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13th January 2012

When once-in-a-lifetime opportunities present themselves, you don't pass them up
Fantastic to hear of your chance encounter with Resa...and then going with the flow...thus allowing serendipity to weave its magic. We are both blogging Indonesia at the moment...I look forward to your next destination.
11th January 2012

Travis, I am trying to catch my breath...WHAT A TRIP!....YOU are one SPECIAL GUY!...THE MEMORIES you are makeing are so SPECIAl....YOU are ABLE TO SEE the BEAUTY in the people you come in contact with...I keep waiting for the NEXT ADVENTURE that you go on....IT BLESSES ME...love you,stay safe..... granny faye
24th December 2011

We are giving you another award!
Check this out. :) http://www.travelblog.org/Topics/30583-1.html
20th December 2011

You are a 2011 TravelBlog favourite photographer!
Check this out, and feel free to add some 2011 TravelBlog favourite anythings of your own. :) http://www.travelblog.org/Topics/30521-1.html
19th December 2011
Sunset Day One

Spectacular picture!
16th December 2011

Travis....YOUR comments are BEAUTIFUL.....I hope you are able to put ALL YOUR TRAVELS into a book....You have a "calling" as a writer.....YOU make it ALL soooooo beautiful......stay safe.....granny faye
16th December 2011

You're the best, grandma! Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments. I'm glad you enjoy my stories.
10th December 2011

traveling to Mynmar
Travis, thank you for your very informative blog about Mynmar. I have been following your trip as well as the ones of other bloggers. I am writing because I am planning a solo trip to Southeast Asia for February and March. This will be my third trip to the region but the first to Mynmar. Could you give me an idea of a reasonable amount of cash to bring for a fifteen days visit? I am planning to stay in guesthouses or mid range hotels. Being used to the convenience of ATM all over the other countries I am a little uneasy about having to carry cash. Thank you so much for any suggestions you might share with me. Happy travels, rosanna
10th December 2011

Cash in Myanmar
Here is a rundown on costs to expect in Myanmar: Guesthouses ($5-15 per night) Both places I stayed in Yangon and Bagan were $10 per night. This seems pretty average. Food ($10-20 per day) Obviously depends on your tastes and appetite. As with other SE Asian countries, you can eat for extremely cheap in Myanmar. I don't think I ever spent more than 10 dollars on food in one day. Transportation ($20 for 10 hour bus one way) If you decide to hire private transportation it will be more expensive. Taxi ride to/from the airport or the bus station will run you around $10. There are also fees for certain major attractions such as Shwedagon Pagoda and Bagan ($5 and $10 respectively), and there is also a $10 departure fee when you leave from the airport. The most expensive thing in Myanmar is getting around. The amount of cash you would need for your trip could vary a lot depending on how much traveling you plan on doing. For my 7 day trip I think I spent about $220 dollars in cash, but I was always on the move. So I would imagine your per day average will be a little less than mine. Hope this helps!
3rd December 2011

Thank you for the RIDE!
Trav, you are amazing....I am VERY PROUD of you and TRUELY enjoying your Trip....YOU have taken me to places I NEVER thought I would see...Stay Safe and Be Blessed...YOU ARE AMAZEING....love you...granny
2nd December 2011

Like a Dream
Travis, I am sitting in the dungeon (first floor) of the law school library - which has become by new home - and reading your blog was a perfect study break thank you! I just imagined I was on this wild world adventure and allowed myself to daydream for a bit - just what I needed :) So glad you had a great experience in Burma and I love your interactions with locals! My favorite part about traveling to a new country is experiencing the people and culture and seeing the real country (not just the tourist sites and hotels) and I love that you do that too! And your insight on children was spot on - I noticed that in India too. Children are children no matter what their economic situation or how advanced or not their country is. I love that the simple things in life make them so happy. It\'s the same way with my puppy - when I see him get so happy over something as simple as a stick or a toy that squeaks I wonder why something cannot make me that happy! You have become an amazing writer and adventurer and I love it! Thanks for the break from studying it's much needed! Alice
27th November 2011

thank you for the photos
Hello, Thank you for the beautiful photos. I have never been to the south of thailand but I would love to come sooner. We have a site for accommodation too. if you are interested in please call Steve at the office and find a good accommodation for you. http://bangkokfinder.com/ Have a nice day.
From Blog: On Paradise
14th November 2011

nice travel blog.it really helps for a newbee like me
28th October 2011

The details really help the reader feel like a part of the story.
8th September 2011

