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12th May 2016

safe trip
enjoy Middle Lagoon and further North,,Boags doing well.
From Blog: Onslow to Broome
25th April 2016

Mick I am in awe of you. I can't wait until your book is out. Your photography is amazing as is your story (fact) telling. I can tell that you are just loving your life and living your dream.
25th April 2016

Only man in the outback with a f/cking Kayak on his roof.
Up sheep creek with a paddle and a kayak,,looks good and tracker works well with batteries.
20th April 2016

Sounds like an awesome trip Eddo. Safe travels. Will follow with interest. I hope it's an optical illusion in the photo of the car and camper showing that towing angle between car and camper...?
27th April 2016

That was before the back suspension was replaced. All good now, Liz! :-)
19th April 2016

Great Triip
Love the car. Look forward to updates.
19th April 2016

Happy travels
Good luck with your journey....look forward to your inevitable "bugger" stories.

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