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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » King's Canyon September 11th 2008

Sep 7-8-9-10 More from Sep 7. I’ve seen more Apollo campervans than any other. Father’s Day today. How many fathers do you know that get two fathers days in one year? So, kids, where are the Fathers day cards?? Saw some horses by the side of the road, north of Marla. Might not be interesting to anyone out there, but in an area where there isn’t much, it was worth noting. For those of you who might have thought that all of Australia was HOT, well think again. Melbourne had a forecast last night of ZERO!!! Darwin, on the other hand, forecast a low of 23 degrees. Would you believe a RED Greyhound bus?? They are actually Grey at home! Oh yeh, in Coober Pedy they have a drive in movie theatre that shows movies on ... read more
The Outback
A 'Bottle' Tree ??
Erldundra Caravan Park

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru September 8th 2008

Sept 3, 2008 Port Augusta 2088 km so far. Good help from the chap at the Home Hardware (yep home) concerning gas (propane) and bottle exchange, etc. Good help, too, from the lady at the Info Centre. About roadhouses all the way to Alice Springs. A bit of a warning to keep away from some of the bore (well) water. Pretty salty and not good for you. Walked along the Esplanade in Port Augusta. Not very long, but really well kept. Right on Spencer Gulf. Good meal and a beer at Ian’s Western Inn just down the road from the caravan park. Second night we had BBQ Lamb steak. First time I had barbequed it and likely the first time we have ever had lamb steak before. Sept 4, 2008 Port Augusta to Glendambo Nice easy ... read more
Fly Net??
Salt Lagoon
Salt Lake

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Augusta September 3rd 2008

Day 8 Sep 1, 2008 Broken Hill The day started out slow but once we made the decision of what and where it was great. Headed out to Daydream Mine which is an old silver mine, we actually went underground 30 meters. We had to hang on to a railing while stooping over and walking sideways along steep narrow tunnels. It was great!!! Very interesting. Our tour finished with a walkabout the area and ending in the tea room for tea and fresh homemade scones. The people running the place were very friendly and informative. From Daydream we headed on to Silverton, a ghost town where several movies have been made. On our way we spotted camels on the road side (they posed for us!!) and in the distance we saw a group of tourists on ... read more
Day Dream Mine
Day Dream Mine

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Broken Hill September 1st 2008

30Aug -31Aug Saturday August 30 Cobar to Wilcannia to White Cliffs. We stopped for a few groceries before we left Cobar and just as we were getting into the van a young lady stopped to talk. From Guelph!!!. They have been here about 2 ½ years. Her husband working in the mine. Finally confirmed sighting of kangaroos. 10:12am. Linda beat on me for not stopping to get a picture! Lots of goats and sheep buy the roadside. Running wild. One little guy was in the middle of the road, ignoring us until he actually spotted us. Then he took off !! Truly in the outback. Not much to see. Cobar to Wilcannia we saw approximately 20 vehicles in 230km. Wilcannia to White Cliffs we saw 4, all 4 coming out of White Cliffs. Started to rain. ... read more
Rain !!
Free Range Goats

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Katoomba August 27th 2008

OZ Day 3-4 Left Sydney. Not a moment too soon for us. Too many people, too much traffic, to many narrow roads. Had a nice drive to Katoomba. Found a pretty good campground right next door to Scenic World. Scenic World is home to Katoomba falls, a ‘railway’, a tramway and a Skyway. We ventured onto the railway to go down into the valley and the tramway to get back up again. The railway is ‘interesting’ as it has a 52 degree grade. Great adrenalin rush. Lots of walking in the valley and a lot of history. Very, very enjoyable. Something visitors should take in. Apparently there was and still is some coal mining in the area. Also here are the Three Sisters. Rock formations that the story goes that the chief turned his 3 daughters ... read more
The 3 Sisters
Gary & Train Crew

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney August 25th 2008

We are here We arrived in Sydney about 4pm on Sunday August 24th. We left Honolulu at about 9:15am on Saturday August 23rd. Flew Jet Star, on an AirBus 330-202. Good flight all the way. Got to Sydney about 3:50pm and cleared customs around 4pm. Shuttle bus to the hotel by about 6pm. Checked in, had supper and went to bed. Just exhausted. Monday AM, we had breakfast, got some maps of Australia and to the subway/train to pick up the campervan. It was actually there, much to our excitement. Not having every heard of Calypso Campervans before and not finding many blogs about them, I was a bit worried. We are now at our first campground, Lane Cove River Tourist Park. Even with the GPS we had a bit of a fun time trying to ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Waikiki August 23rd 2008

Left Vancouver about an hour late. Arrived in Honolulu greeted by warm humid air. Hotel is a bit old and the room pretty small, but since we don’t spend too much time in the room, who cares? Spent our first day at the USS Arizona memorial. Very, very impressive. Also toured the submarine Bowfin. Difficult to understand how the submariners could stand it in such close quarters. If you get to Honolulu, you shouldn’t miss the memorial. The second day was spent on Waikiki beach getting some sun (burn), walking around and doing a bit of shopping. Tomorrow, very early in the morning, we head to Sydney and the start of the big journey. I’m likely going to put a number of folks on email notification when I put in a new entry. If you don’t ... read more
Diamond Head

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver » YVR August 21st 2008

Leg one complete. WestJet from Edmonton to Vancouver. Just killing time in the airport awaiting our flight to Honolulu Will keep you posted... read more

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