Sampada Deshpande


Sampada Deshpande

Hi! I'm Sam and I am a young dentist with a love for traveling. My passion for dentistry often heavily conflicts with my love for traveling. But being a recent graduate I have been able to work around that and hope to be able to do so in the future. I enjoy reading historical fiction and absolutely love visiting museums, historical monuments and seeing a city through the mind of a reader. This is why I am always armed with books, each time, that talk about the city I am traveling to. It always makes it really fun for me! My other interests are eating, yoga (though I am clumsy and often caught staring at my instructor in disbelief), swimming and running in the park with my music on real loud.

I believe traveling has given me a lot of perspective and has helped me develop my inner positivity. By starting this blog I hope to achieve 3 things: 1) Remind myself of how much I love traveling (because my profession often makes me forget) 2) Share my travel adventures with other readers and get ideas from others for my future trips 😊 3) Use this platform to improve my writing skills, something I love but never seem to find the time to do anymore.


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