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Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa May 12th 2019

SC writes....We’re back in Japan. Last time we didn’t blog, but we’ll put that right this time. We arrived yesterday after a trouble free and notably smooth BA flight. We picked up our 3 week Japan Rail Pass (going mad with a “green car” or first class ticket) and hit the tracks. Four hours and 486kms later we were in Kanazawa in time for supper and our first Onzen - wonderfully relaxing. The weather was very good - a great start and augered well... (Cj writes) Although we’ve been to Kenrokuen before, there was much to enjoy on this second visit. The name means “combine” (ken) “six” (roku) “garden” (en): it combines the three classic balanced pairs of attributes that are regarded as essential to a great landscape garden - spaciousness and seclusion, artifice and antiquity, ... read more
Kenro 2
Giant pine.
Babbling brooks.

Africa March 9th 2019

(SC writes): so we hired another little car for the last two days to give us flexibility. We've been all over Praslin sampling beaches and restaurants. I've enjoyed a lot of fish, often served with local creole sauces - generally delicious. Cathy has found some decent steaks but reckons the Seychellois food is a bit bland. E.g. A chicken curry last night. We found some lovely restaurants, several of which were attached to posh hotels ( and were priced accordingly). Cathy has already talked about "The Pond" for her was really something special. Cathy had her favourite: Rib eye steak and fries...brilliant. I had a seafood medley thing with fish, green lipped mussels, prawns, scallops etc.. Again very enjoyable. No picture from that night unfortunately. Last night we ate on the beach..more simple fare but ... read more
Dinner on the beach
Dinner on the beach
On the boat back to Mahe, watching the sun set

Africa » Seychelles March 7th 2019

(CJ writes) Thursday 7th March: my birthday (hence the trip to the Seychelles), and we spent it in fine style by taking a ferry to the nearby small island of La Digue. So small, in fact, that there are few cars or lorries, and the locals mainly get around by bike. The touristy thing to do is to hire one on arrival at about 9:45am and ride around all day visiting the various local beaches, restaurants and souvenir shops before boarding the return ferry. We got there, picked up the bikes and got going. (I haven’t ridden a bike since we rode along the city walls in Xian, China, a few years ago, but you never forget ... Turns out I can either pedal or steer, but not both at once). Few shops open because a ... read more
Beautifil beach...for a wedding
Bonking tortoises..."my turn next"!
Steve takes a dip

Africa » Seychelles » Praslin March 6th 2019

(SC writes) Yesterday we hired a car and toured Praslin. The waether wasn't great but it didn't matter too much as our first stop was at Vallee de Mai: a two hour walk and climb through an ancient palm forest and the home of the famous Coco de Mer. We covered up to avoid being eaten by bugs, but, boy was it hot and sticky. Worth it though and a very enjoyable look at the interior of Praslin. See pix of the infeasibly large nut with all sorts of sexual overtones and the frankly phallic male flower. (CJ: the female nut takes seven years to mature. It is contained within a fleshy, heart shaped exterior which must rot away pretty quickly in this climate, leaving a nut weighing 18kg or thereabouts. The male flower is about ... read more
On the clamber through Vallee De Mai
Cathy discovers the Coco de Mer
Steve in the forest

Africa » Seychelles » Praslin March 4th 2019

(CJ writes) Things we have learned about the Seychelles: * the islands have a chequered history: occupied by freed slaves, colonised by France and then gained independence, then the British took over - and they eventually gained independence again. Consequently the first language is Kreol, the official language is English and place names, businesses etc tend to be in French, which nearly everybody speaks. Prices for locals are in Seychelles rupees, tourist prices are in euros; * drivers are almost all lunatics. They’ll pull out of a turning - looking right at you - when you’re only a couple of yards away. They’ll routinely drive hanging half way over the centre line (and the roads are barely wide enough for two vehicles). They’ll overtake on blind corners. And the bus drivers are worse than that! * ... read more
Cathy enjoys a fine sunset
Sunset 3rd March
Unexpected accommodation tonight

