Carol Head


Carol Head

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia May 18th 2024

Saturday 18 th May, WhyallaBig4 Whyalla Caravan ParkCost $41 per night Rated by us 8/10 amazing view but windyMileage 23209 travelled 270kmWell we wanted to get out of the heat of Darwin and we have certainly done that with another freezing cold night buried under all the blankets we have in the van, talk about one extreme to the other!Before heading of to Whyalla, our stop for tonight, we headed off to the Woomera Open Air Museum, this was the reason for our detour off the main highway.The museum is by way off open air displays around the streets of the town. It is very obvious that this was once a military base as all the housing is uniform and well laid out. This was the testing base for the first British/Australian nuclear ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia May 17th 2024

Friday 17 th May, WoomeraWoomera Caravan ParkCost $25 per night Rated by us 6/10Mileage 22939 travelled 433kmWe set off slowly into town to pick up some basic supplies and visit one of the opal mines.The Umona Opal Mine, unfortunately the mine tours had been cancelled until 4pm, so we looked around what we could and headed to the opal shop to buy a few gifts for the girls. As we left the museum I spotted a Sturt Desert Pea growing in the car park, it was bellyful the more so as it had chosen such a barren place to grow, I cannot grow them at home and they are amazing, took some good shots. As we left heading south on the good old Stuart Highway again, the mines are everywhere and have created ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia May 16th 2024

Thursday 16 th May, Coober PedyBig4 Stuart Range Caravan ParkCost $41 per night with membership, drive throughRated by us 7/10Mileage 22506 travelled 419kmThe Stuart Highway has to be one of the most uninteresting roads we have driven I can see why people say “I survived the Stuart Highway”. The road is straight and stretches for ever, we drove past a number of strange large rocks which seemed to be standing sentry like on the road side. We stopped at the Kulgera Pub for coffee this is the first and last pub in the NT, as we approach the border with South Australia. There is a Hills Hoist from which people have hung trainers not sure what that is all about, just an Ozzie thing. The pub is interesting and actually had a huge ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia May 15th 2024

Wednesday 15 th May, EldrundaEldrunda Desert Oasis Motel and Caravan ParkCost $44 per night, drive throughRated by us 7/10Mileage 22087 travelled 211kmSlow and lazy start to the day as we are heading to the National Transport Museum which only opens at 9am and it is only a few kms up the road. I hopped out of the car and walked across the dry Todd river bed on foot so that I could photograph the car and caravan crossing the river bed, it was fun to see and photograph. Some of the trees in the riverbed have amazing roots as they attempt to stay upright in the dry and the flood of the river.The museum was huge and very interesting, with halls for a number of things as well as outdoor displays. The old ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia May 14th 2024

Tuesday 14 th May, Alice SpringsTemple Bar Caravan Park, Alice SpringsCost $35 per night , drive throughRated by us 7/10Mileage 21876 travelled 509kmAs we left camp this morning I could not resist a sneaky photo of the caravan next door, they had brought with them two pots of live herbs, I was speechless. However on exciting the park I was even more blown away by the two meter high gate topped with four rows of electric fencing, this went all the way around the park as well. We did hear a lot of loud music and party noises till 4am this morning so it is not surprising they locked us all in. The road continues to wind across the vast open spaces of the outback, they do say if you survive the Stuart ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia May 13th 2024

Monday 13 th May, Tennant CreekG’Day Outback Caravan Park, Tenanat Creek, NTCost $50 per night with membership, drive throughRated by us 7/10Mileage 21367 travelled 565kmLong drive today in an attempt to get out of the heat and to start to feel safe again, it is really getting to us both now.The termite mounds continue to be abundant and the colours keep changing, the territorians seem to have a thing about dressing the mounds, so far we have seen, Yoda, The Simpson whole family, Father Xmas, a ghost and many more strange costumes, not sure what the termites make of it, they just seem to continue making the mounds over the clothes. There is lots of water at the roadside and some amazing lilies and bird life, lots of cranes I can see why ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia May 12th 2024

Sunday 12 th May, Bitter SpringsBitter Springs Caravan Park, NTCost $45 per night Drive throughRated by us 8/10Mileage 20802 travelled 723kmSo glad to get driving and out of the heat, could not even think about the camera on the drive, The camp site is a very laid back affair with lots of trees and shade.There are a lot of dogs around and it is a bit noisy, Tippy in his usual style is ignoring them all and chilling out. We managed to park the van in our space without unhooking which is a bonus as we have an early start tomorrow.The springs are in the Elsey National Park, which is a short walk from the park, out the gate and 550m down the road, then 230m into the forest. There is lots of ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory May 10th 2024

Friday 10 th May, DarwinBig4 Howard Springs, Darwin NTCost $44.75 per night with membershipRated by us 7/10Mileage 20079 travelled 0After another hot and humid night I made the call “I have had enough”, why are we putting up with this when we are not enjoying things and we can find little that we want to do particularly as we we are been restricted with the dog. Darwin is not a tourist town and even a few people on the park are having issues getting dog sitters, we have found them in abundance at other tourist towns. AS my last two attempts at gett6ing us something to do have failed I turned it over to G today and he chose The Military Museum, we visited on our last trip up here but it is worth ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory May 9th 2024

Thursday 9 th , DarwinBig4 Howard Springs, Darwin NTCost $44.75 per night with membershipRated by us 7/10Mileage 20079 travelled 0Well we both had a horrible night the humidity rises during the night and it got to 75% last night, the air con coped just but it felt like the air was wet. The towels on the line which are normally bone drive after our showers the previous night were still wet, in fact wetter than when we hung them up. I admitted to G today that I am glad that from here our feet are heading in a homeward direction. I don't want to rush but I am ready to start heading back and glad we decided not to do QLD this trip.Nice drive around Fannie Bay and the gardens down town this morning ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory May 8th 2024

Wednesday 8th, DarwinBig4 Howard Springs, Darwin NTCost $44.75 per night with membershipRated by us 7/10Mileage 20079 travelled 0Up whilst it was dark this morning, need to get G on the road for 7am and with daylight saving that means it is still dark at 6am. Emptied anything of value out of the UTE which basically meant everything, cameras, tools, G’s radio gear the lot, at least it will be safe here in the van. I am staying in camp with Tippy, whilst G will sit and read at the dealers till the car is ready.Decided to catch up on things and did three loads of washing, bedding, towels and our clothes, may as well do something as I have to be here. Only in Darwin I found a bullet casing and a live bullet in ... read more

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