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23rd October 2019

Cultural North
Looks to be a fascinating area and welll outside the normal tourist view of Majorca although I was surprised by the number of cyclists you mentioned clogging the roads. Sound as if a combination of bikes and taxis is the best way around. Enjoy the rest of your stay.
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13th June 2019

Yeah, Wow
So jealous Tony! Looks amazing!! Hope your hire car lets you carve some corners! :-)
14th June 2019

Kalamata 2019
Hi Darren, good to hear form you. The hire car is a SEAT Ibiza (VWGolf or Polo), and pretty nifty; but the empty motorways here and the weather are made for the Big Bad Chev - still going strong and now 18 years old. Hope that all is well with you. Tony
7th October 2018

Crete NHS and hospitality
Good to hear it has turned out OK and very impressed with the Cretan NHS; we could do with some of that!
27th September 2018

Lovely weather in UK and here in France, just south of Paris. Hope yours improves soon. On our way to Auxonne and home later in October.
15th May 2018

You are obviously seeing the very rugged side of Crete now you know your way around. Loved the phots and weather looks OK as well despite the wind. Enjoy the rest of your stay. Love, Rich
4th May 2018
Trekking to Damnoni

Looks great
Looks great and lovely views from the terrace - have a great time
From Blog: Crete 2018
3rd May 2017

Tomb Raiding
Awesome! I would have been a tomb raider too! Bet you would have loved the big bad Chev on those roads!
4th May 2017

Tomb Raiding
There were many occasions when I thought that the Chev was made for roads like the ones in Crete; especially going through those gorges where the engine noise would reverberate
29th April 2017

Wadi Rhum eat your heart out!
Enjoyed the ride through the gorge and well worth the effort to get street view aligned
18th June 2016

Great Trip
Great photos and loved the vaulted cisterns
9th February 2015

Malaga looks nice
Hi Anthony, Well I finally got round to reading this instalment of your blog, and I think it is one of your best! Nice pics of the Picasso and car museums. Looks like a nice place to visit. All the best, David.
13th May 2014

Turkey has been on our short list for years. Recently we've been doing more reading. We have enjoyed reading your blogs.
13th May 2014

Glad you're enjoying the blog. You should visit, the Turquoise Coast is amazing: especially Kas. And if you're interested in visiting historical sites or just amazing scenery then this is the place.
20th January 2014

Sri Lanka driver
Read your blog with interest. We are planning a trip there next month. Still not decided on a car/ driver. Saw that you spoke highly of your find. What sort of car was it, how were the roads ? We have just 6 days and want to see as much as possible in the cultural triangle. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, especially stuff not freely available in print. Did you for instance have to pay for the driver's board and lodge. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Rita
21st January 2014

Hi Rita Our car was a Toyota Corolla: not new but in perfect condition: comfortable and plenty of room for my wife and I and our luggage (I'm 6'1" and the legroom was fine for me). Our driver Daya was excellent: a devout Buddhist and a very careful law abiding driver. He always kept to the speed limits and was always helpful and very informative. The roads in Sri Lanka were all in good condition, smooth surfaces and well maintained; but the traffic is crazy and although I've driven in some pretty crazy places myself (Saigon, Hong Kong) I would not consider driving there. There is a lot of ribbon development and in towns and outskirts (if you can tell the difference) there are few road signs; so finding one's way around Colombo would be impossible. We met Daya as we had booked a driver from the Mount Lavinia Hotel, and Daya was the driver who met us at the Airport. We asked him if he could recommend a car and driver service and he said that he would speak to his boss and get back to us. He duly did and offered to drive us to the places we wanted to visit for LKR75,000 all in: no extras or additional charges at all. Given that self drive is really not an option we thought this was a reasonable deal and we were delighted. I can recommend Daya: you can email him via his daughter: Attention Mr Daya Perera If you want I can also email his telephone number to you later - I'm not at home right now. I hope you enjoy Sri Lanka: fantastic country, great food and lovely people. Regards Anthony
15th January 2014

Emotional Touch given by Elephant pics.
Excellent Photography, Article is certainly a Visual Delight and Emotional Touch given by Elephant photos for the readers on Travel and Tourism.
15th January 2014

More Blogs
Looking forward to read more blogs from you on Travel and Tourism in Sri Lanka
19th December 2013

Great pic, looks very much like the European castled towns
7th December 2013

Great pics
Looks like you definitely need to be a King to get best value!
2nd December 2013

I'm glad to say that you keep us informed of your trips away! It seems like you are enjoying another wonderful holiday. I have looked at this hotel many times in the past myself, and it is great to see a few pictures in the flesh so to speak, and to get some personal reviews. Enjoy the rest of your trip away and keep us up to date of all your adventures!
2nd December 2013

Mount Lavinia
Thanks Sarah. If you want more (expert and detailed) reviews about the Mt Lavinia then enter the name of the hotel on Tripadvisor and read all about it. Best wishes to everyone at Brondesbury. Anthony
9th June 2013

Lucky you
Dear Tony, The place look wonderful. I'm really glad that you are enjoying your time travelling to nice places and sharing that with us. Since you are relatively near by, why don't you come down to Dubai for a day or two?? Enjoy it. Regards, Samira
3rd June 2013

Oh wow, your trip just looks so incredible!!! Will have to try and get there one day soon. Enjoy yourselves!! :-)
4th June 2013

Too right
Start saving your pocket money mate. This part of Turkey, was known as Lycia in ancient time: the country of light, and that's exactly what it is. When the weather is perfect, usual conditions, there is a quality to the light that seems to make colours brighter and more intense and the air itself is very clear. Actually, rather like Sydney on a perfect day but with fantastic mountain scenery thrown in. I have to say the food is pretty amazing too: always fresh and natural and simply but perfectly cooked. By the way there are riots just down the road (20 miles) away in Antalya but there's not the slightest hint of anything here; folks out here in the countryside are too relaxed. All the best. Tony

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