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South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza May 28th 2008

Spent the day exploring Mendoza and it was cold and trying to snow (even though Mendoza is a only 700 odd metres high)! Scored ourselves some hats and gloves before the day was out as it was obvious that we couldn't wait any longer to get them without risking frostbite. Mendoza is a pleasant city and is probably really pretty when all of the trees are green. However, we got to enjoy kicking the leaves down the quiet backstreets instead. We walked from one plaza to another, and called into the Museum Fundacional somewhere in-between. We got in free with the wave of a hand even though LP (Lonely Planet) say that there is a charge, but the place was deserted and it didn't look like they see many visitors. The museum protects the foundations of ... read more
A Mendoza backstreet
Cathedral in Mendoza

South America » Argentina » Santa Fe » Rosario May 27th 2008

For the first 4 hours until the nearest major town on the bus from Puerto Iguazu to Santa Fe we were the only passengers, which we thought was fab. Just us upstairs with the front seats and the two drivers chatting downstairs. They still put on the obligatory action film just for us, but after we asked if the onboard drinks machine did coffee we were promptly handed two cups of thick tar coffee which kept us bouncing around for a good while, feeling smug that we had the best seats in the house (you get to choose your seats when you buy your tickets and after the journey up we soon realised that being upstairs at the front of the bus is best - no one in front reclining their seat back, more leg room, ... read more
Emma on the bus from Puerto Iguazu to Santa Fe
Shot from the bus south of Puerto Iguazu

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú May 24th 2008

Puerto Iguazu is only a few kilometres from the tri-border area with Paraguay and Brazil so of course we´ve had to have a little jaunt over the border. Yesterday we went to Paraguay, to the border town of Ciudad del Este. It's the most chaotic border we´ve ever seen. Goods are cheap in Paraguay so every man, his dog and their child crosses the border to go shopping and is loaded up like a packhorse on the way back. The black market at its best. It's so cheap that people on foot queue for hours to pass back through customs - the lines of people, moto taxis and vehicles were kilometres long and backed up right through the town. Luckily buses get their own lane so we got through relatively quickly. They don´t even bother with ... read more
Another random street

Our first overland journey of the trip and it was 18 hours on a bus - all to see a bit of water and cross a couple of borders. Okay it wasn't quite as bad as it sounds, long distance buses in Argentina are modern luxury double decker coaches, so we hardly roughed it, but it was a long time to sit in one spot and the gits don't even let you jump off for a minute when they stop. Managed to get a little sleep (Emma got quite a lot but she categorically denies that). The landscape is completely flat once you get out into the country which kept us interested for a while (about 10 minutes), but it also meant a perfect savannah sunset. We arrived In Puerto Iguazu at 9am ish and half ... read more
Yet more water
MG 0279
MG 0370

After an uneventful flight we arrived in Buenos Aires to be greeted by hot humid weather - just like landing in Asia only not quite as hot. Turns out this must have been a blip as the last 2 days have been only warm, and cloudy with a couple of good heavy showers thrown in. Our hotel is very olde worlde and in a great location. Got the usual tourist rip off from the cab we took from the airport and the driver even had the cheek to try and hit us up for tolls after we were already paying over the odds - told him to sling it. Yesterday we spent about 9 hours walking exploring the city, we did the usual tourist sights - Casa Rosada, Recoleta Cemetry to see Evita´s and all the ... read more
Caminito - La Boca
Evita - Recoleta Cemetry

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