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30th November 2017
Sunset Day One

Sunset photo.
That is an absolutely stunning photo. Congratulations.
24th March 2015

Simply wow, well done, free falling :) beautiful blog, amazing jump...Fate is a strange mistress isnt she?
23rd March 2015

Welcome back to Travel Blog
Hey Travis, glad you have survived....well everything. Being a nurse my heart stopped when you jumped...in Nepal. Couldn't you hear me screaming...no, don't, what are you doing? Not a choice I'd make after a brain injury but you have a life to live and you get to decide how to do it. Please don't let your mom read this blog. Although I'm sure it would not be the first time you gave her palpitations. I'm thrilled that you are doing well. I"m going to go back and read some of your blogs. I remember you winning photo of the week. I think it was your photo in Burma. We wrote a couple of times a while back. You might remember me because my mother is from Seneca. Anyway-- Good luck finishing school and please keep your feet on the ground for a bit.
23rd March 2015

Welcome back to blogging...
I was wondering what happened to you as you were one of my favorite bloggers. You didn't have to provide such an elaborate excuse for not blogging. I hope you learned not to tempt Fate, although bungee jumping after recovering from your rugby accident borders on it. I high school I learned to play rugby from a unit of the New Zealand army. We experienced too many broken bones in the first game, we all quit.
12th July 2012

Welcome back...
I'm delighted that you decided to continue your blogs although the thought that you have transitioned to a boring life never to return to the adventures of the last year and a half may be depressing. But drawing lessons from these journeys will be cathartic. And remember, once a traveler always a traveler...there is more to experience someday.
30th June 2012
Bright Sunset

Beautifull Sunset Picture
It is a beautifull sunset picture.....Nice shot....
17th February 2012

Just like a movie...the meeting...the spark...the attraction...the emotion...the yearning...the passion...all in an exotic magical locale...the end. Beautiful positive blog on Bali...revived your soul...Yes...just like a movie.
16th February 2012

Beautiful blog
What a wonderfully written blog, I realy enjoyed reading this. Look forward to reading what happens next!
15th February 2012

You've certainly embraced traveling
Thank you for finding and sharing the stories. Magical moments enrich the soul. From time to time it is good to steal that special moment. Glad the paths crossed.
14th February 2012

Appropritely published on Valentines Day...
the TB community thanks you for this beautiful love story. "Todas las cosas buenas deben llegar a un fin," but this story can't end here! "Good lasts little" when we wish it would last forever. Please let us know when the new dawn breaks.
14th February 2012

Trav, My heart is HEAVY for "NOW!".....but....I can't wait for the NEXT CHAPTER in YOUR "BOOK OF LIFE!"....love you granny faye
9th February 2012

Gili T
I stumbled upon your blog as my husband and I are planning our next travels to Bali and the Gili Islands in May. You have an amazing style of writing that made me want to read more and more. Are you planning to go to Grad School for Writing?
10th February 2012

Gili T Response
Thanks for that wonderful compliment! Actually, no - writing is just a hobby that I've developed recently entirely because of this blog. I try to use my entries as a creative outlet, rather than just providing commentary on travel destinations. It makes it more fun and involved for me... Bali and the Gilis were wonderful. If you guys have any questions about them, feel free to shoot me a message.
6th February 2012

I wish you 've met her who is wonderful again and your picture is more beautiful than in past. Your new camara?
25th January 2012

"What an utterly blessed and fortunate life I lead"
Ahh...good to hear your soul is revived...in a secluded locale...enjoying the sun, sand, blue water...and the hammock...serendipity in action...with a taste of Ellen & Melina..!
25th January 2012

I can't wait for the BOOK and the MOVIE!
Travis, I have been on the TRIP OF MY LIFE....(with you)I told you that you should make a BOOK of your TRIP....and ....NOW...I say and "HOLD ON TO THE MOVIE RIGHTS!"....What an ENDING to a GREAT YEAR....YOU TRUELY are BLESSED...YOU KNOW how to "GET the BEST out of EVERY DAY"!....I sure hope comeing home won't be a LET DOWN!....YOU have been living a DREAM....WHAT a MEMORY YOU HAVE (for the rest of your life)....I am sooooooooo PROUD OF YOU....YOU ARE ONE GREAT YOUNG MAN.....love you, granny faye
25th January 2012
Fire Dancers 4

Awesome picture.
19th January 2012

Hi !! please do share the hotel/stay/food/tour operator details of this trip….we r planning as well, and this will help us ! Any safety tips? tarvel tips? Who took you around? What else is interesting there? Thanks in advance ! Anu
20th January 2012

Bagan Travel Info
This Myanmar trip was entirely independent travel, so I'm afraid I can't mention any tour operators. But I would actually strongly recommend against using a package tour company in Myanmar. Most, if not all, of these operators are government owned, which means all that money goes into government hands instead of local hands. And it really isn't that hard to travel independently in Myanmar. In Bagan, I stayed in the town of Nyaung U. This is where you'll find the majority of the budget accommodation. You can hire horsecart drivers, book bus tickets, or plan any other tourist activity through your guesthouse/hotel. In my other Myanmar blog, "Circles in the Wild", I discuss many important preparation considerations. In the comments section I also roughly outline prices to expect while traveling in Myanmar. I'd recommend you read that entry if you're looking for more general travel information.
19th January 2012

Hi!! please share the hotel/tour itinerary & tour manage details. I am actually searching for resources to go here in Feb now… Excited to see your pics ! Any travel tips? Any safety tips? Any good places to stay /eat ?? thanx in advance...... Anu
20th January 2012

Yogyakarta Travel Info
When you stay in Yogya, you'll likely end up in the area known as Sosrowijayan. This is a great little touristic block of town. It has the whole range of accommodation, from nice hotels to $10 homestays. There is also a great collection of restaurants in this area. It is on one of the main streets in central Yogya and is only a short walk from markets, art galleries, and the walled city. Sosrowijayan is also where you will find numerous tour companies, all offering the same packages. They can also help you buy bus or plane tickets.
18th January 2012

and at around the same time.What different experiences we had...pity you didn\'t run into us on the way...shared the luck...and some serendipity. Tomorrow is another day...I look forward to the next instalment.
18th January 2012

Tomorrow is another day...
Indeed, Dave. Java was quite frustrating for me, but the days to follow were some of the best I've ever had. More on that soon...
18th January 2012
Batak Houses

Just one photo (amongst many on this blog) that show the beautiful way you are able to capture skies.
15th January 2012

You inspired a forum topic. :)

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