Africa » Seychelles » Mahé March 2nd 2019

(SC) Hello again and greetings from the Seychelles, We're here for 10 days only, begining on Mahe (the main island), where we are staying in a delightful little 3* hotel right on the beach. We hired a car at the airport and so far have checked out our immediate neighbourhood: Beau Vallon. Delightful with a long beach of white sand, palm trees and really warm water.. We have also investigated the "smallest capital in Africa": Victoria. Interesting but plenty of traffic for what is little more than a small market town with some interesting colonial architecture. Today we toured right around Mahe checking out the beaches. There aren't that many as it is mainly a rocky coast but those that are there are simply delightful. See pix.. We believe that this travel blog site is working ... read more
Tropical island typical view - with CJC
Steve goes rock climbing
Another west side beach

Asia » Singapore » Boat Quay January 7th 2019

(Cj writes): This is the fourth time we’ve been to Singapore, and our third joint trip (I met Nik and Solli here for a fun-filled week last June, and Steve came years ago when it was an astonishingly exotic destination). Yet we’ve managed to go to some new places as well as old haunts. Old haunts: Chinatown and Clarke Quay (aka ‘Tourist Central’). New discoveries: Kampong Glam and Little India (which smells like Rajasthan as soon as you set foot there) and Sim Lim Square, actually a tower block crammed to the gunnels with shiny tech shops. SC - we also managed to get up to the top of the iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel. A stunning observation deck we we watche the sun go down and the the Marina Bay light show from above. Similarly ... read more
Light showat Marina Bay from the observation deck
Light show at Marina Bay 0 Ground level
Light show at the Super Trees in Gardens ByThe Bay

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Manly January 5th 2019

(Cj writes): I’ve wanted to “get away” for Christmas for years - and it’s finally happened! The weather, which had been unseasonably cool at low to mid 20s or thereabouts, suddenly came right and warmed up to very high 20s or low 30s: definitely beach weather (and there was usually a breeze to be had down there too, which was a bonus). So off we went on Christmas Eve for a spot of bodysurfing and games of ‘lets get Bonma under the waves’. The oceanside beach at Manly has great surfing waves (as opposed to the very calm waters on the wharf side beach on the other side of the peninsula, which is where the Sydney/Manly ferry comes in), and there were plenty of surfers and swimmers out there. And the water, whilst fresh to wade ... read more
Surf & Turf for Christmas dinner
Two oldies on Christmas day
Boxing day at the beach

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Manly December 24th 2018

Cj writes: Steve came home from his big train trip happy enough - but it quickly became clear that he’d brought a bug home too. He was poorly on 22nd, and felt dreadful on the 23rd - which was unfortunate because we had planned a restaurant dinner out at nearby Collaroy Beach, followed by a trip to see the illuminations, all of which he missed. But he kindly insisted that I ought not to miss out ... The dinner was at a beach club type place - 1st floor, huge open windows overlooking the beach, good wine and cocktails, and a menu based around easy stalwarts like burgers and fish and chips (but served with lemon instead of malt vinegar, and not a mushy pea in sight!). The illuminations ... well, where to start?! Unlike Blackpool, ... read more
They call this "local outreach"
Christmas lights at Davidson ...
Christmas lights at Davidson ... All privately funded

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Manly December 21st 2018

SC writes: Some sort of normality has returned now I'm back in Manly Vale at Nik's. Final preparations are now underway for Christmas and the last few presents have been bought. No cards this year for obvious reasons so this the best way we have to wish everyone a very good Christmas and Happy New Year. We will see the new year in ahead of you of course! The weather here around Sydney has been cool and wet. We even had a monster hail storm the other day - so unusual that the news made the Lonon Times. see photo. However, the forecast for the next few days is great: Sunny but not too hot. Cj writes: Solli, of course, is wildly excited about Christmas. She has finished her first (kindergarten) year of school, ready for ... read more
The artist at work
Christmas greetings from Cathy & Steve
Solli and Bonma get in the mood

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