Sunday. I just purchased the coupon so she is definitely going to do it. Don't forget to BLOG, BLOG, BLOG
25th June 2011

she's off and running...or biking as the case may be
wonderful start to your new blogging adventure! Brings back great memories. It's amazing what 22.5 hours of sun can do for flowers. Also loved the pic of your friend Heidi (presumably visiting from Switzerland?), and glad to see the bears as well as the humans getting served wonderful fish dinners. :))
21st June 2011

Have so much fun ans be safe! Thanks for including me on your adveture. My girlfriend is going in the fall, I will be passing on tips to her. She likes to fish.
19th June 2011

One crab leg at a time.
Thanks for your comments and for following the blog. If you know of a "not to be missed" restaurant on my route, please let me know. I'll be doing my best to eat my way down the coast.
From Blog: Alaska
19th June 2011

Awesome!! Ready to go. You have really done some great research
From Blog: Alaska
19th June 2011

Love the details....
Dear Barbara, Thanks for including me on your travel blog list. I love it. Fly fishing sounds wonderful! Looking forward to following you through Alaska.
30th May 2011

Can't wait!
Can't wait to see your amazing photos!
30th May 2011

Camo on the fly
I definitely vote for the "Drake Fowl Waders"--camo is so hip--but the overall "Super Tuff" looks not only uncomfortable but also impossible when hitting the bathroom!
From Blog: Alaska
29th May 2011

Trip planning
Thanks for starting your blog. We are in the beginning stages of planning a trip to Alaska next year. Will follow your "adventure" with great interest. BTW we love crab legs, too. (lol)
From Blog: Alaska
25th May 2011

i like the new format much better...cleaner and easy to manuver. Nicely done.
18th May 2011

Hi Barbara and Welcome to Travelblog
Those are some tasty looking crabs! When we took our cruise we took the plane ride at Talkeetna up to the top and around Mt. McKinley. That was amazing. We did the helicopter ride to Mendenhall Glacier and it was nice but I'll bet the other one is good also. Sounds like a great trip. Can't wait to read more.
From Blog: Alaska

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