Tracker Bridget


Tracker Bridget

Bridget Bayer is the first mate of Ama Natura. Along with Captain Peter Wilcox, her husband, they are a couple of experienced sailors, activists, leaders and are lucky enough to perfectly compliment each other in a daring and rock solid relationship. It's lucky that they love to be close and spend time together as their boat, Ama Natura, has about 250 square feet of living space! When not sailing, they live on a floating home on the Columbia River in Portland with the lovely Luna, a favorite cat.

Bridget is an author and community organizer working to create vibrant main street business districts that support local economies. Bridget believes the best way to build community is through events and that activities are a catalyst for positive change. Her professional work fosters community involvement by creating shared events that enhance communication, form long-term interests and support existing or start-up non-profit organizations. At home, she focuses on innovative ecological practices, hates waste and dependably finds ways to eliminate it. After 25 years in the restaurant industry, she still loves to cook especially with locally sourced veggies including those homegrown from her garden.

Peter is an energy efficiency expert who has no plans to retire though working for free appeals more to him these days. Captain Peter Wilcox, a Cascadia Fellow and now honored as a Canadian Coastal Champion, initiated the Inside Passage Decarbonization Project (IPDP) after 17 years of employing biodiesel and 7 years of renewable lubricants in successive vessels. He designed Ama Natura, a boat built by the NW School of Wooden Boats, inspired by a sailing salmon troller and built as a platform for testing and perfecting low-carbon and water protecting strategies.

North America » Canada » British Columbia June 22nd 2018

6/22/18 Horsefly Cove It is bittersweet to leave Hartley Bay with good friends waving us off as we start our downhill slide, returning slowly back home. Not long after leaving fishing grounds off Promise Island, a humpback whale surface beside us but the long view of her incredibly large tail fluke indicates a deep dive and sure enough, though we slow, she never resurfaces in our view. We slow at a couple points to check for fish but mostly make tracks back the way we came through Wright Sound, MaKay Reach, Fraser Reach and down Graham Reach into Horsefly Cove, just inside Green Inlet. Never having been there, but hearing how popular it is, we expect a crowd and figure there must be good crabbing, prawning or fishing nearby but it’s deep, all the way, even ... read more
Waterfall in Horsefly Cove

North America » Canada » British Columbia June 22nd 2018

6/20/18 Hartley Bay Dolphins follow us as we head into Wright Sound, the biggest patch of water we have to cross on our way to Hartley Bay. There are several likely fishing points and even a possible halibut spot in these big waters, plus the weather is fine, sunshine and blue skies surround us, so we take our time. Our arrival is momentous for us as we reminisce about the time that the engine overheated just outside the harbor and of the Robinsons who saved us and eagerly listened to Inside Passage dreams several years ago. To our relief, there is plenty of room at the docks and we tie up across from a world traveler in a 55’ yacht who sailed over with his wife and kids and were on their way to Greenland! Hartley ... read more
Coming into Hartley Bay
Git Ga'at Band Elder House
Git Ga'at Band Totem

North America » Canada » British Columbia June 18th 2018

6/18/19 Khutze Inlet About half way between Klemtu & Hartley Bay is one of the most spectacular waterways called Khutze Inlet. Heading east off Graham Reach and just inside the inlet is a nice safe anchorage behind a small spit near the entry. We anchored there a few years ago on one of our passes and while we enjoyed it, and I seem to remember even catching crab there, we didn’t know what we were missing until taking the time to go all the way in to the end of the bay. This year we dropped anchor at the base of a multi-fingered waterfall, it’s silver tinsel-like paths decorating the deep valley and steep upper mountainsides like an inverted Christmas tree. At the base, water rushes to the bay, making our inside voices washed away by ... read more
Khutze Inlet waterfall
Mama Bear
Mama Grizzley plus 3 cubs

North America » Canada » British Columbia June 17th 2018

6/17/18 Klemtu Behind Cone Island, off Finlayson Channel just south of Klemtu, is a sweet little cove, called Clothes Bay that we anchored in while waiting to hear from our friend in the Kitasoo Band. SE winds, our nemesis, picked up in the afternoon as it so often does on the Inside Passage, causing us to move not once but two more times before both crew and captain were happy enough with our anchoring to stay the night. We make plans to return in a week for a visit with Chantal so our stop in “town” delayed our departure all of 15 minutes, because no one was at the Kitasoo Store though the fish processing plant was humming already. Only one IPDP conversation with another boater and time for art appreciation of local “self-taught” Jeremiah Robinson ... read more
Meeting with Chantal on Ama Natura
Peter & Chantal
Entering Klemtu Harbor