Awesome blog
Your experiences are almost unbelievable - Have a great time!!!!
6th September 2011

How long do you want to live in Thailand? Maybe I can tell you about Thailand++++
26th August 2011

Good stuff ! " ... now I know it’s not some place you can look for, because it’s not where you go. It’s how you feel when you’re there, when you’re immersed in something previously unbelievable. And when you do find that moment, know that it doesn’t last forever. That’s why its precious." I remember my dad's perspective. Even tho he got to travel all around the world on business and always took time to see special places, he was still a simple man at heart. Paradise to him was taking a bateau into a Louisiana swamp on early morning fishing trips, or later in life, tending a vegtable garden that was overflowing with tasty produce. That was his contentment. I can remember the look at my grandfather's face when he was in the park with his grandchildren all around him. That was his paradise. And that's the way I feel when we are sitting at the top of a new snow covered moutain, with everything quiet and still all around us, before we try to find a route down all to ourselves. Keep it coming ...
From Blog: On Paradise
8th August 2011

I hope you enjoy in Thailand maybe I think you should name is Travel! Because I think you love to travel very much^^.
8th August 2011

Thai people
I think you should live in Thailand along times, because in the north of Thailand has a good air, you can see a lots of cultures such as Chiang Mai people are kind, has a lots of beautiful temples. PhranakhonsriAyutthaya has many old temples and that's a important city of Thailand. Nakhonpathom has the biggest pagoda in Thailand,it's very very high. Rayong has many fruits but the famous fruits are duriens, ramburans, and the queen of fruits is a mangosteen. I think Thai fruits are delicious! Actualy, I think Thai foods are the most delicious in the world^^.Did you use to eat Tomyamkung,green chicken curry,chili sauce with mackerel fried? They're very dilicious! So I would like you to live in Thailand along times^^. Ps. I'm so sorry about my gramma and hope you to understand me^^.
3rd May 2011

Ah Paradise
Thanks for transporting me in a single paragraph to paradise. By your words I am now so relaxed the fingers can hardly type. I too can see the blue sky, feel the warmth of the all- enveloping sun, and hear the gentle crash of the waves over squeaky white sand. All this while i sit in my office procrastinating the daily grind. You have a remarkable gift. Thanks for taking us on this journey with you.
16th April 2011

Re: Teaching AUA
The income in Bangkok is certainly enough to live on, but of course it depends on the type of job you find and your personal lifestyle. The benchmark income for a foreign teacher in Thailand is roughly $1000 US per month. In Bangkok the average jumps up to about $1300 US per month or more (in certain parts of the city). Typically the English language schools in central Bangkok, private international schools, and universities pay the best. At the main branch of AUA I expect to make $1300-$1600 per month working 20-30 hours per week. As long as I budget correctly, I expect this income to easily cover all my living expenses as well as the occasional excursion to other cities/countries during our week off between terms. I hope this was helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions.
15th April 2011

Excellent entry !
I may use the pic of you and the tiger as my icon on the Clemson football forum that I read daily. Thanks for the update.
15th April 2011

Teaching AUA
My mom taught AUA from 1960 to 1986 in Korat and Bangkok. My son is thinking of taking the month long TESOL course at Cambridge and then teaching English in Asia, perhaps Thailand, the first half of next year before going to law school, so we will be interested in how your experience goes. Is the income for teaching in Bangkok enough to live live on (e.g., room and board and some left over for other expenses like travel)?
14th April 2011

HI Trav, This TRIP with you is AWESOME....You could be a writer for NATIONAL GEO.......(you make WORD PICTURES with your discreptions).....I wish you safe travels and HAPPY MEMORIES.....I am sure that your MOM "NEVER" thought she would get a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" from you PETTING A TIGER......I know she loves "CATS" ......but.....I bet she never wanted her SON to be so INTERACTIVE with such a BIG ONE....ha ha...I am so HAPPY FOR YOU......REMEMBER ..... " LIFE IS YOUR REWARD!"......Make MANY MEMORIES.....They will be with you FOREVER.....love you grannyfaye
13th March 2011

Travis, I am enjoying your adventure.....enjoy and stay Safe.....grannyfaye

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