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Sampada Deshpande

Hi! I'm Sam and I am a young dentist with a love for traveling. My passion for dentistry often heavily conflicts with my love for traveling. But being a recent graduate I have been able to work around that and hope to be able to do so in the future. I enjoy reading historical fiction and absolutely love visiting museums, historical monuments and seeing a city through the mind of a reader. This is why I am always armed with books, each time, that talk about the city I am traveling to. It always makes it really fun for me! My other interests are eating, yoga (though I am clumsy and often caught staring at my instructor in disbelief), swimming and running in the park with my music on real loud.

I believe traveling has given me a lot of perspective and has helped me develop my inner positivity. By starting this blog I hope to achieve 3 things: 1) Remind myself of how much I love traveling (because my profession often makes me forget) 2) Share my travel adventures with other readers and get ideas from others for my future trips 😊 3) Use this platform to improve my writing skills, something I love but never seem to find the time to do anymore.


North America » United States » California » San Francisco February 2nd 2015

Hi everyone! Hope you're all enjoying a good weekend relaxing and enjoying chicken wings with the Super Bowl game going on! Those of you who are in the USA or are interested in American Soccer that is. I am currently watching it, or trying to, but I fail to understand the big fuss behind it. None of the advertisements are interesting (as promised) and the game itself seems very boring. Katy Perry was nice in the Half Time though. Loved her outfits! Anyway, I need to tell you'll what I was up to in my third weekend here in San Francisco! I'm well into my fifth week by this time and let me tell you this- I've grown to love this city. I really have. It has an odd charm to it, with its hippies and ... read more
Notice how beautiful this place is?
Lakes on the side of the course
Posing before the exhaustion weighed in

North America » United States » California » Lake Tahoe January 28th 2015

Hello :) The weekender awesomeness continues as I tell you about my second weekend in San Francisco. For my second weekend (1/17-1/19), it being a long weekend, we took a trip down to Lake Tahoe to ski! My cousin's family of three and I hopped into their mini van, with warm clothes, snacks and good music, wee early in the morning (7 AM) and headed for the lake and snow capped mountains of Reno. I had only heard of Lake Tahoe previously, from American TV shows, movies and most recently, my sister. I'd heard of its beauty and serenity and how romantic it all was. Now, I am a nature lover and love spending time outdoors, but nothing gets me more excited than the thought of spending the entire day doing some hardcore outdoor activity. So, ... read more
Boreal Ski Resort
View from the car while going to Kirkwood
Kirkwood Ski Resort

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I last wrote and I'm back here today to explain why I've been MIA. I'm finally in the beautiful city of San Francisco. What brought me here is my interest in pursuing Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in this country. I'm doing a short three month program at University of California, San Francisco called Preceptorship. Now, Preceptors are observers in the true sense of the word. I observe residents and attendings in the chaotic and amazing department of OMFS (let's go with the short form now). This means I get to watch exciting surgeries on a daily basis- ranging from cleft lip and palate repair to cosmetic orthognathic procedures! In a nutshell- I am having a blast! Now that I've told you why I am here- let me get on ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Hohenschwangau December 25th 2014

What's Europe without Castles? This particular day trip was my sister's suggestion (such a romantic, I tell you) and was on our way to Western Austria, our next stop. With that in mind, we left Munich after breakfast around 10 AM, with the aim to reach Schloss Neuschwanstein by noon. The Schloss Neuschwanstein (Schloss means castle) is a castle built in the 18th century by the Swan King of Bavaria, King Ludwig the II. The story behind the Swan King is very interesting. He is called the Swan King because he had a love for swans far greater than that for his people probably. He also ensured that the years and years over which he had his dream castle constructed, he placed it next to a swan lake, and had swan like designs on major gates, ... read more
Entering the castle
Castle entrance
Castle entry way

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague December 18th 2014

DAY 1 We reached Prague about an hour and a half late from our early morning bus ride that started in Munich. We encountered a lot of traffic and rain on the way so we were a bit irritable, hungry and tired when we reached. Not a great start to this wonderful city. On reaching our hotel- Hilton Prague, we quickly checked in and had some lunch and tea. With our stomach’s full and energy back up, we took the 20 min tram ride into the Old Town (the main town square of Prague) by about 4 PM. It’s a wonder how we figured how to get to Old Town and even buy tram tickets, since almost nobody knows any English here! Even carrying a pocket language guide would have probably not helped because Czech is ... read more
Old fashioned streets
Coffee & Cake stop
St. Vitus' Cathedral

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich December 18th 2014

Munich was a city I had known previously only from novels. I knew from my reading, that the Third Reich Movement started here and that it was Hitler's stronghold when he was becoming popular in the early 1900's. I had been to the northern part of Germany when I was really little and I remembered none of it. My mom always told me that Germany was one of the more beautiful European countries we had visited- very green and lots of excellent natural resources. DAY 1 We reached Munich in the afternoon. The city has a very tiny cramped little airport- which was surprising for me, because I am so completely spoiled by the huge fancy airports in the Middle East. After stuffing our luggage in one of the many Merc's parked outside the airport, we ... read more
Lake at the English Gardens
Clock Tower, Marienplatz
Marinhof Bomb Hall

Middle East » Oman » Buraimi December 14th 2014

Last weekend, we visited Jebel Shams in Oman. Jebel means mountain in Arabic, so basically we visited a large mountain called Shams! I also happen to have a dear friend called Shams from dental school, so the name was particularly amusing for me. I was uber unprepared for this trip. For starters, I had just gotten back from a trip to Goa, India the previous weekend and had a week full of work ahead of me before embarking on this particular trip. During that week, I had so many deadlines to catch up on that I was barely aware of what region we were visiting, and this is rare for me. I'm usually the most detailed traveler. The trip to Jebel Shams happened because of my mom's kitty group. Her kitty group usually takes turns hosting ... read more
On our way to Jebel Shams
The famous Omani Canyons
View from the top of Jebel Shams

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