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14th October 2011

Thanks soooo much for doing this blog! I litterally put a forum post about anyone who had done or is doing this trip ( I will be going into Peru though ) all the info is great and thanks again! Greg
8th August 2011

Salt flat jealousy
I wish i'd gone here, I went close on a 4x4 tour & the scenery was amazing.
29th July 2011

A great way to visit Mendoza's vineyards
Glad to hear that you had a fun time in Mendoza -- cycling is a great way to see the surrounding vineyards without having to hire a driver. Just remember to spit! Anna Longmore recently recounted her experience and provided some tips in a post for our blog:
26th April 2011

Loving the blog
Hi Perdy I have just caught up on your blog, looks like you are having a great time (again) Still can't believe we are looking at more photos with your arm in plaster! Can't wait for your next one as I think you will be in Bolivia, hope you enjoy it and don't get as poorly as we did :0 Laura Radcliffe (Hundley) x
15th April 2011

Having a fab time I see .....
From Blog: Iguassu Falls
1st April 2011

Oh yes i can just see me on those waves with my surf board! lol I bet you are so glad you bought that camera, the photos are great. The scenery ones are beautiful although some were spoilt abit as 2 people kept getting in the way! lol. . So glad you are both having such a great time. Cant wait to read the next part of your adventure. xx
28th February 2011

Good luck
Hi ya! Sorry I couldn't make Saturday, we had the girls anyway but couldn't leave them with Mitch in bed with migraine. Just wanted to wish you all the best for your trip. Have a fabulous time and I look forward to your blog updates. No crazy dancing, one broken wrist between you is bad enough! All the best, love Nic xx

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