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30th May 2013

Hi Ant, Is the view from the top of the Citadel really 365 degrees! The Turks are bloody clever but not that clever! Glad that you and Jane had a lovely time; we did too and really enjoyed your company. We had a feed of run of beans from our \"baji\" today. Water is back on and Margaret is ecstatic. All the best Peter and Margaret .
1st June 2013

Fair Cop
Having 360 degrees in a circle instead of 365, and 365 days in a year instead of 360 might explain why: (1) my map reading is a bit dodgy and (2) why I'm actually older than the 35 years of age that I thought I was. Thanks once again to you and Margaret for introducing us to Dalyan - wonderful place - and for your kindness. Very much appreciated. Ant & Jane
15th February 2013

Travel Keeps You Young!
and with lovely mate you must also call yourself lucky. I plan to begin travels myself in a couple of years, with whatever luck I can latch onto. Thanks for sharing your lively adventures. Holding the fort in Arizona, I am your friend just north of Sonora.
12th February 2013

Pleased to hear that you missed the tornado and the severe frontal weather. Hope things are better at sea. Here in Florida its been very pleasant and we have just watched as the exceptional weather that has hit the rest of the USA - not to mention the shootings, both in New Orleans and California! Mexico will seem very calm and civilized by comparison.
From Blog: New Orleans
10th February 2013

Yeah! Life is REALLY tough!
7th February 2013

Already mad with envy at your luxury lifestyle compared to us mortals shivering indoors! Will also go State - side in March to Florida for family reunion (daughter and relations coming from Colombia and son from Washington) and hopefully Maria and I can get our creaking bones onto the golf course. Keep the blog coming. Jim and Maria
18th November 2012

Wonderful Morocco
Its nearly 40 years since I travelled around Morocco with my husband when we were both students - it does not look as if things have changed so much since then. Thanks for the lovely pictures and interesting blog.
19th October 2012
Patara Aquaduct/Siphon Pipework

siphon pictures
Sorry, think I pressed submit by accident. These are great pictures of the Patara siphon. Could I use them for my Roman aqueduct lecture for my first year students? Will (University of Nottingham)
31st January 2012

T E Lawrence Country
Dodging the Turks, Lawrence blew through Petra 99 years ago (1913-1914) headed towards Aqaba and was impressed more by the beauty of place rather more than the monuments as they were then. He ran out of money and was helped by another British traveler. Thanks for sharing the place in your excellent account. Dave
24th January 2012

Great Fun!
Like the photos, Anthony. The Sphinx never had a smile on her face when we saw her as well!
From Blog: Egypt 2012
21st January 2012

There is an old rubgy song, handed down from generation to generation, which explains the inscrutable smile on the Sphynx's face. The explanation itself in turn provokes an inscrutable smile on the faces of the singers, and so it is perpetuated. Still in Paris, putting up with the drizzle. Low point of the day : lying on my hotel bed, nursing a heavy cold. High point : couscous at the Roi de Couscous just round the corner - vaut le d├ętour. C
From Blog: Egypt 2012
10th March 2011

Great photos..
Dear Anthony and Jane....I read you blogs on my train journey to work...those lovely photos showing all that bright blue sky are really uplifting. Sounds like you are having an interesting and relaxing time. Best Wishes... AM
9th March 2011

Great fun!
Great to read your blog, Anthony! Sounds really good fun - much more interesting than work and the cold here in the UK. Keep the blogs coming!
5th March 2011

Hi A & J, Nice to read your blog. Sorry you had trouble navigating the souk; know how you feel, Peter's giving free lessons in July and I am first on his hit list! Pleased that you are having a lovely time in the sun. The book of our Turkish holiday is coming along just fine and we are both enjoying reliving the experience. Best wishes M & P
4th March 2011

enjoying your blog
Hello Jane & Anthony, thank you for sharing; looks very fresh up there in the Atlas Mts; the dollar weak these days, so I will spend my oil and gas stock market killings on a detached garage in Maine this summer I think; have already bought a maldeves-blue best-of-show 1974 Karmann Ghia convertible for running around down here in Arizona. Well, here's to you, you guys look great!
4th March 2011

Looks like you had a great time. This retirement lark looks good! Did you ride the Marrakesh Express, inhaling or not? AB
4th March 2011

Just like Webster's Dictionary.
20th October 2010
Isilkar Street

young and trendy
Looks like Dubai's Al Diyafa Street :-)
16th October 2010

And not only that, they were better conversationalists too.
15th October 2010

Your new drinking buddies are better-looking than your Griffin crowd. C
13th October 2010

and some more scintillating prose, Anthony, if you will. Thanks both for thinking of me -- I do recall with pleasure your kindness and thoughtfulness during our stay in Wales -- I wish I had read up on the Roman camps and barracks beforeI came -- I would have been a right pest if I had. Maine is showing its very best weather here in Indian Summer. I am beginning to prepare for my trip to Arizona, getting the VW Bus ready, storage for the Spitfire, the latter running with smooth power and perkiness in its natural habitate here on the coast. Cheers!! Dave Akers
13th October 2010

Man, love the frogs and scenery! Looks like another awesome Jenks trip for sure!! Enjoy it.
8th October 2010

Trust the Turks.....
... to lock up a Greek god. Actually you must visit the old town at Ferryside one day. Perched overlooking a natural mudflat, it has views towards the British MoD establishment which launches missiles out to sea. And a fish restaurant to die for.... er, I think somebody actually did.!!
11th August 2010

wedding pics.
Terrific photos - what a photogenic couple you are! Good to meet so many of your family and friends.

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