When I travel I like to try and absorb as much of the culture as possible. I began this blog living in Thailand but my adventures have now taken me to South America where I am traveling for about 6 months with not enough money. So the adventure continues. How to get the most out of my experience life with limited resources.

North America » United States » California July 29th 2010

This adventure I’ve embarked on has changed my life. Coming back to San Francisco, I am giddy. Full circle from the start of my South East Asia journey, I can feel myself growing stronger. Somewhere in me, there is still a girl who worries about everyone’s opinions of me. I remember being a little girl who was too worried or indecisive to know what clothing to pick or ice cream flavor to choose. Where is she now? It is as if I can feel myself fortifying and blossoming at the same time. My eyes are constantly wide with wonder and I sink everyday more into peace with myself. I believe that the changes I underwent in Thailand will look small when I am finished with Suntrek. I look around at my life and I don’t know ... read more
Hummer tour in Moab
Bears in Yosemite
Olmstead Point

North America » United States » California » Chico May 19th 2010

Cool rain falls softly from the grey Chico sky. I had almost forgotten what it felt like to shiver. The last two months of South East Asia were the hottest of the year. The sun blistered wrapped in a sarong of moisture which saturated the air. Despite having moments where I thought I might pass out almost daily, these were some of the best months of my life. I tried in vain to keep the journal current as I travelled but managed precious few entries along the way. These I will update shortly but the rest will have to be recorded now from what I recall. For now, I feel like I’m recovering. Strange tides of unidentifiable emotions seem to be washing over me. Am I lonely, confused, misdirected or angry? And if any of these ... read more
Torturing Rowan with a Thai hat

Asia » Malaysia » Kuala Lumpur March 27th 2010

Leaving Cameron Highlands were warned that there was a very old bus for 22 ringotts ($6.50) and a super vip for 35 ($10.30) .. we debated and finally decided to splurge only to discover it was sold out. When we got to the station we asked to use the luggage compartment. The driver agreed and we watched as he struggled with the compartment for a couple minutes. With a loud bang the door opened and promptly came unhinged. He shook his head and waved for us to put our luggage on the bus. We shrugged and loaded up. Hmm fortuitous start? We flew through the hills at frightening speeds. I refused to look out the sides both for fear of car sickness and to avoid seeing just how close we were to the clifts. The ... read more

Asia » Malaysia March 25th 2010

“8 Hours to Cameron Highlands from Taman Negara” said the kind women behind the information counter. “8 Hours?!! And how much is it I asked tentatively?” It was 90 Ringott, with a discount it came to 80 (about $25). I blanched visably. I had paid the same for day tours in Thailand and Malaysia had so far been cheaper. But as it seems there was no other way to go, we flipped a bitch from our brief stay in the Rain forest and Taman Negara and headed off. A painfully slow curving 7 hours later the views that passed us by were spectacular. I had never seen anything like the tea plantations in Cameron Highlands and they became one of my favorite places. The plantations cover the hills and snuggle next to forests. Quaint houses and ... read more
Swinging on our hike
Tea and more tea

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chumphon February 25th 2010

I know a place that I think may be the most accessible and best location in Thailand to see the bugs and arachnids of this tropical land. There I have scene 4 varieties of spiders. The largest of which was the size of my fist with legs out stretched, the smallest maybe 2 or 3 inches. There a scorpion once lay docile and a centipede dashed at record speed out from under my foot. Lizards abound daily and today, I saw a large toad crawling up the walls. Perhaps you are asking, where is this wild location? Or perhaps, having read my Facebook statuses you have guessed it. That’s right folks, my kitchen! Tours are available daily for 100 baht, lunch included. I have mostly been amused by this fact though I am occasionally a little ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chumphon February 11th 2010

I miss “Suay, Suay.” I was always a little amused and proud of my "stretchy stomach." I could lie flat and go from a flat stomach to 3 months pregnant. Like a party trick. Not so exciting here.... My non-Asian and occasionally slightly roundish belly has revealed itself. Suddenly it’s, “Teaccchhhher…(points to my stomach), Baby baby?” asks Nanzy, a bright girl in my 3/5 class. The first time I laughed uproariously, “No baby!!” I say, “Your Teacher needs to exercise.”… “Teacher, situps, situps” she says earnestly. Though I laughed I went home and realized I was not very happy about the situation. Then and there I bought a pair of running shoes which I will probably never use. The second time, I decided they were messing with me but now I self conscientiously look at my ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chumphon February 11th 2010

1. The Thai’s truly have no concept of time. This does not have anything to do with laziness but rather an adherence to some strange and unique clock impossible to grasp by any westerner. I imagine if depicted it would look something like Dali’s melting clock - Any effort to try and contain anything to a set time is futile and will only make your head hurt. 2. Vegetarianism is met with a combination of confusion, horror and laughter. Reading about the Thai version of Buddhism (Theravada Buddhism), I have come to the conclusion that the religion was changed to support the fact that Vegetarianism does not exist in Thai culture. As offerings are given by the Thai people to the Monks, they seem to have done away with the vegetarian part of the religion. After ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chumphon February 6th 2010

Danni and Paul are that odd sort of non-couple that is ALWAYS together but claims to have no sort of romantic attachment. As a result you get the comments of single people but retain the feeling that you are perpetually the third wheel. Danni is five foot nothing with blond hair and pert, attractive features and an impossibly high voice. She gives the impression of being intelligent, decisive and just a touch controlling. Her arguments tend to consist of her furrowing her brow at what you say and then completely contradicting it and leaving no room for disagreement. . Paul is the easy going body of the pair. I am convinced that he is in love with Danni though I’ve resisted sharing this fact thus far. The only major negative any of us have really come ... read more
Coconut #1

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin January 24th 2010

My friend Eva was coming down to Hua Hin from the North Eastern part of Thailand. We decided to meet in Ch’aam. 4 hours North of me this is a popular Thai vacation point. I hop on the bus headed to Bangkok and let the bus driver know where I’m going. Like in most bus rides I also start trying pathetically to speak to my seat mate in Thai. At some point I think I’ve gotten across that I want to be dropped off at the beach at Cha’am and does he know where that will be. “Yes, yes, up ahead,” he says. By the time we are finished with our conversation he has asked for my phone number. I smile and refuse not knowing what else to do. I am looking for signs and seeing ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Tao December 27th 2009

Christmas this year was spent sitting on the idyllic island paradise of Koh Tao. There, the sun and the water are warm, the drinks are cool and the men hot. Still I find myself relieved to be going home. Even if it is only for three days I crave the comfort of normalcy and my 20-40 baht (33baht = $1) meals. Still it felt like a vacation through and through. The white sand beaches are littered with beautiful Farang (Foreigners) sitting exposing their skin to the suns harmful rays. We all know it and we lather our skin with sunscreen and convince ourselves that will be enough to protect ourselves. It seems few can resist the warm kiss of the sun and the illusion of health it can cause on one’s skin. At night, the bars ... read more
koh tao 008
koh tao 010
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