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Well I'm not actually leaving for another day and a half but wanted to do a blog post now before I become too lazy, I've been writing reviews for TripAdvisor so am in a writiing mood! Well its up. 10 weeks of Spanish class, 8 weeks of volunteering, I'm officially back to where I was in week 1 in Ciudad de Mexico...I'm a tourist again until I get home! After the terrible Spanish school last week, this weeks lessons at the new one have been fantastic. Got a through a lot of content and I will keep practicing till I get back and continue Spanish at uni, which if btw you didn't see my Facebook status...I had a web hookup with the convenor after I told him I had been learning Spanish and after chatting in ... read more
Marlon my Teacher
Cathedral Metropolitana
Granada and Beyond.

So nearly a week has passed since I got here. Time really is flying, hard to believe that in 5 weeks I will be back in Australia. Not much to really report on this blog as I've been keeping it pretty low key in Nicaragua, waiting for my adventure in Cuba and finally Carnival in Panama. So lets start where I left off earlier this week. So by day 3 of the Spanish classes I had quit because this organisation was the most unprofessional bunch I can imagine a language school to be. Teachers took no interest and was getting nothing from it. So Thursday and Friday consisted of me relaxing and wondering the streets of Granada. Though on the Wednesday afternoon I did go to a bar to watch the 2nd leg of the Barcelona ... read more
Colourful Granada Street
Lago de Nicaragua

So just a quick update to let you all know I am now in a new country!! Arrived in Nicaragua about midnight last night or is that today? I don't bloody know. Anyways bus ride was actual luxery. Was in first class from Guatemala City to San Salvador for some reason. Considering the ride started at 6am I slept the whole way there, only being woken by the army wanting my passport at the border. They were taking all the men off the bus for full searches but when I said I was going to Nicaragua and not Salvador they gave me my passport back and said have a nice trip. Guess they didn't care if I was a drug trafficker just as long as the drugs weren't being trafficked to El Salvador. So anyways we ... read more
Mi Dormitorio

So the time has come and I only have a few days remaining in this beautiful country. Cannot believe I have been here for nearly 8 weeks already. Time has gone so quick! Before we get on to the weekend will just say about finishing my volunteering with the kids from Alotenango. Thursday was our last day as I was leaving for Quetzaltenango (Xela) and Aron for Semuc Champey on the Friday morning for the weekend. We combined the two classes and just had a little fiesta for the last afternoon. Was good fun, but sad at the same time. Lots of photos were taken by us and the kids, Alotenango is one of the more fortunate towns in Guatemala being that its still poor but some consumer items we take for granted in the West ... read more
Mayan Children
Villages in the Valley
Atitlan at Sunrise

So this blog update is going to be an excerpt from my friend Harrison as he has blogged a much better summary than I can remember. But yeah to give you the jist we went to pub trivia Monday night at Reillys (the local Irish bar) and it was very eventful. Now Harrison will tell you the rest. "Ate my incredibly unsatisfying dinner at 6:30 (frijoles and bread), and then Justin, Inshiya, Tatiana, Liam and I headed over to Reilly’s for trivia. It’s a 5 person max per team, so we were already set. Justin and Inshiya I should remind you, are the married couple that just moved into my house Sunday. Justin is from Las Vegas, they both live there now, and Inshiya’s family is from India but she was born and raised in Dubai ... read more
Another of the Team
Liam the Cleaner
Party at Reillys

Ok you probably all know that I'm not dead seeing as I still update Facebook but figured it was time for a round up of the last few weeks where this blog has been laying as dormant as the volcanoes around Antigua So lets go way back to Christmas weekend. For the weekend decided a trip to El Salvador to lay on the beach and do some surfing was in order. This tour I decided I'd go just myself, though I am friends with the guy who runs the tour, and hope the other randoms would be cool. Well it was a family of 4 Americans from Florida and three people in early 30s from London. The British people were cool and friendly. The Americans were not. Within 20 minutes of having to listen to how ... read more
Lago de Atitlan
Huge Sombrero

So have had a busy week since my last update! My Spanish appears to be coming along well and teaching the kids last week was good. Even managed to make the older kids sit a test and not cause too much trouble whilst doing so! Other than the usual Antigua stuff this weekend I hiked Volcan Acatenango which is next to Volcan de Fuego, a very active volcano! Started the hike Sunday morning aiming to get to base camp, at an altitude of 3600m above sea level, for around 3ish. We were quite worried as the weather was awful to say the least with visibility down to at most 30m. Not good visibility when you are planning to view a volcano 2km away. Anyways the hike started through hillside farmland with very steep gravel path, horrendus ... read more
Fuego Erupting at Dawn
The Vine That Didn't Break
Fuego Erupting

Well I did just have a huge blog post done which the computer decided to delete! So take 2 is going to be considerably smaller than I intended. I'll make up for the short blog with pictures. So yeah Tikal was incredible (despite the 8 hour drive taking 14). The ruins are absolutely amazing and the Mayan guide we had gave lots of very insightful information on the site. Ps he says the world isn't going to end in 2012, the calender just goes back to zero and we enter a more enlightened phase economically and environmentally. He wants everyone to visit Tikal on 21/12/2011 so he makes a bit of extra coin and everyone can have a beer when the world doesn't end. Saw many animals such as spider-monkey and a range of birds amongst ... read more
More ruins
Tikal Crew plus some Guatemalans
Some of the Tikal Crew

Just a quick update from Guatemala. Well I got here on Saturday and could tell just from the flight over Guatemala City how different this country was going to be to Mexico. First thoughts were of sadness at the obvious poverty that exists here. Was picked up from the airport for the drive 40km west to Antigua. Driving through Guatemala City was a real experience again from the shock of seeing just how bad the coditions for the populace are and just the crazy roads and lack of rules in general, but that makes driving fun I say! Got into Antigua at nightfall so didn't really get an appreciation for where I was till the next day when I met up with my volunteer/Spanish school who took me for an orientation of the city. Just wow. ... read more
Volcan de Agua
Volcan de Fuego

So day 5 in Mexico City. Yesterday was meant to be my last and I was due to be on a flight to Cuba in an hour but as usual plans change last minute and instead its off to Guatemala and volunteering tomorrow! Mexico City has been incredible from the moment I got here. The streets are packed, the traffics chaotic and the police sirens near constant but that just adds to what is Mexico City. I've been staying in Centro Historico which is the old downtown area of the city. It is beautiful. This is where the Presedential Palace, Metropolitan Cathedral and the Plaza de la Constitucion are located. Directly outside the hostel is a market run by indigneous people from the Oaxaco region of Mexico seeking justice for community members who have disappeared or ... read more
The Snake and the Eagle
Mexica Sun Stone

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