Adventures outside the cage.

Travelling with Cockys

Adventures outside the cage.

Chronicles the adventures of Cocky, Goanna, Little Cocky and Princess Possy-Poss as we travel around Australia and the world.

Michael (aka Cocky) - Director of Driving, Packing and Master of Nothing (his words!!!)
The daddy. A big, strong boy with a realistic, practical bent. Good with snakes.

Anna (aka Goanna) - Navigational Assistant, Chief Cook and Bottlewasher
The mummy. A bit of a dreamer, creator of big plans and even bigger ideas. Not real good with snakes. Lucky for her she's got Cocky on her team, LOL.

James (aka Little Cocky) - Head Negotiator and Enforcer
He might be just 9 years old, but he's already a well-seasoned traveller. You can't pull the wool over this little fella's eyes!

Alice (aka Princess Possy-Poss) - Principal Nappy Damager.
The newest member of our gang. Just 5 months old and already getting her passport stamped!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City October 6th 2010

FROM GOANNA: The morning rain cleared as we emerged from the Tube at Green Park, just in time for us to enjoy an early morning stroll through the lovely fresh, wet, greeness past Clarence House towards Buckingham Palace for the Changing of the Guard parade. We found ourselves a perch at the side of the road, and settled in for the spectacle of the Queen's House Guards and Household Cavalry on parade. Afterwards, we had a quick picnic in Green Park, then walked around to the Royal Mews, where we took an audio guide tour through and got to fantasise for a little while about being Princes and Princesses in our royal coaches. Little Cocky was intrigued to learn that there is a school within the mews for the children who live there. We all swooned ... read more
Canada Gate
Little Cocky looking for the Qanga
Cocky getting a good shot

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City October 5th 2010

Bright and early in the morning, John took Cocky to hand the hire car back, while Goanna tried to round up the last bits of our luggage. Finally we were ready to set off on the leg of our adventure to which we were really looking forward to (London, Paris and Disneyland), but also which Cocky & I were quietly dreading. This day marked the start of the leg of our journey in which we would be entirely reliant on public transport. It also marked the start of the time were we felt that would be really on our own for the first time since leaving home. The next time we saw a familiar face would be five weeks away when we arrived back home in Melbourne. As we prepared to set off that morning, both ... read more
Saying Goodbye 2
Twyford Station
Ready to go

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire » Windsor October 4th 2010

FROM GOANNA: We called in at Windsor Castle for tea with Lizzie and Phil, but they weren't home. Never mind, we took the chance to have a really good look around. No photos allowed on the inside, but take our word for it, they are not short of a few treasures in there. The State Apartments were divine, there was so much to see in there that even Little Cocky was kept busy for a good three hours. He loved Queen Mary's doll's house the best, as everything in it works, even the lawn mower! However, I think that he was a little puzzled and disappointed that the doll's house was never intended to be played with by children. He was most intrigued by the Knights of the Garter, and really got into the displays of ... read more
Windsor 2
Windsor 3
Windsor 4

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Oxford October 3rd 2010

Almost as if being sunny the day before was too much effort, Sunday brought more rain which lasted all day. With the exception of Little Cocky, who was up early to go out swimming with Margery and John, we enjoyed a slow start. After a bit of a sleep in, we pottered around over breakfast, taking our time to get organised for an afternoon out. Once James returned from the pool (which was apparently a traditional Victorian style swimming baths), we drove up to see historic Oxford. Little Cocky loved the trip there, as we left the car at a Park & Ride stop, boarding a local double decker bus (alas, it was green, not red!) for the trip into the old town centre. Once in Oxford, we had a look through the Ashmolean Museum, and ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire » Windsor October 2nd 2010

With a break in the rain forecast, we thought it best to make a trip to Legoland while the sun shone. We were up and out nice and early - not much chance of sleeping in with Lego in Little Cocky’s sights! Before too long, we were all happily immersed in the land of the little plastic brick. Cocky and I liked the Lego miniatures the best, of which there were plenty to look at all around the park. The miniature village, featuring landmarks from all over the world was a special highlight. If asked to choose a favourite part, Little Cocky would be hard pressed to name just one thing, but would likely list the train ride and driving school high on his list. Margery had very kindly packed us a picnic lunch, which we ... read more
On holiday!
Red Baron
ABBA Concert

