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Toronto All Stars Steel Orchestra

¡Hola Esapñia! Toronto All Stars Steel Orchestra (TASSO) is touring Spain! Since the beginning of this year, TASSO has been preparing for our 2019 trip to Spain where we will be performing in Barcelona, Buñol, Alicante, and Valencia. We are very excited and feel privileged to be representing Canada once again on the world stage.

Founded in 2000, TASSO is made up of young students from many different schools in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The musicians, who range from ten to nineteen years in age, represent a diverse background and have blossomed into a stage-shaking, soul-stirring musical force to be reckoned with. Our diverse group of kids includes some with special needs who benefit from the music therapy which the steelpan instrument as part of a group offers. In fact, all the kids thrive and learn together in such an environment and we welcome the opportunity for all to experience and continue our growth from the inclusive atmosphere. Everything you need to know about TASSO you'll find by visiting our social media platforms:


We would like to thank everyone who made this trip possible:

- Patty King
- St. Jamestown Steak & Chops
- One Love Vegetarian
- Fair Trade Jewelry Co.
- Menagerie Pet Shop
- Benjamin Law
- Heal&Co LLP
- Delineation
- Tire Boys
- Piano Rules
- Joy of Dance
- Lather & Steel BarberShop
- Northcard Inc.

- Stergios Anastasiadis & Bessie Anastopoulos
- Anthony Benjamin
- John & Mandy Birch

We would like to thank Air Canada for their contribution towards air and cargo. As you know steelpan is a bulky instrument. We recognize our friends at Air Canada for doing some of the heavy lifting getting our instruments to and from Spain. their generous donation went a long way towards ensuring that all our young musicians were able to participate in the Spain International Music Festival, 2019. Thank you, Air Canada, for donating to TASSO's Spain Trip, 2019! We appreciate your generous support of music education and your belief in us as we continue to showcase our musicianship while representing Canada on the world stage.

Thank you to all those who contributed via our gofundme page. We appreciate your continued support.

We would like to replace our 20-year-old cases, purchase new uniforms and replace instruments that have reached their final shelf life. The average cost of these items:

One steelpan case - $260.00 CAD
The average cost of a Steelpan - $2,500 CAD

Please visit our Our gofundme page at to make a contribution.

We appreciate your generosity and your belief in supporting us as we continue to showcase our musicianship, ambassadorship and the artistry of the steelpan, the only musical instrument to be invented in the twentieth century, to the rest of the world.

For more information about the band please visit

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona August 19th 2019

On the morning of the 11th day of our Spain tour we had a meeting with the band in the lobby about how everyone wished to spend their last full day in Barcelona. The group was offered four options for how they could spend the day. We were offered to go to Platja de la Barcelona beach, to go shopping on La Rambla, go to Barcelona's Camp Nou soccer stadium, or stay at the hotel and veg for the day. The pans were also being shipped back to Toronto today. So, Fitzroy and Salmon were off doing that activity at the Barcelona airport area for most of the day. After we voted, everyone left to get ready for their activities. Before we dispersed, we had a fun flamenco (baile) lesson planned! We had a blast with ... read more
Shipping the Steelpans back to Toronto Canada
 Surprise visitors

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona July 25th 2019

Our day started off at 7:30am on the coach heading to Park Güel - one of the most famous sights of Barcelona - according to our “Barcelona” tour guid. The whole group was tired and groggy but the views were worth it. When we arrived, our tour guide, Elena, provided us with croissants and juice boxes to hold us off till breakfast. The park was incredible! We were given the history of the park and more insight into Gaudí’s artistic life and tragic death. When we got back to the hotel, everyone stocked up on breakfast ready for the day ahead. We boarded the coach at around 11:00am to meet the truck and driver in order to set up our instruments for the evening performance. We set our focus on the performance that afternoon, and how ... read more
Day 10.
Day 10.
Day 10.

