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12th March 2011

Hi Tom, it must be an exciting to be part of history in the making. I certainly hope the legitimate aspirations of the Egyptian people come to fruition. Enjoy your time in Africa.
8th March 2011

Great timing
Tom, Exciting time to be in Egypt. Well done, and make sure you slow down enough to take it in. Beautiful desert photos on your blog.
8th March 2011

G'day Tom. Nice to read such a positive story on Egypt! Sounds like a fascinating time to be there. I notice that next door, ol' Muammar has taken the advice of the "Mandarin Club Lunchtime Dictators' Advisory Panel" and decided to get more assertive ;-) Travel safe.
8th March 2011

Hey mate... Exciting time to be in that part of the world. Sounds like you are stacking in awesome experiences already. Love the photos. Stay safe. Ren
22nd November 2010

Hi there, Im coming to Phuket in DEC. I'd love to dance salsa. Where should i go? Whats the open hours? thanks, Anar
21st October 2010
Lone Pine Memorial, Gallipoli

Albert Anker
.... my great uncle; born in London.... I wonder how he managed to volunteer and to what group he belonged...... his name is on the monument. Albert's brother Victor, my grandfather was a Seaforth Highlander in France.... until December, 1918. I did not know him. When I think of the two brothers, I often tell myself: "Victor, don't you ever complain about a hard day".
19th August 2010

I was in Norway this August too
Hey Tommy! I don't know if you remember me. We meet in Florence in December 2008. I was in Norway this August too. I travelled during 12 days from Lofoten Islands to Oslo passing through Trondheim, Geiranger, Bergen and Stavanger. As you say, Norway is a magical part of the world! It was a wonderfull travel with wonderful views. Best regards! Ferran
15th August 2010

your blogs are really good, I don't know how you've managed to stay under the radar.
5th August 2010
Hill of Crosses, Lithuania

Visit if you want to see more fotos about Hill of Crosses. This place is a Miracle.
4th August 2010

"Oh hon, you've seen nothing yet" is what I feel like saying but won't because I don't know ya. =) Gothenburg and Stockholm beautiful for sure but the south is really where you need to be. Ystad and the nearby areas, Ales stenar, Glimminge hus, the island of Hven only few things to be enjoyed. And the island of Gotland, of course. Though it isn't as far south but a must in my book. Enjoy!
29th July 2010

Mycket Bra!
So mate, sounds like you are loving the Swedes so far....if I was still living there we could have caught up for beers! I'll sell ya my apartment there, 3 hours from Stockholm, good investment dude ;-) Anyhow, keep giving those Swedish heaps......du masta prata mycket Svenska....och dricker mycket ol!! Jas
From Blog: Beautiful Girl
27th July 2010

very nice
so nice! that is what i appreciate。
From Blog: Beautiful Girl
23rd July 2010

"That it should come to this!"
A picturesque country by all accounts. I loved the rendition of rains in Africa on the bottles! Happy travels Tom.
21st July 2010

The absent Mermaid
Hey mate, Always love your blogs. The Littlest Mermaid is at the World Expo in China... The most popular attraction at the Expo I heard. Enjoy yourself... Ren
21st July 2010

My hometown
Hi Tom, Don't know if you remember me, we met briefly somewhere in Africa in 2007 (Malawi i think). Denmark is my country and Copenhagen my hometown for 10 years before I moved to Australia shortly after returning from Africa, so I'm glad to see that you enjoyed yourself in what I think is one of the most liveable cities in the world. I haven't been back home in 2 years but a due to head off in a week, so you can imagine how excited I am by now. I will be bringing my boyfriend, his first time in Denmark, so will send him you entry as inspiration. Happy travels Mia
15th July 2010

Whispering death
Charming place Holland but beware of 'whispering death', the cyclists coming up behind you that you cannot hear! Great timing to be there during Wold Cup Final. Ren
14th July 2010

Hey Tom, great Post. You're so lucky that Oranje made the finals when you're there... What's your next destination? All the best Marcel
30th January 2010

Fight club
Hi Tom... finally getting time to read your travel blogs... There's an old joke: 'A mate and I went out to watch a fight and a hockey game broke out.' Ren
27th January 2010

concetration camps
Hi Tom, I was looking through google for some more info about Oskar Schindler and I found your blog. I'm pleased that You like Poland, but just to correct some facts - Germans used to built camps for Jews not only in Poland, There was few in Europe, one known as Sachsenhausen in Germany were my Grandads brother was killed and many many more. Auschwitz was the biggest and probably the most known because they decide to bring over all jews from Europe for the Endlosung what means that at the end of the war they wanted to have them all killed. It's sad that they choose Poland.
29th December 2009

Salsa Weekend Specifics
Tom, it would be great if you could post more specifics of the Salsa weekend itself. Where was it, who organized it, how often is it held, the mix of music and the DJ, and what was the level of dancing.
16th December 2009

Thanks very much for the mention in your blog and the kind comments. I'm glad that you enjoyed Niagara. Winter time is truly the most magnificent time to see Niagara Falls as the crowds are gone and the cold has an amazing effect of creating the most magical ice formations all around the falls, trees and buildings when the huge volumes of mist freeze to everything an awe-inspiring experience truly. This really becomes evident in January and February. The current Winter Festival of the Lights also shows off the amazing transformation of water to ice. Keep on traveling and keep on telling the world about your trips!
14th December 2009

Glad you had a great time
Hi Tom We're glad you had a great time on our tours with Alex. Thank you for telling everyone about it! Daymon Miller General Manager Discover Banff Tours
11th December 2009

Hi, I love reading your blogs.....The rockies are amazing in the summer...the lakes are so blue, so turquoise and so green. I'll have to check out the Rockies in winter some day. Happy travels, Dawn
7th December 2009

Looks like another great trip! What is your next destination? Olympic National park is amazing.
19th November 2009

Hi there, Just reading your blog in reach of some tips while planning my trip for next year. I am looking for trips to pampas or jungle from Coroico can you advise how did you find yout trip and would you recommend it? From your description it sounds great to me! We only have 3 days to do it so trying to plan everything in advise. Any tips would be very appreciated ;-)

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