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2nd April 2012

Bamfield on the road to recovery
The properties of Hawkeye Marine Group are currently being renovated so that over half of them will be occupied and sustainable within 3 months time. The Trails Lodge and the Hawkeyes nest Pub will be open full time for the peak season under a confident and successful management team, the remaining properties will be restored and developed thereafter in respect to a plan that is shared by the OCP (Bamfield Official Community Plan). Mr Jack Purdy has become a involved community member and is hopeful of a resolution in the interests of the Bamfield community, its organizations and it business's. Help support this opportunity and share in its growth. informed citizen of Bamfield BC
28th November 2010

Impressive photos
The photos are excellent.... but where is the famous Halifax rain and fog? Looks like you had a wonderful time, and covered all the sights as always.
From Blog: Hail to Halifax
14th August 2010

Hello, I am a boy from Spain collector of badges and I have come here by chance, but I read your article about Vancouver 2010, and I love that nice experience and anyone living that is exciting. I leave my blog if you want to visit pins:
5th July 2010

Trip to Siwa
looking forward to your reponse and have a great holiday! You sound like me - just back from an amazing trip through Borneo...
30th June 2010

Siwa Transport
We are currently touring the Maritimes on the East Coast of Canada. When we return home, we will be sure to post the transportation details from Alexandria/ Cairo to Siwa! Happy travels to Egypt!
30th June 2010

Trip to Siwa
Hi there, I was very interested to read your detailed description of your trip to Siwa. I would be interested to hear how you organised your transport. Do you have a contact? I will be going in October with my two nieces.
29th June 2010

Great report on Abu Simbel
We are planning our trip to Egypt in Nov.2010 and didn't want to do the rush visit to Abu Simbel. Your photos and description confirm our feelings to go slower. Thanks from Victoria BC
10th March 2010

Thank you for your comment. I hope you have a fantastic trip to Egypt.
9th March 2010

What a phenomenal blog! I cannot begin to tell you how helpful this has been as I plan our trip. Thank you!
23rd February 2010

Not suitable for seniors with long lines
Expect to stand hours in lines and poor seniors are not always accommodated. This is especially the case with the Canadian Mint Display. On two occasions, the hosts didn't allow my 84 year old mother to by-pass the four hours line up ! We gave up. However, the Art Gallery, and Russian Exhibits were a lot more accommodating for seniors and did allow us to by-pass the long lines. Jim
16th February 2010

I remember hearing about the restaurant, but I couldn't tell you where it is located if it is still in business. I think it was located in Gastown. There is a restaurant by the same name at the Capilano Mall in North Vancouver. Sorry I can't help!
From Blog: Historic Gastown
16th February 2010

Noodlemakers Restaurant
Is the Japanese restaurant , Noodlemakers, still in business? If so, where is it located? Thank you.
From Blog: Historic Gastown
13th February 2010

Wonderful photos.
6th February 2010

Olympic Pins
That post was very informative. This will be the first time I have attended an Olympics and I am curious to see what this pin trading is all about. However, I am a beginner and I don't think I will be making any trades. I also just did a post on pin trading on my blog I can certainly verify that it is addicting! Have fun in Vancouver. Hope to run into you somewhere.
29th January 2010

Wonderful article!
Wish I could join you all in Vancouver. As you are the "Traveling Canucks", please come join us here in Atlanta, Georgia USA after the Games! Best wishes for a Wonderful and Successful Games. :)
19th January 2010

Finding accomodation during Olympics
Searching Tourism Vancouver's site, try calling Vancouver's Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel on Kingsway @ 12th Avenue (1-800-663- 5713). Eastside, not a tourist area, but relatively central and safe. Hard finding affordable hotels. I would not generally recommend it, but outside the downtown core, easy walk to Main Street, lots of transit options. Hotels may become available closer to the Games. Have you looked into renting a room in a private home for a couple of nights (1-888-523-6090) That seems to be the most affordable option if you can find one. Alot of people thought they could rent their homes and make alot of money. Not the case, so there might be some good deals. Good luck with your search. Send me another comment to reply to in case I come up with something. If you message me, I will see your email and then it would be easier to communicate. Good luck with your search
19th January 2010

finding a hostel of hotel
Thanks for your website. It is very helpful. I am a friend of Fred and Marlene's from the US. My daughter and I am coming to the Olympics Feb 25-26 and I have called all over to find a room. everything is booked that I have called. I wanted to find something, perhaps, close to the Pacific Collusium. We are going to an event at Cypress Mt and Pacific Collesium on Feb. 26. Any suggestions on where to stay?
19th January 2010

Your blog is amazing, it really shows how great Vancouver is : ) Keep up the awesome work!
14th January 2010

Painting Our Towns Red
Organizing a Paint the Office Red in Downtown Vancouver two weeks before opening ceremony and plan on attending the torch relay celebrations in Vancouver and Richmond where it should be a sea of red and white. Whether we can get to celebrations around Metro Vancouver, I'm not sure, but I'll try. I hope you will go red and be part of the wave of enthusiasm. Thanks for your interest!
13th January 2010

very informative website, will you be highlighting neighborhoods that have painted the town red?
4th January 2010

Vancouver Olympics
Great job on the 2010 Winter Olympics blog. I have learned more in your blog than anywhere else. Will look forward to keeping up-to-date on what's happening... and congrats on your first blog for 2010. Happy New Year!
4th October 2009

Thanks for fact-checking!
4th October 2009

Just an FYI, the dolphins are called Pacific White-Sided Dolphins : )
20th September 2009

Great Pictures & Blog
Hi Nancy, Enjoying reading your staycation blog and viewing your pictures. I think if you decided to give up your day job... you could become a travel writer! Fern

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