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30th January 2013

I got tricked by Puyi's nephew today!
I also went to the Forbidden city and bought the calligraphy from 'Puyi's nephew'. Now when i come home and check the internet, it turns out Puyi's only nephew died in 1997. And lots of people have posted their picture with 'Puyi's nephew' and it's a different guy every time! Be careful people!
19th November 2012
What is the collective noun for a group of brides and grooms?

what is math
4th October 2012
Camel prints in the sand

It does not hurt to expose your heart...walking in the footprints of others...expressed beautifully in your blog...encapsulated in this pic
4th October 2012
A walk along Dicky Beach

I love this pic...exudes character & good times
4th October 2012
Simply Stunning

What a place to call Home. I hitched from Sydney to Noosa with a mate when I was 17. Camped under a tree on Sunshine Beach...with a cloth No Camping sign attached to the tree. Pinched water from the Sunrise Caravan park...walked or hitched to Noosa each day for strawberry milkshakes. In those days Noosa had a couple of shops, a caravan park and a single wave break from headland to headland. Drove up the following year...camped under the same tree...and took the No Camping sign as a souvenir. That area is totally built out with residential now...and Noosa and down the coast is a metropolis.
27th August 2012

Picture perfect Paris
These are some very nice photos, I love Paris and always begin to smile when reminded of my time spent there. I liked your text and loved your picts. thanks for sharing. Mike
From Blog: A Week in Paris
29th August 2012

Thanks Mike
for reading my blogs. My first travels to UK/Europe were over 2 years ago yet still feel like yesterday. I regularly travel through my photos and remember such a great adventure I had then and am still having now. Life is one big adventure. Lynne
From Blog: A Week in Paris
5th November 2011
beautiful flowers
15th October 2011

Nice Rose
Hi Dangling Carrot, Seeing your picture, I feel happy and inspiration from art. I look this use photoshop to make oil painting. And a funny is the color, same with your craft on your neck, right?
27th October 2011

Hi Alice. I hope you're enjoying Vietnam
You can see my travels from a past life on another blog name DavidnLynne. I was in Vietnam for 3 months. Thanks for your message. The roses image was changed on a little bit with the oil painting function but the colours were just a vivid in real life. This was a fabulous florist in Strasbourg. Enjoy the world. It truly is wonderful. Regards Lynne
9th August 2011

Great trip!
I like your pics so much! How many destinations in China you traveled to? I admire you so much!
7th May 2011

Hello Andi, Very nice of you to contact me about Brighton. When are you coming to England? We should definitely meet if you are in this area again. ;o) ...I would suggest you come over as soon as possible because there is so much to see and do. You won't want to leave. xx
7th May 2011

Hello Lynne, I agree with your feelings in Brighton. Only a weekend being there I enjoyed it so much. I look forward to my next trip to South England ;) where I definitely will meet you. See you soon. Love Andi
2nd April 2011

Florist shop
Hi Kristina, I'm sorry I don't have any more pictures of this shop. It was something that appealed to me because of the rose petals on the footpath. It was different, which is why I took the picture. Good luck with the business. Lynne
1st April 2011
A great way to decorate a florist shop

Florist shop pictures
Do you have anymore pictures of this florist. My daughter is opening up a florist and her shop is very tiny like this one. Any decorating ideas would be very helpful to her. Thats why I was hoping you had a few more pictures of this shop
2nd March 2011

oo oo la la
What a great Tour de France girlfriend, love the style, colour, character of France and loving your blogs - from the confines on my lounge where I continue to get well I feel transported to these exotic locations you are blogging on. merci amoureux
24th February 2011

Thanks Liliram
Thank you so much for reading my ramblings. I have read many of your entries too. You are a spirited traveller and an inspiration to all with your involvement in exploration and willingness to be part of life wherever you may be. It is truly a wonderful world.
24th February 2011

Enjoyed this
What a wonderful read! Amazing how a simple, uncomplicated life brings forth so much happiness. I can feel your "happy heart", Lynne. Good for you. And cooking too! Good for the rest . :) Stay happy.
15th February 2011

smile darn ya, smile!
Wonderful pics. I love the stained glass for Christmas, and I would love a natural spring spa, that sounds gorgeous. We have those in NZ too, lots of 'em. I see what you mean about the facial expression - or lack thereof, what a breath of fresh air you would be in this part of the world. Great to see your smile girlfriend, beaming as always.
13th February 2011

hey, i wish it snowed in Brissie just so our trees and flowers looked that good.
13th February 2011

love the buildings
Hey lin, how cool are all the buildings and your hat was fantastic. Gabby
13th February 2011

I looooove the blue plates at the stall, where can I get some shoe door handles and I want a house like the one that was painted so awesomly!!!!!
8th February 2011

thanks Alice
I'm afraid that if my German is as good as my Chinese, I'm in trouble. Love your pics on FB. You are always having fun. Mwah!
8th February 2011

Thanks for Sharing
Awesome, Lynne. I'm so happy for you. I lived in Germany 5.5 yrs., 3 different times and loved it, the people and the food. Hey, you picked up Chinese so I'm sure your German will be excellent!
3rd February 2011

Thank you
Thanks Dave and Merry Jo, It's nice to know that people other than my friends and family like to read my blogs. I am currently in Germany, and I'm a bit slow but new blogs will come in the near future. Cheers

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