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona July 22nd 2019

Early mornings don't mix well with the band so we started the day asleep in the bus to Barcelona. We arrived in this beautiful city around mid afternoon and met our tour guide, Xavier. Our first stop was La Sagrada Familia, the incomplete cathedral in the heart of Barcelona. Xavier led us through the bizarre entrance into Gaudi's masterful cathedral knave: inspired by forests as seen in the leaning columns and their leafy capitals. Since we arrived in the afternoon the warm orange and red light of the stained glass windows filled the space. Gaudi would have been impressed by this modern interpretation of his grand plan. After seeing the drastic difference in the two façades of the building we returned to the coach for our driving tour of Barcelona. Our driver, Antonio, brought us right ... read more
Day 9
Day 9

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia July 16th 2019

Today we enjoyed another wonderful, sun kissed day in Valencia. The difference today was that the band members had a “free day”, which is not your typical definition of a free day if you know Salmon Cupid. After breakfast and a short meeting, band members decided how they would like to spend their free day. Some went back to bed, some went shopping, others took on the sites of the city of Valencia, and the rest chose the sea and sand. The band members wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without the hard work and dedication of their chaperones and other parents who have joined us on the trip. In order for everything to run smoothly, and to make sure that all band members are happy, safe and clean, there is a lot ... read more

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia July 15th 2019

Today, TASSO had an early morning with a performance at the Valencia Opera House for the opening ceremony of the festival. Everyone loved the opportunity to play in a venue with such fantastic acoustics. After a quick lunch at the local mall, the day continued with a workshop in body percussion that got everyone involved. Once TASSO finished the lesson, we had dinner then performed for an electrical audience at PercuFest. TASSO got the crowd on their feet with the song, Brazil. Some of PercuFest’s other staff also joined TASSO in playing Chicken, another fan favourite. The audience’s energy made it one of our best nights! By: Emily & Claire... read more
Day 7
Day 7
Day 7

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia July 15th 2019

10:15am: Everyone met in the lobby with luggage, we checked out and loaded the coach. Valencia, here we come! Everyone slept because after all, it’s daytime. After making a few stops we arrive. 2:30pm: We all visited the Oceanografic Aquarium, The largest aquarium in Europe. at 6:30: We boarded the coach and checked into the hotel. 7pm: They all began to wake up and we went for dinner as a group. 9pm: We returned to the hotel and did a rehearsal without the steelpans we then had an early night ..... or so I thought..... by S.C... read more
Day 6
Day 6
Day 6

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alicante July 13th 2019

Today we spent our time in the "best place in the world". We're not kidding - that's the city motto of Alicante, the city we explored today. We began with a walking tour, starting outside the marketplace: one of the few buildings to survive a devastating bombing in the Spanish Civil War. Our excellent tour guide, Maria, told us about this war and other conflicts in Alicante's history to show us how Alicante got its reputation for being a resilient city against all odds. As we walked through the market towards the old town of Alicante, Maria surprised us with a taste of turrón, a traditional food from this region. Turrones are made from almonds and whatever ingredients the maker chooses. It's also a great ice cream flavour! After getting us hooked with the food, Maria ... read more
Day 5: Alicante 2
Day 5: Alicante 3
Day 5: Alicante 4

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alicante July 12th 2019

Today started with an early breakfast at 8 a.m. After breakfast the whole band met in the hotel lobby to checkout of the hotel and board the bus to Alicante. Most members of the band caught up on their beauty sleep during the 2hr ride to Alicante. However the few that stayed awake were able to see the beautiful change of biome to desert mountains. We then arrived in Alicante to witness the beautiful beach and to eat lunch on our own. We then checked into our 2nd hotel, inclusive with a pool and amazing amenities. After checking in, we loaded the coach and off we went to our second performance in Moriara. We shared performance space with a local steelband called the Poco Loco steelpan band, you can check them out at Then, with ... read more

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Buñol July 10th 2019

The day started off with a bang as we were woken up by our musical Director . We were then able to enjoy a breakfast buffet right in the lobby of our hotel. Soon after we boarded our coach and received an enjoyable and super informative bus tour of Valencia, Spain’s third largest city from Felipe. Although the sun was beating down, we were still able to enjoy our walking tour, and learn all about the beautiful architecture Valencia had to offer. Following that, the band had lunch in the old town, refuelling before unpacking the pans for the first time and practicing. After having a short practice we boarded our coach again and headed up the mountains to the village of Buñol. Buñol welcomed us with open arms as we performed on an outdoor patio ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona July 9th 2019

Today, TASSO landed in Barcelona. We arrived missing four very important musicians. Unfortunately, three musicians’ passports were not valid three months past our return date so they were not allowed to travel. We all cleared SPAIN immigration without any problems and met our tour guides for the first time. While we waited for Eleni, who flew in from Greece, some of the band managers began to make preparations for one adult to remain behind to receive the three musicians getting new passports arriving on the tenth. We were also reunited with six other TASSO members who flew to Spain a few days earlier. At around noon on the 9th of July we boarded the coach and began our journey to Valencia. Most people enjoyed a quick nap on the bus while some of the managers worked ... read more

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