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22nd September 2009

Sorry about Rome...
Hey Teddi--I really enjoyed reading about your time in Rome--it was truthful and rich. I know it can be a tough place, but please consider going back. Now that you've seen the major sights, you can indulge in La Dolce Vita, and live more like a Roman. I bet you'll love it!
17th July 2009

Hope your having fun
Teddi, Sounds like Czech is much like Germany. While we were stationed there we went to Austria, Holland, France, Spain and traveled quite a bit in Germany. How long are you going to be there? Do you miss the states? Its not like the states, but they like their history and they work hard to preserve it. Well its 2:20 in the amso I shall get off here and get some sleep before my dog gets me up usually around 5. Love, Uncle Chuck and Aunt Cindy and Koda Bear
11th July 2009

From home!
What no pictures of the hog roast?! I want to see the fun!
4th July 2009

Hi Sweetheart, Boy, you are busy, busy, busy. Love the letters and the pictures but miss your pretty face. Looking forward to seeing _ALL_ your pictures when you come home. As for all that running from place to place, remember the words of Yogi Berra, "You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you are going because you might not get there." Love you, Grandma
29th June 2009

From Blog: Friday!
28th June 2009

Just to say Hi
Hi Teddi, Your grandma sent me this blogging address so I could read about your adventures. It sure sounds interesting. I love to travel so I'm going to enjoy this trip through Prauge with you. Please be careful over there and don't go anywhere alone. I hope your having a grand old time and it sounds like you are. Just capture every moment and savor. It will go so fast! Well, sweetie, take care and stay safe. Us old folks worry you know! LOL. Proud of you and all your accomplishments. Love you, Aunt Ju-Ju
From Blog: Friday!
27th June 2009

Only You
Wow..there were so many times while reading this that I said to myself "Only Teddi would..." 1. Wear a pens shirt in Phili 2. Scare a poor old man who was trying to get to his seat 3. Let her first thought be "I wonder what type of dairy cattle they have here" when landing in another country 4. Break the toilet 5. Run into someone in another country that was from Pittsburgh and identify him by his Pens shirt 6. Be most impressed by the Mammoth and Tasmanian Tiger in the museum 7. Like a child, for once, because he was greatly interested in your pens shirt at the airport Love ya and I'm so glad you're having a great time Nan
26th June 2009

Hi, Sweetheart. Love reading your letters. So proud of you. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. After reading this last letter about the stranger, remember don't talk to little old gray haired ladies either. HA HA. Some of them aren't good witches like me and aunt Ju-Ju !!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and about the dumpling, no wise cracks about grandma's stuffing, tho I did get a good chuckle out of it. Later, Love you. Grandma
From Blog: Friday!
26th June 2009

our furry friend
So that wolly mammoth looks like carey when he doesnt shave for two weeks. lol.
25th June 2009

from home
Hi Tepper! South Bohemia sounds like it was wonderful! Would love to see some of the pictures from inside the castles - frescoes and gilt ceilings! I think a few of your blogs are out of order. It is okay, but a little confusing to follow. Glad you are enjoying (most) of the classes. Keep the blogs coming! Love!!
From Blog: South Bohemia
25th June 2009

Hi Gradma! Nick is one of the OSU students on the trip, he's actually a grad student, but I met up with him at Zurich's airport when we were flying in.
25th June 2009

Loved the "OHIO" picture with the guard at the castle! That was pretty funny. Glad you made it safely. Have fun!
22nd June 2009

Verrrrrry In-Ter-Est-ing
Dear Teddi, So glad you arrived safe and are having a good time so far. Who is Nick? Love, Grandma
22nd June 2009

From home!
This sounds like you are having a great time! We really like the pictures and updates, keep them coming. I am going to send this website to everyone in the family! Love!!!

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