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North America » United States » Tennessee » Tellico Plains September 26th 2014

Right now, the leaves are just beginning to turn, and we're ready to escape the deluge of old fat guys with long gray hair and black leathers on the loud motorcycles who will soon descend on Tellico Plains and the Cherohala Skyway. Our current plan is to fly to Madrid via London, travel by train to A Coruna, drive around Galicia, take the FEVE train across Asturia to Bilbao and San Sebastian, drive through the wine country of La Rioja, then return to Madrid to join a Diverbo class to reach English to Spanish business people. On the way home, we'll stop in London for a couple of days to visit Kulpreet Sangha, a friend from India. To our friends -- we'll see you in November!... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City February 23rd 2014

This is the last entry! We are sitting at the Tocumen International Airport waiting for our plane back to the States after a great three weeks of vacation. During our last couple of days on Isla Colon (the "main" island of Bocas del Toro), we took the four-wheeler out to the jungle looking for white-faced monkeys. Didn't find them, but did find a troop of howlers. They talked to us, but we didn't know at the time that we should have talked back. Apparently they like to listen to tourists making fools of themselves, so they'll call back just to get you going. One highlight was a 30-minute ride to another island where a retired dentist from Oklahoma, of all places, runs an organic cacao plantation. He and his eleven employees nurture the trees, some over ... read more
Wandering Jew
Cacao Bean Roaster

How could I have forgotten! I referred to Ron's assistant by name, but forgot to include his picture. He is a very effective security system, as well as a post-exercise sweat-wiper. One of his favorite toys is a dry coconut, which he will work until he has the dry husk well shredded -- and then throw into the pool. He does not swim -- you are supposed to retrieve it for him. One of the interesting things about operating an inn off the grid is the impact of ordinary events. The refrigerator in our cabin died after being defrosted before our arrival. No problem, right? Um, the new one must come over the mountain from the other side of the country. And, by the way, while we figured out what was wrong, the compressor was running ... read more
The Blue Lagoon
Our Cabina
You MUST be Cleaned

We are staying on one of several island making up a small archipelago in the northeast corner of Panama, far -- very far -- from the glittering center. Not much of the $1 billion that supposedly comes from the canal seems to be spent here. "Bocas Town" is the center of business, with the airport, restaurants, little hostels and hotels, grocery, souvenir, and crap stores, plus water taxies and ferries to the other islands. We rented a four-wheeler/quad for the five days from a man with one leg -- auspicious, huh? -- which, from my point of view, was a great idea. No cars are rented here, because the road along the beach very quickly becomes the beach, and it's at least five miles of sand/coral/mud/rock road we'd otherwise be riding on coaster bikes. Hurray for ... read more
Baby Chocolate
Wandering Jew as Medicinal Herb

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Bocas Del Toro February 15th 2014

We left the Azuero peninsula (the Pacific coast) and drove inland to the mountains, to Santa Fe, not New Mexico, for three nights. The weather there was cooler and breezy, though it's still Panama. We were located near the top of the mountains that run like a ridge from the top of North America to the bottom of South America and could see the clouds stacked up on the Atlantic/Caribbean side. We had little misty rain showers and bits of fog that broke up the heat and made the warm days much more pleasant. We stayed at a small B&B called the Coffee Mountain Inn. Santa Fe itself is much smaller than Pedasi -- Tom was looking for a gas station, just in case we might need gas before driving back, and the B&B owner told ... read more
A "Light" Breakfast
Alto de Piedra Road
Tom's Pit Photo

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Los Santos » Pedasí February 6th 2014

Yesterday, we took our lives in our hands and drove from Panama City to Pedasi, a fishing village of about 2000 people on the south (Pacific) coast. We were able to rent from National at the domestic airport near the canal, so didn't have to drive through the city -- a good point for anyone doing this. We also drove across the Centennial Bridge, not the Bridge of the Americas -- much less traffic. Although Panamanian drivers can be aggressive, they are generally good-natured and better drivers than the amateur NASCAR drivers we encounter in East Tennessee. Driving anywhere in Panama displays the enormous economic boom taking place -- building everywhere! As we moved along the coast, we saw billboard after billboard inviting us to buy land, homes or condos in fancy developments. If all these ... read more
Tom's Amberjack
Two on One Hook
Casita Margarita

Tom and I left Tennessee during the aftermath of he surprise January 2014 snowstorm. We shuttled the luggage to the Prius at the paved road, then Tom drove the truck (in 4WD with chains) the mile back to the house and walked back down to the road to join me. To avoid an early morning slip-n-n slide trip, we spent Friday night at the Hilton by the Knoxville airport and escaped on Feb 1 to Panama City -- the real one, not the one in Florida. We are staying in Casco Viejo (translates as "the old shell"), the second oldest section of the city. It was started by the Spanish in 1671 after the earliest section was destroyed by Henry Morgan. Yes THAT Morgan, who was a pirate, privateer or British admiral, depending on your point ... read more
My Favorite
Typical Caribbean Building
Also Typical

North America » United States » Texas February 1st 2014

We're at DFW, waiting for the plane that will take us to the warmth of Panama. I wasn't planning to write a blog this time, but have actually had a few questions from my "public", so will give it a try.... read more

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