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Tessa Scott

To paint a portrait of myself with words is somewhat difficult. I like to bounce from one idea to the other, from one hobby to another, from one place to the other, etc. Perhaps I am a bouncing ball that has been reincarnated as Tessa? Or simply it is an affliction of being young? Who knows, but for whatever reason, I have trouble sticking to just one thing and it is because of this keeping a blog will be one of the most challenging things for me to keep before I bounce off to something else. Hopefully this is not the case! Here is a blog of my travels -which if things go alright -will be plenty 😊

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Palmerston North September 21st 2010

Foods I Want to Load up in a Suitcase and Take back to the States! *Chilli Sauce over cream cheese with wedges -You can’t go back to ketchup after trying this. *HP Sauce --is like AW sauce except much more versatile. *Slices -there is such a plethora of flavours for these, should accompany all lunches! *Meat Pies -These are everywhere here! One of the more popular pie shops here in town is a place called Jesters which caters largely to the student crowd, but generally i find the best pies can be found at the local bakery. (Egg and Bacon is my favourite) *Pancakes with fried banana and bacon -defiantly a different type of breakfast, but enjoyable. *Clove seasoning on Chips (French fries) This is revolutionary. *Kebabs -not sure how but they are different here and ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Palmerston North July 12th 2010

Just finished watching "We Once Were Warriors." A good film which grabs you and shakes you. As the film came to a close and the credits rolled, a guy in my hall got up and said, "welcome to New Zealand." The movie deals with the struggles of a dysfunctional Maori family. Between the violence and the rape i tried not to appear to shaken by the end of the film. It was a good movie, but some good movies are hard to watch again. Po marie... read more

The past few days have taken some adjusting. But today when I finished up orientation, I could not help but let out a sigh of relief. It had soon become clear to me that I was not the only one who had noticed the lack of glamour in Palmy. People were tossing out questions like: What is the night life like? Can you walk to campus from the city? Where is the fashion? What is there to do here? All things I had wondered at some point. But what I figure is the people make the place. So, once the students come filling back from break, the city will come to life. Well as far as plans go for New Zealand, I have a few things on the table. A bunch of us Americans (most of ... read more

Kia Ora, On July 2, Pacific time, I boarded a plane and embarked on a journey to New Zealand. After a 22 hour flight, a few kind conversations with strangers and many aimless wanderings through airports, I found myself standing in a room dusted with cob webs and a field of sheep to the right of my window. My bags are unpacked, the cobwebs have been swept away and the sheep out my window are fluffy. I cannot wait to share my life here in Palmerston with family and friends. With Love, Tess ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Tigard June 9th 2010

Is it bad that i cannot listen to New Zealander accents without giggling? maybe this isnt the best place for me to go if i am going to be laughing when people try to talk to me. Not much going on at work today. With the system down i am free to surf the net, check facebook look up porn etc. (They said that we are only NOT allowed on amazon, ebay and craigslist...so i am assuming that looking up porn is acceptible.) However here I am looking up New Zealand radio stations on the net, and maori pronuciation guides. A part of me wants so badly be prepared for going abroad. But i feel as if i were trying to expierence a place through looking at a picture. Simply put, a picture is no substitute ... read more

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