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10th February 2013

Welcome Home!
24th January 2013

Agree with you about Kochi
We so agree...we were distinctly underwhelmed by Kochi and Alleppey as well - we just couldn't understand what everyone was raving about with those two places! When we were at Varkala the waves were HUGE and found this was a great deterrent to the happy snapper Indian men and spent most of our time having fun in the waves as they were too scared to venture near the water. We found the same as you, by eating in the 'Western' restaurants here the quality of the food really jumped. Hope you are both well xx
16th January 2013

The inbetween Manado to Makassar is like the Midwest USA NYC-LA. Best to fly over it. Thx for the blog. My traveling partner wanted to go overland on the trip you blog about. Not anymore. Now it is Manado, Bunaken, Tongean and back to Manado to fly to Lombok
10th January 2013

India trip
I love how honest you are about your experience in India, I wish I could scoop you guys up and transfer you to a place you enjoyed better, like Thailand! Just reading about the food part and the pillow and the poop makes me cringe! But i hope things turn around soon before you arrive back home! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures and travels -Jennifer
10th January 2013

great one;-)
Love Goa - we actually got engaged in Palolem...sweet memories;-) cheers, B&T
6th January 2013

Amazing blog !!!
This India blog series is so amazing. It kept me up last night, just when I thought the shock value can't get anymore better, then it just did. Dead bodies floating in the water, photos of filth everywhere, being sprayed with insecticide, all of these surrounds you, while you guys talk about how the food was really delicious. I just can' get the thought of lack of sanitation with delicious food, hihihi. It is really an entertaining blog. I'm sure you guys are enjoying the experience but this one is definitely not going in our bucket list. Really love reading your blogs.
9th January 2013

Hey guys!
It's always nice to know other people are reading our blogs and getting some laughs out of it :) We're still trying to get caught up on all of our India blogs, but we still have plenty more coming. Thanks for such nice comments and hope all is well with you both!! xo
6th December 2012

good review
First, let me say thanks to you guys for taking the time to write a review on the towns you visited, I just arrived at luwuk the day before yesterday and find myself at loss about how BORING this town is. Good thing you didn't stay too long. I am excited about your review regarding tana toraja and their cultures, wondering how much you paid for the guides and all the groceries you presented to the grieving family?
9th January 2013

Hi William!
Sorry if this gets to you too late, we've been a bit lazy with the blog lately. We're pretty sure we bought a couple packs of cigarettes and a couple pounds of sugar for the family. We didn't spend as much as our guide told us we should but we also had an "interesting" guide for that day. Let's just say we wouldn't recommend him. :) Hope things went well with you if you're past Tana Toraja and enjoy the rest of Indo!
5th December 2012

Glad to see you finally got over the shits...until next time...
and again publishing the unvarnished truth. I'm looking forward to your Goa blog where life is bliss!
16th November 2012

Hey it is us from the train. We found your blog and enjoyed looking at it. Your exprience on the sleeper seems horrible! We had some tough rides on local buses, but have luckily not had such drama on the train. Your post makes me want to visit Amritsar next time I'm in India.
9th January 2013

Hey guys
Sorry it took sooo long to get back to you. We have to say, we're not exactly missing India while we relax with amazingly friendly locals in the Philippines. We're not exactly going to be rushing back anytime too soon :) Hope everything is going well for you both and we really enjoyed meeting you!!
16th November 2012

Hey it is us from the train. We found your blog and enjoyed looking at it. Your exprience on the sleeper seems horrible! We had some tough rides on local buses, but have luckily not had such drama on the train. Your post makes me want to visit Amritsar next time I'm in India.
14th November 2012

Throwing up in India
We'll be there in February. I think we'll go Five Star! Thanks for the tips. 'There probably aren’t too many places in the world where you can see a camel drop a steamy shadoobee while drinking a coffee in a restaurant'. I'm not sure I've ever seen a camel in a restaurant, let alone one doing a shadoobee while drinking coffee. Sounds more like Las Vegas! David and Janice
9th January 2013

Hi guys
Indian definitely tested us like never before! Sorry it took us so long to get back to you. We've been a bit lazy on the blog and getting back to people lately, but we have plenty more "excitement" from India coming yet. We hope you guys have a great time in India and hopefully you won't have to worry about some of the things we dealt with while we were there :) Safe travels!
12th November 2012

Why in the world do you want to travel for three months in India and not enjoy it?
Would it be possible to pay twice what your budget calls for and get much better accommodations and transportation and spend only half the time in India? Or spend three time more and only one month...not sure what budget it takes to make the experience more enjoyable? At least you are being honest about your experience, but not one that I would ever want to partake in! Why do you do it???
9th January 2013

Can't remember if we wrote you guys back via email or not
We were pretty determined to stick to our budget since the funds are running low. Not to mention, we already had our flights booked out and didn't want to take any money away from Thailand or the Philippines when we returned for one last hoorah. When it comes down to it, spending a lot more money would probably make this easier in India, but honestly, just the day to day interactions with the people wore us down just as much. We're actually in the Philippines trying to get caught up on blogs and couldn't be happier! Hope all is well!! xoxo

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