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25th September 2018

Welcome Home!
Glad you had a great trip and shared it with us :)
From Blog: Almost Home
21st August 2018

Wow amazing photos! What an experience! Safe travels! Continues to rain here!
7th August 2018

What an excellent way to spend your birthday!
Sandy, the pics of this trip are just beautiful. I am glad you are having such a great trip and birthday, even if you didn't catch anything on this day. I never have luck with fishing either. Love the water and mountains there, and the beautiful white water!
25th July 2018
He let me hold it too.

Blue water
The color of that water is so blue!
9th July 2018

So sweet! This is one of my favorite entries you've done. Sweet, sweet Maggie! :)
20th June 2018

I just love these updates you send, Sandy. You should be a travel writer. So interesting, with curious details, and cute pictures. Tennessee misses you and all is well here! Be safe and have fun!
12th June 2018

Maggie knows how to 'Travel in Style!'
That is why she tags along with you guys. Sounds like you are having a wonderful adventure. It is really great to read these blogs.
From Blog: Oh, Canada!
9th June 2018

Looking forward to your next update. I'm thinking we will do Alaska in 2020 (2020!?!?! Wow, that looks weird!!)
From Blog: The Plan
25th May 2018

Wowzers, you guys ARE planners indeed!
Sandy: I'm stunned at yours and Tom's skills in this area. Wow! What an amazing trip you have planned. Number one, we will be praying for you guys... up and back, and at all points in between. Secondly, we've totally got you covered back home. This blog post is so helpful to know where you guys are going more specifically and what all your plans are! Have a wonderful trip and take good care of yourselves!
From Blog: The Plan
25th May 2018

Adventures! Adventures!
I'm so excited for your trip! I feel as though I'm planning it. Can't wait for the next blog. Save travels my friend.
From Blog: The Plan
25th May 2018

Your adventures are eye popping
Sandy and Tom, Thanks for including me in your blog list. Wow, I. Ever realized so much went into planning a trip like this. Will be tuning in to read,the lots of pictures. Good luck, and traveling mercies, you two!
From Blog: The Plan
8th May 2018

So excited to follow your trip across Canada into Alaska!!
8th May 2018

What a fun trip you guys have planned! And the RV! What a way to travel! :)
7th May 2018

The ambition of all that beauty and wonder....
Remember to send us photos. October is a ways away. The plan sounds wonderful. Love You guys.....
18th April 2017

Missin' yous
Above all, be healthy, be happy. You are enjoying life end to end. God bless you both and keep you safe. Blue Skies always, Lynda
18th April 2017

Thanks a Million
It was such a please being taken on your tour. From start to finish, it was a real pleasure.
3rd April 2017

So gorgeous! Did you swim in the small stream in the other part of the cave. You guys are so adventurous!
18th April 2017

We realized that we didn't have enough clothes with us to destroy a set, so didn't go into the wild area.
3rd April 2017

Loved the bed!
Did you sleep well? I am also loving your blogs and all the neat and interesting cultural information and photos you share. We miss you guys!
18th April 2017

So glad you're enjoying reading these posts.
You sleep very well, as long as you like firm beds. We'll be home soon!
3rd April 2017

Love the photos from this part of Japan. Knew nothing about it....except what I read in history and political science classes....
Really enjoyed these photos a lot. Thanks so much... look forward to seeing you guys when you return.
20th March 2017

great pics!
The hand carved statues are unbelievable! We are SO living vicariously through you guys! (for now) We want to be you soon! ;-)
20th March 2017
Can you believe this?

What's to worry???
He's on a rope! Tied to the same ladder he's on ... hmmmm, ok, not OSHA approved!
12th March 2017

That update was the best of the best.....
Really interesting observations about the forgotten people of war and the changing seascape of Da Nang. Thanks so much for your blog posts. I wish you would compile all your posts into a book someday. Miss you guys.....
2nd March 2017

I've found it.
Hello neighbors, it looks and sounds amazing. Enjoy your wonderful trip. In Tennessee is all normally. Today we had a tornado watch.

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