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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Ceduna October 26th 2008

Oct 20 Went out to Greens Pool & Elephant Rocks in the morning. Who should be there but the 3 couples we can’t seem to shake ( or them shake us!!). While a bit further out the ocean was pretty rough, not at all in the Pool. Nice quiet and a lovely green.. Great place for a picnic and a quiet swim. Back to the Toffee Facotry to see them busily making their toffee. Had to buy an ice cream cone, of course. Then off to the wineries!! A bit of a disappointment as 2 of the ones we wanted to visit were closed. HOWEVER Linda picked one for the name and we, luckily, were near it. So we stopped in at Rickety Gate Winery. And had our tastings given by the owner. Asked for and ... read more
Elephant Rocks

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denmark October 21st 2008

Oct 16 Love the Peppermint Eco Caravan Park!! Booked on the BushTucker Wine tour. Small group of 11. Guide/driver was fabulous with tidbits of area history & information on the flora & fauna. Visited 4 wineries, 1 distillery, chocolate factory and cheese outlet. All great. Lunch was made up of various bush tucker and seeing that Gary & I were the furthest away we got to try a whole wichitty grub. Not bad, but better blended into a dip. The grub was dead, btw. Kangaroo meat, ham, turkey and various chutneys, dips, and sauces made out of ???? Enjoyed it all. Oct 17 Bussleton to Cape Leeuwin to Pemberton Cape Leeuwin is the most south westerly part of Australia and has a working lighthouse. The Tourism group there has an agreement with the government to be ... read more
Deer Farm
Power Pole
Leeuwin Lighthouse

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denmark October 19th 2008

Oct 11 Swan Valley Spring in the Valley. What can we say; a wine festival. How lucky for us Lots and lots of people, lots of wine tasting, lots of too much to drink. They have a lot of tour buses and lots of shuttle busses so you don’t drink & drive. We visited 4 wineries, 1 distillery and stopped at a craft market for lunch. Out of the wineries, Entopia was our favourite. One place we saw 14 police, 2 horse mounted police, 2 motorcycle police, 2 bicycle police. Mostly young people on the prowl. Have to wonder how long this might last. Some of the wineries don’t take part in the festival. Oct 12 Packed up and headed to Fremantle. Good to be back in civilization again. While we really enjoyed the outback, we ... read more
Bird at breakfast
Birds at Bussleton Jetty
OT at Bussleton Jetty

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle October 12th 2008

Oct 3 Exmouth. Spent the morning doing the washing, working on the internet and all the fun things. Walked around the CBD. Not much there. Then went up to Bundegi Beach where we walked a bunch and Linda picked up a number of nice shells. Went out to the Vlamingh Head Lighthouse. Pretty spectacular. A few sailboarders taking advantage of the really strong winds. Supper at Whalers. Good food, relaxed atmosphere. If you didn’t make a reservation, you might not get in. Very popular place. Oct 4 Exmouth Finally got into the 21st century. Put Skype on the laptop and talked to Jennifer & Rob. Kathryn wasn’t home. Really, really nice to talk to them from such a distance. And at hardly any cost. Walked to the Home Hardware (yep!!) and picked up a small tarp ... read more
..1OT swimming at the Katherine Gorges
..2OT trying to talk to the fish in EF
..OT looking for family at Edith Falls

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth October 3rd 2008

Sep 29 Broome Drove around a bit. Out to the Port. Not much happening there. Still lovely blue/green water. Stopped in CBD, but being a holiday not much was happening. We did the tour of the Pearl Luggers. Stories of old time pearl/mother-of-pearl diving and a lot of old artifacts from ‘olden’ days. Mother-of-Pearl was the sought after thing, not pearls, back in the later 1800’s/early 1900’s. Dangerous diving with the brass helmet and canvas suit. Fortunes lost and won. Didn’t spend the money for the tour showing the newer pearling, which is artificially making the oyster create pearls. Done on ‘farms’ and 2 years to make a pearl. Interesting stuff. A lazy day, other than the above. Sep 30 Broome to 80 mile beach Scenery West of Broome pretty flat, with few if any trees. ... read more
Broome Port
OT at Port of Broome
80 Mile Beach Information

