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South America » Brazil » Minas Gerais » Belo Horizonte September 19th 2009

Saturday & Sunday Wow, we had a great weekend. I have lots to report and pictures to share. On Saturday we took a taxi to Minas Tenis about 9:30am. We thought that would be early enough to find nice a place to set up for a few hours with lawn chairs, table and umbrella. Wrong! On the weekends, you really need to arrive about one hour earlier to claim a spot. That‘s something that we knew before but forgot. Tomorrow when we go we’ll get there earlier. The club is spectacular. It has over 20,000 members and four locations. The club that we attend is Minas 1, the oldest and finest in my opinion, particularly with the new building. It is more about leisure than tennis, however. We stayed for a couple of hours and then ... read more
Minas Tenis Clube
Minas Tenis Clube
Minas Tenis Clube

South America » Brazil » Minas Gerais » Belo Horizonte September 18th 2009

FRIDAY We had lots of fun today. For the first time in a week we did not have to get up early to see the doctor. We slept late and awoke to another beautiful day in BH. We decided to walk down to the Mercado do Central. It is about 1.5 miles from our hotel but the weather was perfect for a long walk. On the way we passed the Laundromat that our concierge had recommended and checked it out. Our plan is to return next week for self service. Maria says there is a nearby Laundromat so we will check that one out too before choosing. At the Market you can find everything. It is a huge place and lots to see. The colors and smells are amazing. I forgot to do a video which ... read more
Mercado Central
Mercado Central

South America » Brazil » Minas Gerais » Belo Horizonte September 17th 2009

Thursday Another day started with a trip to the Docs. Jackie got almost all of the stitches removed and looks pretty much back to normal. Except she looks like a teenager. I hope he did not misunderstand me when I told him in my poor Portuguese that I wanted her to look like when I met her. Maybe he thought we went to the same high school. Anyway, we walked back from the clinic to the hotel. The weather here is wonderful. Each day starts about 66 degrees and heats up to about 85. And the humidity is low. There is usually a slight breeze making it ideal. For lunch Maria picked us up and drove us to her condo. We got to see her empregada (maid), Vera. She is the sister of ours, Gloria. We ... read more
The Praca da Liberdade
Band stand in Park
This building is on the square

South America » Brazil » Minas Gerais » Belo Horizonte September 16th 2009

Wednesday We had another quiet day starting with an early morning visit to Doctor Taranto’s office. After returning to the hotel we rested until about noon when I walked down to pick up my laundry at the 5-a-Sec (this is pronounced in Portuguese as Cinc-a-Sec). I chose to carry the clothes there since it appeared that the hotel rates were too high. I found out on Tuesday when I dropped them off that the rates were about the same. What we had was normal for about one week: 12 pair of underwear, 3-pair blue jeans, 1-pair pajamas for Jackie, some tee shirts, etc. What you would guess was the cost? How about $160 Reais or about $90.00US! I think I could purchase new more than half of what we cleaned. I had forgotten about the price ... read more
Jackie venturing out
View from my studio
My studio

South America » Brazil » Minas Gerais » Belo Horizonte September 14th 2009

Monday-Tuesday We started today early. Jackie was to be at Doctor’s office at 7:00am for her “tune up.” We got up at 5:45am and discovered that it was already daylight. This gave us time to get dressed and for me to get some breakfast before catching taxi for the ride. It costs about $10 reais or about $6.00 for the ride across town to the office. The surgery went well and Jackie is pleased with the results so far. We will take it easy for a couple of more days. Jackie is sleeping well without the need for pain killers. We went back on Tuesday for check up and removal of a few stitches. Since Jackie will not allow me to take her photo, I took a couple of shots of the staff working on taking ... read more
The Clinic
Stitches out
Condo in Belo

South America » Brazil » Minas Gerais » Belo Horizonte September 13th 2009

By now you get the picture. We came to Brazil for three purposes. The first is to attend Maria’s birthday. It is a big event in Brazil and we have been promising for several years that we would return for her special day. The second reason was to check in with Jackie’s doctor for a tune up. And the third reason was to experience again what I consider the most difficult of all of my job assignments. Have you every climbed Mount Everest? I haven’t either. I often wonder if those that do ever wish to return. Those that have succeeded must have the urge to relive the experience. Those that failed either are no longer around or hope to never go back. Well, Jackie and I feel like we succeeded in our climb to the ... read more
Belo Institute of Education
Concert Director

South America » Brazil » Minas Gerais » Belo Horizonte September 12th 2009

Saturday This is a repeat blog with new photos. When we went to Maria's birthday party on Saturday, September 12, I discovered that I had left the battery for my camera back in the hotel in its charger. So, I then decided to use my iPhone camera only to discover that its battery was very low and, of course, I did not bring the charger. So, I depended on the use of another camera that a family member brought to the party. It took a while to get a copy of the digital photos. I have them now and will share these with you. We arrived at the club Campestre about 1:00pm. Guests were expected to arrive from that time until later in the afternoon. We were here most of the day. Some of my family ... read more
Birthday Outing at Campestre
Birthday Outing at Campestre
Birthday Outing at Campestre

South America September 11th 2009

Friday This was a fairly quiet day. After breakfast, we returned to Vivo and got another phone set up for use while we are here. Maria had an extra and all we needed to do was to buy minutes. I also added Skype to my computer and have had success calling back to the US. We planned to meet Maria for lunch at BH Mall, which is located on the ridge above Belo in an area called Belvedere. It has grown enormously since we left. The mall was a frequent place for us to shop when we lived here. To get there Jackie and I decided to see how far we could walk up the road towards the mall. We made it about a half mile and flagged down a taxi for the remainder. It cost ... read more
Hotel Breakfast
Hotel Breakfast
CEMIG Garage

South America » Brazil » Minas Gerais September 10th 2009

Thursday, September 10 We slept late today. Jackie and I went to the breakfast bar at the hotel and were very pleased with the choices. If I eat breakfast there every day I will gain a ton of weight. After breakfast, we went for a walk in Savassi. This area is the equivalent of Buckhead with lots of shops and restaurants. Most shops are modern and chic. Our plan was to set up the operation of a cell phone for use while we are here. On Wednesday evening, Ester Maria gave us a Vivo cellular sim card. We tried it in a cell phone that we carried down with us. When we tried to buy minutes for it at the Vivo office, we discovered that the phone was blocked by ATT. So, we went to an ... read more
Pastelaria Marilia de Dirceu
Here is the menu
Jackie displays our lunch

South America » Brazil » Minas Gerais » Belo Horizonte September 8th 2009

Hey, remember the Dorsey's? Well, we are coming back to prime time. Yes, you heard it right. I'm at it again for your entertainment and my satisfaction. As many of you know, after our last trip we took advantage of the "Blog to Book" feature of this website and printed our European Vacation in 2008. Having the book has made that trip even more enjoyable. So, to get the book you must do the blog. We are currently in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. We arrived on Wednesday, 9th September. So, I am a few days late getting started. To make matters worse, I have a very slow internet connection which is testing my patience. But I have decided to bear the pain and get back in the blogging business. So, now for the first edition. ... read more
Leaving Atlanta
Belo Horizonte
Liberty Palace Hotel

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