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21st January 2012

Helpful tips
So....we're looking ahead to possibly a week in Naples in April. Any suggestions for what part of Naples to stay in? Also, we'll be flying in to Ft. Meyers and of course, renting a car to get to Naples. Will we need a car while there? Thanks!
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5th October 2011
Burnt Cove 7

Especially love this photo.
It's a schooner, right?
3rd October 2011
Garrison & Heather Masse

Heather Masse
What was the title of the "Autumn Song" or October Song" Heather sang on PHC on weekend of Oct1-2?
15th September 2011

Sylvan, I look forward to your pictures. It\'s like viewing a travelog!
7th September 2011

Great pictures
Hi Sylvan! Great pictures and I am so glad you are still hitting the road and traveling. The two best pictures in my opinion, were the picture of you and your friends relaxing and the beautiful rose. Thanks for sharing. Jeanne
23rd February 2011

Garden Centre Bristol
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10th November 2010

You know, although it is probably not well known - and I hesitate to announce to the world - the swimming at Walden is the best. The water is crystal clear, warm and deep. No fishing, no boats with a motor.
19th October 2010

8th August 2010

Sylvan, I love your pictures. I get to visit the places you travel from my computer screen. Jeanne
30th July 2010

great color
one of the best spots on earth! and so close.... and its open space and waterfront access!
14th July 2010

very nice pics
kudos to the photographer :) -Karina
14th July 2010

this is really nice!! what made you think of going arctic? is this your first trip? looks amazing. -Karina
31st March 2010

These are beautiful pictures. I want to go there even more now!
29th December 2009

Thanks for the feedback
The feedback from your visit has been shared with Currier staff. We appreciate your input and are glad that, overall, you had a good visit.
19th December 2009

You look so cool!
Hi Sylvan, I had never thought of visiting Aruba but after seening your pictures and you floating down The Lazy River, I have definitely put Aruba on my list of places to visit. It's so nice to have someone who previews the areas and writes a review. Keep on traveling and sending your blogs! Jeanne Murdock
12th December 2009

Leavenworth is definetly great. My wife and I have been many times. We drive there via a winding rural Hwy 2. I have trouble with authenticity only because I've never been to Germany. Kris Kringl the christmas shop is a year round christmas must see. Restraurants are excellent. The Lighting of the christmas tree and Octoberfest and the Maypole dance are big attractions. Also see Withrop as another themed town worth seeing as a wild west motif not too far away.
24th September 2009

Black Tie Event ?
Greetings, Last night I saw just a few seconds of a show on NESN, are you hosting a Fund Raiser Oct. 17, 2009 ? If You are would You please send me any info. on the Event I would like to attend. Thank you in advance. Robert Palladino, Hamilton,MA
17th August 2009

Sylvan, I loved your pictures specially #'s 14 and 15. Jeanne
14th August 2009

Beautiful pictures and quite an adventure.
18th July 2009

i would like to know if the sand castles are still at revere beach this weekend. my car has been in the shop since thursday and i can pick it up this morning and would like to go see the outstandings efforts of these people but may not be able to go till tomorrow, july 19th. will the sand castles still be there????? thank you ps they look gorgeous
18th July 2009

Sylvan, I love traveling with you through your photos. Thanks for posting them, Jeanne
10th July 2009

Hi! Thanks for all this pictures ^^ I'm from Aspet, Haute Garonne ( 15km from the town St Gaudens) in France where Augustes St Gaudens' s come from. I knew that he went in US to create his "Aspet" bis but i ve never seen pictures....It' s quite strange because even the mountain looks like Pyrenees! Thanks again!
6th July 2009

Wonderfull Day at Fenway
It looks like you all had a wonderfull day at Fenway. What a treat to sit in John Henry's private suite.
5th July 2009

Thank you
Sylvan, I love "taking" your trips with you, even if it is vicariously through your blog. Jeanne

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