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Gwynedd » Porthmadog October 1st 2010

Yet another cold and rainy Welsh day saw us on yet another historic Welsh Highlands slate train, this time the Ffestiniog Railway, which runs from Porthmadog to Ffestiniog-Blaneau. The engines used on this railway are Fairley Patent engines, a double boiler articulated engine that looks like two engines joined back-to-back. The route of about 20 miles was more of a valley run compared to its sister railway, the Welsh Highlands railway which we had travelled on earlier in the week. While there was less spectacular scenery, the run was still very pleasant, passing through dense forests and past some fantastic waterfalls and lakes. There was even another castle or two to be seen for good measure. Unlike the other days, there was to be no sunny breaks in the weather all day, so we headed off ... read more
Porthmadog Station
The Cob, Porthmadog
Coming along The Cob

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Gwynedd » Snowdonia September 30th 2010

Another rainy and cold day, this time riding on the Lake Llamberis railway, another former slate mine railway, which only runs a distance of about 2 miles along Lake Llamberis. The engines and carriages on this railway are tiny, with tall thin funnels. On the return journey, we stopped off at the Welsh National Slate Museum where we happily whiled away a couple of hours learning about the history of slate mining in Wales, and lifestyles of the miners. We had the chance to see a slate splitting demonstration, and marveled at the biggest waterwheel within the British Isles that is still in its original and working position. While we had lunch, Little Cocky met up with some local school kids who were as interested in him as he was in them. At one stage we ... read more
Lake Llanberis Railway 2
Lake Llanberis Railway 3

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Gwynedd » Caernarfon September 29th 2010

Off to an early start for the day, with the Welsh Highland Railway being our first stop. The railway runs for about 40 miles, from Caernarfon Wharf, up into the highlands and down to Pont Croessor, about 3 miles from Porthmadog. An extension to the line, to join the railway with the Ffestiniog Railway is due to open later this year. Our engine was a Garrett Patent engine, a double articulated type of engine especially designed for steep narrow gauge lines such as this. There is another Garrett engine at Puffing Billy railway, back at home, which we’ve also ridden on. We really enjoyed the 4 hour return trip, despite the cold rainy day and foggy windows! The scenery was beautiful, passing through quaint Welsh villages, old slate mines, past several lakes (including the one where ... read more
Toot, toot!
Excalibur lies here (I think...)
Welsh highlands

Europe » United Kingdom » England » South Yorkshire » Sheffield September 28th 2010

Our last day in Sheffield began with an early photo session with Mark before he went off for work so that we could say our good-byes to him. We hated saying goodby to him after such a short few days, but are hoping that it won't be long until we meet up with him again either in the uK or back at home. Mum & Dad came with us to visit Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet. The Hamlet is a museum, set around a former scythe making facility. There was a large water-driven foundry and grinding house, with a large dam feeding it. The Hamlet was nestled under the dam wall, and was made up of several stone buildings. The buildings were made out of local sandstone, including several old millstones in some areas. There were blacksmith workshops, ... read more
Uncle Mark and the kids
Harrison Family Reunited
Alexander having a chat with Daddy about Baby Alice

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield September 27th 2010

27 SEP 2010 - MONDAY SHOPPING IN MEADOWHALL, LAST NIGHT IN SHEFFIELD Another cold and wet day in Sheffield. With Mark away for the day at work, Tracy and Jean introduced us to Meadowhall shopping centre - or “Meadowhell” as the locals call it. There we were able to discover the delights of English department stores - Primark (“Primani”), Marks & Spencer, Debenham’s, H&M, and more... Little Cocky found a Busby outfit (Queen’s Home Guard) for his Build-a-Bear, and we found Possy’s Christening outfit in Monsoon. Poppy found a soft monkey for Possy in Mothercare, she loved it and snuggled straight into it for a sleep. Our last dinner in Sheffield was cooked for us by Mark, with help from Cocky. Buritos and nachos, with fancy ice-cream for desert, mmmm!!!! We gave the kids a fairly ... read more

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