North America » Canada » British Columbia June 15th 2018

6/15/18 Rescue Bay Two other boats are at anchor when we pull into Rescue Bay but we only hear peeps from the littlest birds, called scoters. Peace and quiet abounds here. Nature calls quietly, in stages and the food chain is on display starting with flashing silver minnow schools surrounding Ama. Water birds like coots, red-necked Grebes, seagulls and loons feast while languidly floating by our vessel. An osprey pair hunt the bigger fish with one dive after another, circling high, then swooping in and folding wings tight for the last bit to dive, perfectly timing the moment where wings just touch water, claws fully extend to gasp surprised and wriggling fish. Other big game hunters are the eight harbor seals that show up early in the morning, hunting at low tide, continually splashing, flippers slapping ... read more
osprey fishing in Rescue Bay PW
harbor seal PW
harbor seals

North America » Canada » British Columbia June 14th 2018

06.04.18 Tidal Rapids Make Shoal Bay a Secret We spy a few boats near to remembered fishing holes while cruising through Thulin Passage the on the way towards Desolation Sound and we reminisce about the delicious ling cod caught a few years back while we dallied in the Copeland Islands. NW boaters know all about Desolation Sound. It’s the go-to destination for anyone with enough time to go north of the San Juan Islands. Half way between the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Queen Charlotte Strait, ocean waters tend to meet in the middle and stay there. Tides still bring fresh seafood twice daily but boaters who find shallow bays and not so secret coves often find water temperatures above 19˚C (68˚F). To get north every boater must choose to either stay all the way ... read more
Ama in Shaol Bay.
Shoal Bay compund
Ancient ruinswelcomes sailors on Shoal Bay beach

North America » Canada » British Columbia June 13th 2018

6/13/18 Shearwater Coming into Shearwater is a little like coming to home port, even when there’s no room for us at the dock, we are welcomed heartily by Kristof who invites us to tie up to the breakwater, a first for us, but we are greeted by two Saltspring Isl. sailors taking advantage of the low rent district and it isn’t long before a pair of eagles join us, swooping down from huge pines on shore to the float logs off our stern, and back again. They feast on fresh fish, chatter and squawk, keeping them, and us, fully entertained. We’ve made it 520 miles and are almost to the northernmost part of our trip. With great sadness we cover the Petrol Free Boat stickers while we add some nasty diesel to our port tank that ... read more
entry point lighthouse PW
Resient eagle hangs on Shearwater breakwater float with us
Shearwater breawater neighbor

North America » Canada » British Columbia June 12th 2018

6/12/18 Lizzie Cove The people who live along the Inside Passage highway are here because they want to be. Mark of Shoal Bay hinted at it, but he’s a relative newcomer at 15 years. The folks who live at Lizzie Cove share a floating home community since last year when “they” kicked them off the land though they’ve lived here most of their lives. The stories come fast and thick, ancient historical events merge into last year’s and it’s hard to be sure who’s what. We do know that Theresa is a wonderful wood artist and craftsman. She also is the resident hospitality host as the one who greets us, catching lines then leading us on a circuitous path by hummingbird feeders, garden beds, the neighbor’s sawmill (sinking?), greenhouses, her own wood shop and finally back ... read more
pants pot
Theresa's gift shop

North America » Canada » British Columbia June 10th 2018

6/10/18 Pruth Bay It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful place in the Inside Passage than the west side of Calvert Island. Open to the unruly Pacific from the Queen Charlotte Sound, many boaters would never get to experience Tahitian like white sandy beaches because, like us, they would stay on the inside of the Inside Passage No more worries about fogging windows, the sun has come!... read more
Toes in Sand at Pruth Bay

It’s all familiar grounds in Port McNeil where we restock provisions and take advantage of showers and laundry services close to the docks. We are met by familiar, resident eagles perched on Coast Guard cutters berthed just inside the harbor. It isn't long before we meet with Emma, new harbour master and information centre manager who gets excited hearing all the updates about IPDP. She and Perter talked last year multiple times so it's nice to be welcomed with new questions, not always having to rehash the basics with Port operators. Port McNeil Councilman, Electrician, Boat Mechanic, Activist and all around great guy visits with us on Ama, fills us in on the progress he is (and isn't) making. We learn that the Port is in the middle of an extensive internal review of all their ... read more
Ama Natura at Port McNeil dock
Jesie Island fishing boat
Prestige II shrimp boat

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