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Broome September 29th 2008

Sep 25 Kununurra to Halls Creek to Derby Kununurra - Finally got the spelling correct, I believe Spent most of the morning on the Internet; updating blog, reading emails. Oh, yeh, and paying bills!! Boab Book Store has good high speed internet for only $5.00 per hour. Nice change of scenery. In sort of a valley, but a wide one, with some green, green grass. Can you imagine a whole lot of one way bridges on such a main highway? There are quite a few. We even had to give way to a cow that was crossing one bridge. Not a very good highway in places; narrow, no shoulder and a bit of a drop off. No fences, no grids and lots of bridge construction (getting 2 lane bridges) Saw 3 kangaroo and a lot of ... read more
Boab Prison Tree
Cow on Bridge
Derby Ocean View

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Broome September 27th 2008

To our family and friends, we have a small confession to make. It’s a very small, but a confession just the same - we have been keeping something from you and thought it about time we came ‘clean’. Back when we were in Port Augusta, we picked up a stranger as we were leaving town. He was very shy and wouldn’t talk much to start with but we finally learnt that his name is OT. OT has since told us that his is on a walkabout Australia to find his roots (family history). OT was only going to travel with us until the next town but he has been with us since, seems he’s grown fond of us, as well, us with him. I’m sharing a few stories and pictures with you in this blog and ... read more
2 OT at Uluru
3 OT at waterhole Uluru
4 OT climbing Uluru

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kununurra September 25th 2008

Sep 21 Howard Springs Big4. Good caravan park and has Net4, Big4 internet access. Spent in Darwin CBD. Took in the Smith Mall and all its souvenir shops. Very nice area for shopping, if one was so inclined. Had a bit of a walk along the Esplanade. Really nice, well kept area for walking near the ocean. Low tide so the water was out pretty far. We had planned on dipping our toes in the ocean, but didn’t manage!! Sun Princess ocean liner was in port. Big, big ship. Apparently the Darwin Port is about 2.5 times bigger than Sydney, so we did a harbour tour. Was a dinner/sunset tour. Good food, good sailing vessel (Cape Adieu) and a good time. BYO, which was good price wise. Sorry we didn’t get to any other attractions in ... read more
Darwin inner Harbour
Darwin - from the Harbour
Sun Princess at Sunset

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin September 20th 2008

Sep 15 to 20th 6155km to date, Sep 20, 2008 Costliest petrol, at Elliott: $1.99 per l. Sep 15. New tyres for the van. The rear tyres had very little tread left. No issue with Calypso Campervans about getting the tyres. They paid! Visited Royal Flying Doctors and School of the Air. Both organizations that provide a fantastic service. The RFDS would be similar to our STARS, except they use airplanes. School of the air provides a great education to children that live in remote areas. Whether it’s a small community or an outback station (ranch) Sep 16. Alice Springs to Wycliffe Well. Wycliffe Well the UFO capital of Australia. Lots of extra terrestrial figures around and walls covered with UFO sightings/info. Had a pretty good Chinese meal in the little restaurant. The owners were just ... read more
Alice Springs
The Ghan
Wycliffe Well UFO

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs September 16th 2008

Sep 11-12-13-14 About 4400km Sorry the connection is so slow today that I can't load pictures. And the ones that may appear are black. Next time!! Sep 11. Yulara to Kings Canyon. Very windy with quite a few little dust storms on the way. Sure ate up the petrol going against the wind. Pretty nice caravan park. Met up with John, Vickie and the two young girls again. Really nice folks. My Internet card from Ayers Rock Resort was still working, so that’s why you got the last update. Sep 12. If Kata Tjuta was AWESOME, well Kings Canyon was double that. Very, very wonderful, tiring walk. Such great scenery and you are right in the middle. The first part was very, very steep and only the fit (or in my case semi-fit) should attempt it. ... read more
Kings Canyon - Straight up
Kings Canyon (1)
Kings Canyon (2)

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