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Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh December 21st 2013

Well its been a while since I've written one of these so my creative writing skills are a bit rusty. Anyways just spent the last 2 days in the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. I'll start with how I got here. So I flew from the Gold Coast to Kuala Lumper airport in Malaysia. Flew with AirAsia for pretty cheap i.e. no frills whatsoever. The lack of entertainment and food was easily replaced with 2 pre flight beers and phernergans...sufficient to send me to sleep for about 95% of the 8.5 hour flight. AirAsia flies into the low cost carrier terminal so that means you get to walk about 1km from the plane to the terminal. The terminal itself wasn't too bad, free wifi and I was tired enough to sleep on the floor for a ... read more
Stupa Memorial
Mass Grave
Nice Archtecture

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Guadalajara February 8th 2013

Dont let the title fool you...for the birthplace of mariachi and one of the only 4 states legally allowed to produce tequila in Mexico I have seen very little tequila and no mariachi at all. A bit disapointing but maybe its because Ive been pretty lazy in Guadalajara. I got here from Veracruz after taking a cheap flight with Vivaaerobus (if you come to Mexico and want internal flights this airline usually has very cheap flights, even cheaper than the bus in some cases, though obviously considerably worse for the environment). Another tip if you come to Guadalajara and dont want to use the taxi monopoly the government has set up at the airport (300 pesos into town) is to turn right out of terminal one and follow the signs for a bus to terminal terreste. ... read more
Drummers in thePlaza
Estadio Omnilife
Indigenous artwork inspired by Peyote.

North America » Mexico » Veracruz » Xalapa January 29th 2013

Well I've been in Mexico for 4.5 weeks now and thats half the trip done. Crazy how quickly time goes. As you know I was meant to be in Oaxaca for a few extra weeks but plans changed and I decided I'd go and see a bit more of the country. Choice was between Veracruz and Villahermosa. Villahermosa lost out due to the fact I couldn't find a hostel there (the 13 hour bus ride wasn't too appealing either). So got the bus at midnight to arrive on the Friday morning. Had 2 seats to myself so was in a position to get some sleep...that was until we stopped about a million times for different things...the worst being an army checkpoint high in the mountains where we had to get off and have our bags searched. ... read more
Statue of Benito Juarez
Statue About Immigration via Veracruz
Navy Ship in Puerto de Veracruz

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca January 21st 2013

So been in Oaxaca for a week now. The weather has been so much better than closer to Mexico City though its still a bit cold at night. So got here last Monday after a 4.5 hour bus ride from Puebla. Was a nice scenic trip through lots of valleys as we made our way 1000m closer to sea level...still 1500m above sea level though! In some of the valleys there were heaps of cacti taking up literally every part of earth, was a strange scene but pretty none the less. So got to the bus station and met my host mother, Sylvia, and drove back to where I would be staying. Turns out theirs another Australian staying there as well for two of the weeks I'm here which has been good, not so boring going ... read more
Ethnobotanical Garden
Monte Alban
El Zocalo

North America » Mexico » Puebla » Puebla City January 11th 2013

So finally have a chance to post a blog. Been a good first two weeks in Mexico apart from the odd day of being quite ill. So New Years Eve in Mexico City was fun. Got there late arvo and it was just as chaotic as I remembered it. Was going to have a quiet night after travelling for 24 hours so went out for dinner about 9.30pm. Everywhere was closed except one place that was pretty busy. Got chatting to a Mexican guy in line to get a table and ended up eating with him. Was nice to chat with a local. Went back to hostal after to have 1 drink at their bar to bring in New Years. Then it was 2.30am and I had a 7.30 bus to get... So from there headed ... read more
Parish Church in San Miguel de Allende
Revolutionary hero Ignacio Allende

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » LAX December 31st 2012

This must be the 6th time in 3 years I've had the (dis)pleasure of being here yet this airport never seems to change. Angry customs officials, a million security checks and its cold. Though one good thing is the breakfast burrito I had. Scrambled eggs, green onions, black beans...we need these in Australia. So I don't actually have a voice at the moment which is fun...even more so when explaining to the immigration person that you're traveling to Mexico to immerse yourself in Spanish language and culture for him to reply why don't you just stay in LA we have lots of Spanish speaking people here. Yeah Mexico or LA...tough decision. Well this was just a quick update to get my blogging working again. Nearly time to fly for Mexico City for New Years Eve. Will ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Hollywood February 28th 2012

So as I sit here in a hostel bed in Hollywood at 10pm after travelling from what was 2am US Pacific time I thought I'd do the sappy reflective blog of it all. But I won't bother. If you've been following my blog you know exactly what the last few months have meant for me and there's no need for me to go over it. So I'm just going to end with how my last night in the Northern Hemispshere went then find you my favourite photo from the last 3.5 months. So basically got into the third world airport that is LAX at 6 and managed to find my bag after they dropped us at the wrong terminal and we had to walk for ages. I of course took public transport to get to Hollywood ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City February 22nd 2012

So to pick up where I left off. We scored the 3 person private room at the first Panama City Hostel. Well sort of 3 person room, there was a double bed and a single, so I took the single and Catherine and Jenna took the double. The room didn't have A/C and was pretty damn hot I have to say. First night we just ate at some cheap diner before the next days activities of going to Miraflores Locks to see the Panama Canal! We were there for about 3 hours and I finally got to use my ISIC card and get a student discount on something! Watch a few barges get tugged through, had a few beers and just generally relaxed. Was a very nice afternoon. Evening time comes and we decide we want ... read more
Lots of Containers
Paradise on Senidup Island
Sunset in the San Blas

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City February 14th 2012

Just a short blog update today. Well after making the bus ride which wasn't too bad. I had 2 seats to myself for a while until some German girl appeared from nowhere 2 hours in and said she needed to sit next to me. Okay, where have you been the last 2 hours? Anyways all good, still enough room to get comfy and try and sleep. Spent most time listening to MP3 player on random. Jeez I have some random shit on there that I never listen to. Nothing exciting about a bus ride really is there. Made a pit stop and I took a few photos of an empty Costan Rican village that obviously serves as a stopping point for long distance drivers. Few hours later we make the border. All good getting out of ... read more
17 Hours of Travel
Ciudad de Panama

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana February 7th 2012

As I’m publishing this once I leave Cuba I’m telling the story as it happened day by day. Pretend each day is a new post. I also had the great idea of writing a day by day account on Wednesday so apologies for the not so informative accounts of Monday and Tuesday. Monday: So I somehow got up on time, got a taxi to the bus station that goes to Panama and bought a ticket for when I get back then managed to find the terminal for public bus to the airport and made my flight with plenty of time to spare. Flight to Havana was great. Had 3 seats to myself and just lay there watching stuff on my laptop. Minus the few episodes of turbulence was all good. My fear of flying is slowly ... read more
26 de Julio Badge
The Malecon and Straits of Florida

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