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3rd August 2010

Great blog Jenks..
May I be the first to say this is great. Lovely photos, all of them. A happy reminder of a very happy and enjoyable day for us all.
3rd August 2010

The Wedding
Beautifully done and we all had a wonderful time. Congratulations and thanks to all involved for making it such a special occasion. Bride and Groom were fantastic and the blog is pretty good too!
30th September 2009

GPS Satnav
The thought of getting a satnav system did cross my mind, briefly, before departure but I thought that we could manage well enough with the available maps and occasional references to Google Maps. Big mistake. If we go touring in Europe again a satnav system will be the first item on the list of necessities. Finding our way around the larger towns and their one-way systems has been quite stressful. Also there's the additional advantage that if one gets misdirected by the satnav there's something convenient to blame.
26th September 2009

Great photos...
it all looks fantastic....great photos.....lots of blue sky too! Life on the open road eh? Sounds like you two are having fun and enjoying the delights of France.
22nd September 2009

Hi Tony, you are now in a part of France I know reallly well having owned a house there for 15 years. Fabulous scenery, lots of old castles which were fought over during the 100 years war, and best of all - duck. Every item on every menu seems to include some part of a duck so I hope you both like the stuff. Washed down with a bottle or two of Cahors (Bergerac at a push) and the colesterol should stay nicely balanced. Enjoy it. Cheers, Chris
21st September 2009

Big Bad Chev.
So glad you listened to my advice and brought a leftie back home. Our Accord is still going like a bomb!! Cheers etc.
20th September 2009

Very jealous
Awesome trip so far. Keep the updates coming!!
19th September 2009

We wanna see a picture of the car!
From Blog: Tour de Chev

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