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North America » United States » North Dakota » Medora July 21st 2011

Heading westward back across the Dakota’s seem to go quickly….we covered about 370 miles, after dropping Judy & Beryl at the airport in Fargo. We pass through Jamestown where we stop at the National Buffalo Museum and Preserve. Which is host another large herd of Buffalo????, including a couple of rare albino buffalo. As we are still on our quest to see wild buffalo, what better place to stop right…..wrong… again all we see are stuffed replicas, no real buffalo. The temperature is still HOT, HOT, HOT and Teika is still sick. She has thrown up a couple of times again and seems to be really stiff. We are worried. We make our way to Medora and stop a campground along the Little Missouri..It has been flooded out twice this spring and has no gravel left ... read more
Albino Buffalo

North America » United States » Minnesota » Long Lake July 20th 2011

The weather here is getting unbearably HOT HOT HOT..…We are not usually ones to complain but the temperature here today soared to 98 degrees with 90% humidity. It is a sauna that you can’t escape from. Our campground at Long Lake has only 30 amp power and with everyone on it trying to run air conditioners you get only a fan!! Too hot to be outside, but too hot to be inside.... and with all the water around the bugs are unreal!!! Mosquito’s and black flies that take huge chunks out of you!! Not real sure we like Minnesota so far. Not long after our arrival at the campground the family starts to show up and because of the venue change the welcome BBQ is at our campsite. Oh well, what’s 50 extra people in your ... read more
Group Shot

North America » United States » North Dakota » Fargo July 14th 2011

We have arrived in Fargo North Dakota!!! The town made famous by the movie of the same name. I can’t understand why the guy had a wood chipper here…..there are not many trees!! Ya sure!!! He didn’t use it for trees!!! We had a hard time finding a place to stay as one of the big campgrounds in Fargo is under water and the state of Minnesota is on strike so all government campgrounds are closed!!! Fargo and Moorhead MN are one city with the Red River flowing between them. We thought we would have no problem staying in Minnesota as there are hundreds of State Parks!!! The reunion was to be at Itasca State Park which we booked a year ago!! Not now…. as it is closed. Thank-you very much to the Minnesota Government!! Finally ... read more

We headed eastward from Mount Rushmore South Dakota thought the Badlands where we spent the night. Leaving Mt Rushmore area we had some trouble with our windshield wipers cammed all the way over and were not working. We stopped in Rapid city at a “ Damon Dealer” and some old guy ( about 75 ) came out and re-adjusted them and tightened the bolts….problem solved we thought (more about that later) we then headed to a roadside stop called Wall Drug Store. It started back in 1931 with road signs promising free ice water for thirsty travelers and has grown into a “monumental”, Western mall of shops, restaurants and entertainment. In the summer it boasts that 20,000 travelers a day stop there….it still has free ice water and coffee for 5 cents. It is a place ... read more
Mr Wall ??
Badlands of South Dakota

We headed over to another part of the Black Hill's area where we saw Mt. Rushmore ,Crazy Horse and some really cool landscapes !!! We drove through mountains, beside mountains, around mountains, on top of get the picture, the place is very mountainous........ but not the kind of mountains we have at home in the Rockies , but weird protruding rocks that are stacked up on each other coming out of everywhere !!! You have to take winding narrow roads that have hairpins turns, 15% grades and piggy tail switchbacks, that are no wider that 8 feet. I was very glad we had the car to tour around with as the motor home would never have made it. Crazy Horse is the one that really amazed us. The mountain carving was started in 1948 by ... read more
Mountain Tunnel
Mountains ??
Woodchipper !!

Made our way east into Sturgis/Deadwood area and pulled into our nicest campground yet. A really nice place called Rush-No More Campground. It is a great campground..lots of trees, hot tubs and a bar. You can't ask for more than that!! We unhooked the car and headed straight to Deadwood. What an awesome is a national historic area and trys to duplicate it's old western heritage. We watched a gunfight in the streets and had a beer next to a re-enactment of Wild Bill Hickok being shot in saloon number 10. It is a fun town with casinos, restaurants and bars. There was a big concert in town...Gretchen Wilson so the town was packed. Went up to the old cemetary and saw the graves of Wild Bill, Clamity Jane , Madam Dora Dufran and Charlie ... read more

North America » United States » Wyoming » Buffalo July 7th 2011

We made our way eastward today across Montana and into Wyoming......It was a very pretty drive through Montana. We stopped in Billings for a bit of shopping and then headed east to Wyoming. We stopped at the State park for Custer's Last Stand !!! It was sooo busy we couldn't even find a place to park the rig. We just drove the trail and got out in a couple of places to take pictures. It looks just like it does in the movies !! We were amazed it is so popular as Custer and his troops were slaughtered here!!! We thought Custer won!!! guess that shows our history knowledge !!! It was cool , but too busy to really see it all. We then headed to Buffalo Wyoming....not much here either , but we were ready ... read more
Custer's Last Stand
Last Stand
Buffalo Wy.

North America » United States » Montana » Big Timber July 6th 2011

We got up early this morning and golfed at the Anaconda Old Works Golf Course....what a beautiful course!! It was designed by Jack Nicklaus, built on top of contaminated waste from the old copper smelters. There was 1.3 million cubic yards of dirt moved onto the site and several of the original buildings remain. He used 14,000 cubic yards of the the " black slag" from the many slag piles around the area to complete the unique black sand/slag traps. It is one the the coolest golf course we have golfed, although I am not sure our scores reflect what a great time we had!!! We finished up around 2 pm and headed 270 kms. to Big Timber Montana. We stayed at a cute little KOA campground that was attached to a waterpark. Paul saw the ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Anaconda July 5th 2011

Left Sandpoint this morning and had a pretty 6 hour drive to Anaconda Mt. .....Hope it is just a name and there are no giant snakes here!!! Had a bit of trouble getting into the campground as Warm Springs Creek is flooding !!! Tomorrow we are golfing at Old Works Golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus. It is a black sand golf course, rated as one of the top public courses in the USA We will see!! Anaconda is a quaint little town that was once a Copper mining town, not Weather is beautiful ...sunny and 85 ... read more

North America » United States » Idaho » Sandpoint July 3rd 2011

We spent a few days chilling out at our cabin in Sandpoint. We had our grandson Nate with us and Jason ,Shieghla and Izzy came down for the 4th of July. Great weather and awesome fireworks!!! We had an excellent time with Nate....he caught his first fish, but also had his first trip to the emergency.....he fell and split his chin open, but was very brave!!! Izzy was so good and such a little princess!!! Paul spent his time getting the motorhome all beautiful....he painted the stripes on the tip-outs so we should be styling in Minnesota !!! Off to Montana on Tuesday... read more

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