Tracey Brittain


Tracey Brittain


until Tracey's Next African Adventure begins!!

I'm off again.....back to Africa. This time I'm planning to be away for 5 months or so spending my time on safari in East Africa, volunteering in Uganda and then who knows.

My itinerary at this stage is:

17th July - Fly to Johannesburg
18th July - Fly to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
28th July - Start our safari through Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and finishing in Nairobi, Kenya
17th August - Arrive Nairobi
19th August- Kampala, Uganda
And the rest is a work in progress.........

Hope you enjoy reading my updates.

Africa » Swaziland » Ezulwini Valley November 30th 2010

Well most of you are probably aware by now that my big African adventure for 2010 has actually come to an end and I'm now back in Auckland working away trying to save up for my next holiday :-) But I hate leaving anything unfinished so here are the last days of our trip......... We left Tofo very early in the morning....not as early as the 4 am we had initially been told, but we were waiting from 3am for the bus to leave. We finally got going at about 5 but the conductor then proceeded to tout for extra business...we can't have the chapa with a few empty seats all the way to Maputo apparently! So to cut a long story short about 9 hours later, with a few piglets along for the ride (boy ... read more
Maputo Train Station
Train Station Clock
Train Station in Maputo

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Vilanculos November 20th 2010

13th – 20th November 2010 Vilanculos – Tofo After one of the worst nights sleep of this trip….I think I managed about 2 hours of actual sleep in the hottest room ever with mosquitos flying around us (the Lonely Planet does rate Beira as the place that you are most likely to catch malaria in Moz!), we woke up at 2am and quickly got changed and finished packing our bags (so quickly that I managed to leave my favourite t shirt behind) and ran out the door as our taxi driver was early (now that’s a first in Africa!) and was tooting the heck out of his car horn. We managed to board the bus etc and had a smooth comfortable ride to our drop off point although the sun threatened to melt us as one ... read more
A little bit of heaven in Moz
Kath enjoying the Dhow ride
Me also enjoying the ride

Africa » Mozambique » Central » Beira November 13th 2010

8th – 13th November 2010 Pemba – Ihla de Mozambique – Nampula – Beira We left Pemba just after 4am and had a quick drive down to Ihla de Mozambique (only 5 hours) which was pretty uneventful except for the driver trying to demand more money from us due to the high price of fuel. It was very picturesque driving towards the island and over the causeway with turquoise waters and white sand beaches. We were staying at a backpackers place called Ruby’s that we’d heard great things about so got dropped off there and luckily they had a twin room available. It was so hot on the island, there was no wind and the sun was beating down but after a quick rest we went off to explore the island. It’s not a big island, ... read more
Funny kid, Ihla de Moz
View from Ihla de Goa
Fixing the fishing nets

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Pemba November 8th 2010

1st – 2nd November 2010 Kampala – Nairobi - Pemba Leaving Kampala.......Well most of the goodbyes had been said and the promises made to return to Kampala one day. Our last night in Lions Motel was heralded by the firing up of the generator outside my room which was left on for most of the night which meant that when the alarm went off early in the morning I’d had very little sleep. Our bus left at 7.15am so after managing to get a takeaway coffee from Café Javas we boarded our Queens Coach and actually left ON TIME!!! After getting over the shock Kath and I settled in for our 12 hour drive to Nairobi. The trip itself was only memorable for the fact that nothing happened and the drive was relatively smooth except for ... read more
Pemba outdoor movie theatre
Pemba sunset
Stuck on the side of the road

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala October 29th 2010

Yes that time has come when after 10 weeks here in Kampala we have to say our goodbyes and move on. Kath and I are catching a bus to to Nairobi on Monday (only a hellish 12 to 14 hour bus ride!) then flying to Pemba in Mozambique the next day to start our 4 week trip down the coast. Anyway the 2 highlights of the last few weeks here in Uganda have been: 1- A trip to Jinja for Kath and I staying at the lovely 2 Friends Lodge. We went just for 1 night but it was such a nice break from crazy Kampala. We wandered around the quiet streets admiring all the beautiful old houses, visited the site of the source of the Nile which is where Lake Victoria flows into the river ... read more
Boats on the Nile
Peter the monkey and friend
Me sitting down by the Nile

