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4th August 2011
Stilt House

holiday rental
Is this house for holiday rental over New Years Eve, and if so can you please advise the cost and any further details as may be appropriate. Thank you and I look forward to your early response. Kind regards.
11th April 2011
Day 1 feeding the calf's

how cute;-)
2nd April 2011

nice one ;-)
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20th July 2010

koh tao
both dive resorts are on line:
12th July 2010

Great Blog. Did you do a diving course? We loved Ko Tao going to head back later in the year but any tips on accom would be great :-)))))
16th April 2010

Great Pics
Seeing your pics has convinced us to pop to KL. Cheers. PS No Guinness in Thailand Liam. Probably not worth going (oh apart from the monkeys, bears, tigers, elephants, beaches, AK47's .........)
From Blog: City living!
26th January 2010

Thanks. Glad you are enjoying reading the blog! Who is this as you have come up as anonymous?
From Blog: Noosa
24th January 2010

Wow! what a great time you are having!!!! Am glad Charlotte made it out of the bunk safely x
From Blog: Noosa
12th January 2010

Soo much fun!
Great fun is being had by all! Nice to here from home, But i do miss all of the gossip! got a bit of free wifi for two days, so hope to catch up on some now. The snow does sound fun. xx
11th January 2010

Hey Char and Liam I see you're still having loads of fun! Still sooo jealous. I can see you had a great crimbo and NY. I know that Julia was thrilled to bits to talk to you. Missing you loads but enjoying Reading your adventures!! Love to you both. Lorry xxx
9th December 2009

How amazing, what a fab place to be, love the camper! you both look so happy. Great blog charlotte keep us all posted and love the shell heart!! hugs and laughs to you both. xxxxxxxxxx
7th December 2009

Wishing you a fabulous birthday on 8th and many more to come. Hope you continue to enjoy your trip and look after yourself. Your daredevil exploits are being followed with much admiration. Have a great time on Tuesday. Regards Michael
30th November 2009

omg!!!!! told you i was small enough to fit in the suitcase lol. hope you are well cant wait for the next up date love you both loads x x x
16th November 2009

me, me, me.
1-800 get me! They bloody love me. Sounds like no fun at all and certainly not enough cakeage occuring! Loving the bloggage you two. Look forward to the next instalment. Have fun! Love from sunny Barnet. xxx
4th November 2009

Hello!! Hope everything is goin okay and your havin such a fab time indeed!! Well i must say by the photos it does look as tho you are!! haha But im mostly jealous of that ..... CHOCOLATE CAKE!! Please send me some in the post!! :D Sorry i havent been in touch much ...just got internet back up and running! Well keep me posted as i love sharing your journey from rainy Sheffield!! Keep safe, lots of love and snogs xxxxxxx :D xxxxxxxx
3rd November 2009

Soooo much fun
miss you all. xx
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3rd November 2009

No, we are loving it! It is quite good reliving the day's experiences and blogging about it! We are alway's safe. xx
3rd November 2009

Glad you are enjoying reading about our trip as much as we are enjoying writing about it! How are you, have you sorted a flat yet, or are you still at your sister's? Quick rob a bank and meet us in New Zealand! xx
3rd November 2009

We actually quite enjoy chilling out in the evening and writing our blog, it is a bit like a diary and helps us relive the trip's that we have done!!
From Blog: And we're off!
3rd November 2009

I want that steak again too!!!
3rd November 2009

Wow! What a fantastic time you are having....sun, hot weather - its bloody freezing and very wet here!!! I want that steak!!!
27th October 2009

enjoyed reading the first episode and am soooooo jealous. make sure you spend more time enjoying than writing tho!!!! take care both xx
From Blog: And we're off!
26th October 2009

Did you get RSI with all that typing..sounds like a great time. Enjoy but be safe, love Dad and Denisexxx
23rd October 2009

sounds likeyou are both having a great time...enjoy to the max !
From Blog: And we're off!
22nd October 2009

Glad we could finally load some, more to follow! xx
From Blog: photos, part 1

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