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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver » Stanley Park January 11th 2006

Up again at 4 am and checked in at halifax with no problem. Trouble began in Toronto with mechanical problems with the landing gear on the flight to Vancouver. After an hour delay we were on our way. At Vancouver we hustled to the other end of the airport to make our connection to Tokyo. More mechanical problems and a delay of 3.5 hours. A new plain was provided. Again, we were seated in the back row. Is that where they put the people flying on travel points? We were too late arriving in Tokyo to make our connection to Bangkok so Air Canada put us up at the Narita Exel Hotel, close to the airport and gave us vouchers for supper and breakfast. There was a lot of efficient helpful staff around. It has a ... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax January 10th 2006

January 10: I hope this adage is true and all will now fall in place. To start, we arrived at Halifax Airport a day early!!! I had given myself a day's leeway in case of snowstorm on our drive back east from Christmas in Quebec and had lost track of day and date. Better early than late. We left Shelbourne, NS as scheduled (so I thought). Tuck ignored us when we left. I guess he thought we would be back shortly as we did not put his food bin in the back of the truck and he had had enough travelling in the last few days (1500 km). Belinda says he has not tacken his eyes off the baggage we left behind since we left. In any case, we were up at 4 am and showed ... read more

North America » Canada » Prince Edward Island December 19th 2005

I look out the window and see snow drifts while thinking that soon enough I will be broiling in the heat, in a place where people don't know about snow. There are still a few tenatious apples clinging to the tree. The sun is setting, orange against a bright blue sky. The snow on the underside of the drifts is an almost blue, flecked with the red clay blown in from the potato field across the road. Though we don't leave Canada until Jan. 10th, we bid the Island adieu on Thursday for our annual Christmas in Qu├ębec . After celebrating both our mother's birthdays early in the New Year, we driveback to Middle Ohio, Nova Scotia to drop off the dog at his buddy Byron's place. Our friends will care for him while we are ... read more

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