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala October 15th 2010

Hi everyone Well when I left you on my last blog little Shukuran from PCA was sick with malaria....unfortunately she didn't respond to the initial round of medication but we were able to get her back to the clinic where the doctor quickly set up a glucose drip with quinine which she responded really well to and after a few days was back at school and also back to be her usual entertaining self! In the middle of all of all of this Kath and I went away to Murchison Falls on a 3 day trip. We travelled up to the camp on the first day and visited the falls at the top which was pretty amazing. The area around Murchison Falls is a national park and very beautiful. The second day started early as we ... read more
Kath and I at the falls during the boat cruise with Murchision Falls in the background
It's a lion!
 Monkey business

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala September 23rd 2010

Hi everyone Well it's been a month since my last blog entry and there's been a lot happening in that time. Kath I have been finding our feet in Kampala and also enjoying spending time with Jacs before she headed off back to the land downunder. Jac's leaving week(s) started with an Aussie bbq night a PCA. A feast of sausages, green and potato salads, bread rolls and fruit salad and cake was gobbled up by the hungry boys and girls along with bottles of soda. These kids are used to beans and posho (maize meal cooked into a mashed potato consistency) fo pretty much every lunch and dinner so this was a real treat! We thought we'd done well with the quantities as well until we heard the next day that they were waiting for ... read more
Jacs feeding the masses
All hands in the air
Our luxury "tents" up on the hill

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala September 2nd 2010

Hey everyone :-) Well Kath and I safely made it to Kampala, Uganda 2 weeks ago and have been settling into life as volunteers.....not a bad life really! We're staying at a hotel in an area of Kampala called Mengo, it's pretty close to the city centre....just a quick boda boda (motorbike taxi) ride away. Our friend Jacqui (who has been here since April) has been showing us around and introducing us to the many bars and restaurants.....and there's quite a few! We've already had some memorable nights out with lots of giggles and cheap beer and wine :-) Living here is pretty cheap with a local meal (beans, rice and vegetables) costing about NZ$1.50, a 500ml bottle of beer is around NZ$1.00 and a boda boda ride to most places is less than NZ$2.00. The ... read more
View from my hotel balcony2
Shuku entertains me with her version of a stick dance
The boys practising their dancing

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi August 25th 2010

17th and 18th August - Last day of tour and a horrendous day in Nairobi - Arusha, Tanzania to Nairobi, Kenya Another early start…..yes another one....... but this would be the last one. We made ourselves a packed lunch to eat on the truck as we had a big distance to cover and a border crossing that usually took a lot of time but we managed to arrive into Nairobi at about 3pm and missed the really bad rush hour traffic that Nairobi is notorious for. We were dropped at the hotel where most people off the tour were staying but Kath and I had gone for a budget option so piled all our stuff into a taxi and made our way there…..I was a bit nervous at this stage as I’d heard so many bad ... read more
Andrea riding a mighty warthog

Africa » Tanzania » North » Serengeti National Park August 25th 2010

14th to 16th August Day 19 to 21 Serengeti Safari, Tanzania 3 safari vehicles arrived at camp this morning to take us on our 3 day excursion into the Serengeti National Park and Ngorogoro Crater on safari. We split into 3 groups….the 3 accommodated passengers went off on their luxury trip while the rest of us piled into the remaining 2 vehicles. Love God our driver and guide introduced himself before we hit the road and made our way towards the park entrance via the Ngorogoro crater, although we wouldn’t be entering the crater itself today just driving around the top of the crater. We stopped off on the way to visit a Masai village…..I’m not a big fan of organized village tours as they usually turn into a bit of a staged event and end ... read more
Masai elder
Masai huts
Masai inside a hut

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