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Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Coron October 12th 2009

I still remember how my Dad used to tell us how he hates riding small propeller passenger planes and I wasn’t expecting that I was gonna ride one today. I could hear the engine roaring outside during the entire flight and the plane making a clumsy stomp when we finally landed at the Busuanga Airport. The flight wasn’t too bad, thanks to the good weather, but I’d still rather ride the Airbus! Our tour guide Ate Cristy and Kuya Joseph (our driver) picked us up at the airport. It’s about 45 minutes ride from the Busuanga Airport to Coron town proper on mostly dirt road. I was quite impressed with the unexploited country side and the rich greenery. As excited as we were, we started the tour immediately and went to our first stop at Mabentangin ... read more
Beautiful View
Clear water

Asia » Philippines » Luzon » Metro Manila » Pasig City September 30th 2009

We were just having a great time singing Karaoke last Friday. A few of my colleagues and I were celebrating the third year since we all met at the programming boot camp, and I was also anticipating the arrival of my baby nephew from the province the next day. It was a rainy week but I was oblivious of any storm coming. My older brother w/ his family, an aunt w/ my little cousin, and another cousin w/ her family arrived on a plane on Saturday morning telling us about a pretty bad turbulence and swore that they felt their plane fall a few feet down when they were still on flight. One of my cousins even said that she thought she was gonna die that day. Since I stayed very late the previous night, I ... read more
flowing inside our apartment
waiting ...

Asia » Philippines » Boracay September 20th 2009

It has been a lovely extended weekend for me and a couple of my co-workers, snorkeling, island hopping, skim boarding, drinking cocktails, eating lots of food and simply just enjoying the cold evening breeze by the shore. This was the best time to once again take the much needed break from work. I was actually here almost at the same time last year. We were originally to arrive at Caticlan Airport which would have saved us so much time but the airport was temporary closed and all the flights were re-routed to Kalibo. It was due to an accident that happened a couple of months back when the tires of a plane burst upon landing. Although our airline provided the free transfer, we could have made better use of the 2 boring hours travel from Kalibo ... read more
My Book

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown August 24th 2009

It was warm and humid just like the previous days…I reluctantly got up from bed, took a bath, and sluggishly ate my breakfast. Though I woke up feeling a little bit down, I definitely don’t want to spend my last day moping around. I spent most of the morning lounging at the reception area, thinking of which places I could still manage to visit before my flight later in the evening. I was awakened a few times during the night ... or maybe dawn … by noises of roommates packing and people chatting at the reception area, but the place was fairly quiet and empty when I went out to get my breakfast later in the morning. Yesterday, I was to see my Aunt who I haven’t seen in two (or three?) years so we can ... read more
Tiong Bahru
Chicken Rice

Asia » Singapore August 22nd 2009

I was supposed to meet Keith yesterday after office hours but I got myself into the Night Safari tour which ended up late so we had to postpone it for today. It was unexpectedly still quiet in the hostel at 7:00 in the morning so I was able to enjoy a 30-minute shower. I went to stroll around to see the neighborhood and to try to look for a place where I can eat rice because I haven't had any since I arrived (it's a sort of an addiction). Unfortunately I wasn't able to because I forgot to bring money! So I just went back to the hostel to eat my free breakfast. Last night, I got to talk to a pair of Muslim sisters from England who told me that today would be the start ... read more
Street Art
Street Art
Strolling at the neighborhood

Asia » Singapore » Kampong Glam August 21st 2009

Pre-Travel Blues This might become one of "many" future solo trips or this might turn out to be an experience that will make me forget about the idea of traveling alone. I’ve been trying to motivate myself in the past days to make myself an itinerary or plan a more organized trip … in vain. I had been feeling too down to even want to do anything and I even thought of just cancelling the trip. The past days have not been great but aside from personal stuff going on, this usually happens days prior to a trip. It’s the time again when I would keep asking myself why am I doing this? Why do I have to go? What’s there to see anyway? Why do I have to wake up at dawn to go to ... read more
Alex Coelho
The Sultan Mosque

Asia » Philippines » Camarines Sur » Naga City » Pili June 13th 2009

We arrived at CAMSUR Water Sports Complex (CWC) at around 8:00 in the evening. It is located at the Provincial Capitol Complex at Pili Camarines Sur; more or less 30 minutes drive from Naga City. It is a water sports park designed for wakeboarding, wake skating and waterskiing. We were so excited about this! Mark’s Tita(Aunt) Racquel made the arrangements prior to our arrival so we went straight to the reception area to get our key. The receptionists then told us that their records show that we were already in house, which was not possible because we’ve just arrived! The rest of the guys tried to sort it out until we were finally ushered to our house trailer (Villa Del Rey Containers) to get some rest. We had to keep going back and forth to the ... read more
Inside our trailer house
Expensive Accommodation
@ the Clubhouse Restaurant/Bar

Asia » Philippines » Albay » Legazpi City June 12th 2009

Happy Independence Day! The Philippines still got a long long way to go to know the real meaning of nationalism. Don’t worry, I won’t be writing anything about my frustrations and all that, I just wanted to say that I’m proud to be a Filipino anyway … always will be. And besides, the public holiday gave us this long weekend which we intend to spend away from the chaotic city living & the H1N1 scare! We boarded the Legaspi bound plane at 6:00 in the Morning; Ger, Ren, Mark and I will be the first ones to arrive in Legaspi and four more people will be on their way later on. It was starting to rain in Manila when we left but it was bright and sunny when we arrived in Legaspi (surprisingly on time after ... read more
The Plane & Mt. Mayon
Fruit Vendor

Asia » Philippines » Tarlac Province May 2nd 2009

In our search for something exciting to do during the long weekend, we ended signing up for a trek to Mt. Pinatubo. It’s this time again that I had to wake up very early (1.30 A.M. for this one) and do the 10 stages of getting out of the bed. Stage 1 to 9 - the clock alarms and I snooze for 5 more minutes Stage 10 - the clock alarms for the 10th time and finally, I got up. The group met up at one of those McDonalds branches and left Metro Manila at around 4 A.M. We arrived at Capas, Tarlac after 1 ½ hrs. and after eating our breakfast, we headed to Brgy. Sta. Juliana to finalize prior arrangements and to start the adventure! The large group was divided into 5’s for the ... read more
Kuya Roman & Kuya Augusto
Bump! Bump!
Mountain Hikers

Asia » Philippines April 17th 2009

I loved attending kindergarten because I get to eat free champorado(sweet chocolate rice porridge), adored wearing our pink uniform, take afternoon naps, do fun activities, sleep during lessons and skip classes whenever I want to. The crayons fascinated me most. My parents couldn’t afford luxury so they could only buy me the 8 pieces Crayola set. I would see my classmates owning 16 pcs. or the 24 pcs. set or even more, and I remember looking in jealousy every time they parade their bright, multi-colored crayons. One day I decided that I wanted to have as much and brought home the ones owned by the school. Until now, I still couldn't figure out how my kindergarten teacher found out that it was me who took them (or maybe she didn't, I vaguely remember the complete details). ... read more
"I want that Crayola!"
Que Sera Sera (What ever will be will be)

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