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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua December 4th 2007

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007 - 11:11 p.m. Alex and I went for a drive, not really paying attention to our map, to a hiking destination that takes four hours to complete along the ocean. We passed our destination unintentionally and kept going to a rink-a-dink little city with only a fish and chips place around to get food from. The lady working there is a 60 year old Chinese woman. She was hilarious...really upbeat, hyper and down right hilarious. She told us about meeting her husband in China, he was there for work, but is originally from New Zealand. She thought we were locals just moved to the area, said we didn't look like tourists (good), and that she's lived here for 20 years. She said we should move here to, it's easy for english speaking ... read more
posted at the park in Auckland
Hike we went on the dirt road

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Whangarei December 2nd 2007

Thursday, November 29th, 2007 - 3:57 p.m. Wow. Seriously. What we got ourselves into is called Canyoning. The one we wanted to do wasn't running today, so we went with another company called Awol Adventures. This one didn't have the natural water slide - but wow. I just looked at the brochure again to compare the photos on there with what we did today and though it is the same places, the same activities we experienced - it really doesn't do it any justice. It doesn't do the beauty, excitement, or challenge justice. First we were picked up in the shuttle at our hotel by a guy named Tony. Along with Tony was Doug, Sam (a girl) and Geri (another girl) who were joining us for the canyoning. We stopped at the shop to gear up ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland November 28th 2007's a start! I went to an internet place next door...that was an experiance in itself. It was filled with Asian kids smoking and playing internet video games shouting swear words in english and something else I didn't understand. The program I need to upload multiple photos doesn't seem to work on these computers. I'm on a free (WHAT?! Free?!) hotel computer right now. I guess someone paid for it and didn't use their whole session. In any case, did something that the individual picture uploading is fast....but not on this computer. I'll try to get more to you soon! Tomorrow Alex and I might be going on a little adventure. You're hooked up to a cable and desend down water falls, jump off cliffs into lakes, and slide down natural water slides. We don't ... read more
Flower Girl
Rain forest meets the reef tour.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland November 28th 2007

Monday, November 26, 2007 - 10:53 a.m. I'm quite frustrated right now. I either left my USB memory card reader for my camera at the hotel in Melbourne or it fell out in the woods - either way - nobody turned it in and I'm not doing another 3 and a half hour hike to find it before tomorrow morning. This sucks for a few reasons: 1. I'm down a gig of memory. 2. I'm down the memory card reader. I was more so bummed because I thought - #3 - my main reason - was that I couldn't transfer my photos from card to computer and there for would have full cards and no way to take more pictures without buying another more. BUT, I just remembered that I have a cord in my camera ... read more
My feet
Croc warning sign

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne November 24th 2007

I'm trying to get photos on here, I have a TON, but it seems like anywhere I go it gets 99% done and then ......... nothing. So, be prepared for a back log of photo fun. Today has been really good. Alex and I went to the sky tower and did this freaky over looking the city thing. You go up 88 floors and then into a glass box that moves out over the city, you can see above, below, and all around you. We've walked all over town. Alex wants a picture of a building/business called "The Hill of Content" because he thinks it's funny. We're going to look it up in the phone book and find it tomorrow...I hope it's as funny to you as it is to him - my feet - not ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne November 24th 2007

Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 12:46 a.m. I meant to write before midnight to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving since we're a day ahead of you. I saw the New York Thanksgiving parade on the news this morning. We were up and out the door at 7:50 this morning and just got home a half hour ago. It's been a looooong day. We started off with a city tour of Melbourne. Alex and I got in last night and had enough time to grab dinner at an Indian joint (very good) before crashing for the night so we hadn't seen much yet. The tour was okay. Our guide was informative, funny at times, and very friendly - the problem was that he really should have applied for a guided meditation position. He monotone voice ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas November 21st 2007

Today our shuttle was picking us up at 7:40 a.m. It immediately started off great. Ben, our tour guide, is a really friendly scuba diver that was great to talk to. The shuttle itself sat nine passengers and Ben. Leather seats, wood floor, very nice. We were off to Mossman Gorge. Most of this entry can be explained with photos. We went on another crocodile hunt, less successful croc wise, but extremely awesome. They have large fruit bats that you can see sleeping in the trees during the day. Unlike the common bats we have in Michigan, Fruit bats have excellent vision and have a fruit diet. While ours are in the field mice family, these are in the monkey family. I love bats. Even the little mousy ones in Michigan. I think they're cool - ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas November 20th 2007

These are older photos that I didn't upload...I over looked them. I really like this place we're at, BUT, I wouldn't recommend anyone to ever book here if you make it to Port Douglas. We're staying at the Bay Villa Resort and it would be perfect if it weren't for the woman who works the office. She's down right rude and talks down to us as if we're 7 year old kids. And the notes - the notes drive me bonkers...there's notes everywhere about what to do, what not to do, a $50 fine if you're noisy, a $50 fee if you lock your key in your room (you only get one).... Yesterday we did grocery shopping and spent a lot of time in the pool. We hired bikes (everything is hired here...hire a car, hire ... read more
Popular Car
Sydney Opera House at night

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas November 20th 2007

Sunday, November 18th, 2007 - 8:17 p.m. Crikey...we are beat and it's so early. Leaving Cairns and taking the shuttle to Port Douglas was exactly what I've been waiting for. From the "caution kangaroo crossing" signs to the open fields of was quite Australian. We checked out our new home for the next five days and I immediately fell in love with the room, the pool, the environment, and the 10 minute walk to town. The bugs are pretty bad here and the walk over loads my nose in that in the course of half a block you smell a range from flowers to cake to rotting dead animal (probably a plant, but that's what it smells like) to someone grilling. It's really hot and muggy and several times we had some kind of huge ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City November 17th 2007

It's hot. It is really, really hot and muggy. It rained yesterday a good one and you can almost slice through the air. I'm sweating sitting here in a shaded area. We checked out of the hotel about an hour ago and our shuttle to Port Douglas picks us up at four (back at the hotel). So we're checking e-mails before making the rest of the hike to the city to swim in the pool there. It's really neat, right by the ocean they have an open to the public pool almost random looking for anyone to walk into. They have a huge park for skate boarders and bikers to share. There was a girl from Ireland on the live aboard that's staying here for a year. Lucky. The states gives you a max of three ... read more

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