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17th November 2010

re: Horse
noooo I have no idea whose horse that was... she was just tied up outside the gate when we were leaving on sunday...!
15th November 2010

Whose horse? Did Rodrigo or Abuela Myrna get a horse? She (he?) is a beauty!
13th November 2010

Hello from Miami!
PLEASE BE CAREFUL TAMMY! Sorry to hear about the scare you had. Thanks for all your news. We look forward to seeing you soon! Love always, Aunt Christine, and all the Miami Catanachs xxx
27th October 2010

Love from Copiapo
Thanks! yes it is really starting to feel like home, especially this morning decorating it for halloween (I made a ghost out of a pillowcase and crocheted some spiders!). WOW the cost of living in LA is very expensive!! My apartment costs about 545 dollars a month plus somewhere around 70 dollars for light, water and gas. Sounds like Chris has been so lucky with such a wonderful situation! Give my best to the whole family, and I can't wait to see you all in November... I'm sure will all have SO many stories to share!!
From Blog: Apartment, etc!
27th October 2010

Love from Miami
Tammy, I read with great interest your most recent travel blog and enjoyed the attached pictures. Thank you for affording us a glimpse into your life in Chile. It seems as if this feels like home to you? Congratulations on your new apartment! You have done so much with it already. It looks delightful. You will probably be highly amused to know that Chris is considering renting a tiny efficiency in Brentwood, CA (where UCLA is located; Chris is actually attending USC and working 75 hours a week in an editing house in Santa Monica) for $1200 a month - for the tiniest hole in the wall! The cost of living in LA is outrageous. For now, Chris continues to live with my friend/former colleague Dan and his wife Mary-Ellen in their beautiful home in the Hollywood Hills. They have never had children and Chris is like the son they never had. They don't want him to leave, but they have done SO MUCH for him already - housing him, employing him, paying him, etc. He will probably move in late December. Anyhow, I think you are a very brave, adventurous girl. Good luck with your Spanish tutoring and everything else you are trying to accomplish. We love you so very much and we are equally proud of you! xxx
From Blog: Apartment, etc!
14th October 2010

Tam – You should get some of those papers / magazines / whatever, with the stories about the miners coming out, and save them for your kids! And for me! I want to read them...
10th October 2010

Oh, wow... I always thought she had tan fur!
27th September 2010

thanks so much for the update on everyone! I'm glad it sounds like you're all doing well :) I'll certainly keep you guys posted w/ the blog and I hope you'll keep me posted on all of your adventures too! and yes, Yaya is James's grandmother. I moved in with her for the 2nd semester of my exchange year when I ended up without a place to stay, and we have remained very close (from the US I used to call every sunday) and so I am once again staying in her house until I get everything set up and find an apartment. Although at first I wasn't sure moving in with part of James's family was the best idea, I am SO glad I did! I have had an absolutely amazing experience full of culture, love and family in this house! take care!!
22nd September 2010

Hi Tammy! I enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you. Good luck on all your plans. We are looking forward to spending time with your Mom and Dad. Love, Aunt Lisa
13th October 2009

Oh, and...
Btw, "aloud" means "out loud", as in, "I'm reading it aloud". You meant "allowed", from the verb "to allow".
13th October 2009

Yay for blog updates!
Hehe, nice! And there were new photos up there that I hadn't seen! 'Course, I haven't been on Facebook much lately. Can't wait to see you in a few days!
13th October 2009

Thanks, Tam
Your room looks a lot bigger without the beds bunked! You said you sit on top of the dressers to read, but it looks like they are all under the beds... did you mean you sit on top of the _wardrobe_?!?!?
5th May 2009

It looks like you had a worthy celebration of your birth! I hope you will be able to share with these fine friends for as long as you live! They seem to be a great bunch. When are you getting back? Cuando te veremos por estas partes? Saludos Cordiales y muchas felicidades con tu cumpleanyos.
From Blog: Birthday
2nd April 2009

ooooooh i miss crocuses. and i didnt even realize it until you mentioned them.... so many springs of checking out by the mailbox every morning to see if the crocuses were peeking out yet! getting older? i dont think i want to do that though... like i recently told a friend, i hope time just froze while i was gone and nobody has gotten older or changed or anything strange like that... haha... yeah i guess i probably am getting older though... thanks for the congrats and cant wait to see you all in a little over a month!
From Blog: A Little Update
29th March 2009

Welcome Back!
Tammy - It's very good to hear from you again and congratulations from both of us on all of the acceptances. Discovering the joys of life's little comforts is a sure sign of getting older, so welcome to the club. The snow is gone, it's raining, and the crocuses are up; soon the turtlenecks will come off for a day, then come right back on as reality strikes Cape Cod yet again.
From Blog: A Little Update
28th March 2009

thanks so much for the recommendation! and send some congrats to Jon on the colleges! the last time i talked to him I think he was actually still waiting to hear back from Roger Williams! I am definately trying my best to enjoy my last couple months (actually less than two now)... but its kind of bittersweet because its hard to just enjoy myself and not think about how much I´m going to miss everyone and everything when I´m back in the states! so glad you´ve enjoyed following the blog :) hopefully this week I´ll get some pictures up from my end of summer trip to Santiago, and a few recent pics of what im up to now!
From Blog: A Little Update
28th March 2009

Nice picture, Tam! And about senioritis - don't forget that colleges are very aware of senioritis - they require you to submit your final transcript and all of your lovely offers of admission are contingent upon a strong finish! So keep up the good work!
From Blog: A Little Update
28th March 2009

thanks for the update
Tammy, congratulations on ... finally having a place once again to put Chicha's cage, your clothes and yourself! It's the little things. and the big things - like being accepted to all those great schools! big congrats there! I was able to write a letter of recommendation for you for the FHS scholarship application system - a pleasure by the way. It's always pleasant to take a moment and think wonderful thoughts about someone. Jon got accepted to all of his schools with good scholarship offers as well. He visits Roger Williams today and will probably sign the paperwork and hand over his Visa card to become a member of the RWU class of 2013. Mike Bouchie is also going to RWU. I've loved following your blog updates. enjoy the last couple months, and we'll see if we can get Spring to arrive back here before you do! cheers, cyndy
From Blog: A Little Update
12th February 2009

It all looks like a ton of fun! I'm so jealous you got your hair braided!
11th February 2009

Where is the Cristo? Not in Río? It's not just another name for the Cristo Redentor (very famous statue above Río de Janeiro), is it? It's "trenzas" - the braids.
From Blog: Class Trip 2
1st February 2009

Argentina pics
Thanks for the blog update! I'm curious - what's the story with the Santa Maria church? Why is it in ruins and why is it notable?
From Blog: Class Trip 1
25th January 2009

si si si
of course i did!
From Blog: Party In Vicuña
24th January 2009

Los niños tocaron!
Dime que grabaste video de los niños tocando! Tell me you took a video of the guys playing!
From Blog: Party In Vicuña
22nd January 2009

thats so exciting! Ill go check out your blog now, and will hopefully be meeting you soon!
From Blog: happy holidays
20th January 2009

hola! Soy Anita I've been reading bits of your awesome blog from Chile (as well as other exchange student blogs), because I'm going to Chile in Feb as an exchange student with AFS . . . Then I just found out a few moments ago that I'm going to Copiapó! So I thought I'd leave a comment . . . sorry, this probably sounds a little weird = my exchange blog is http://anitaoverseas.vox.com Adios =]
From Blog: happy holidays

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