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South America » Brazil June 14th 2014

Yes, it would have been a red card, undoubtly. The ball was nowhere near, neither was a referee when the Brazilian got a kick to his knee so hard that he fell over and his shoes flew high in the air in a comic-style manner. Both did not care about any ball, in fact we did not even play football. I felt the crowd was on my side because it was Brazil versus Germany for a bag hung over my shoulder. And instead of a referee a police would have been appropriate. Locals warned me before but I believed I was save, because until this point, I have survived Belize, Guatemala, Honduas with the most dangeruous city in the world, Peru, Bolivia without any incident - then it happened on the last stop at Salvador de ... read more
historic center off the path

South America » Peru June 5th 2014

Arriving to Lima, there was noone to contact and so decided to take a taxi to my accomodation since it was late already. I managed to talk the driver down to 50 Soles and told the driver to stop at an ATM, just to find my Credit Card to be over the limit!! So they not only booked the ticket I had cancelled, but they also made my card go over the limits. Now I am here in Lima, no cash, no credit card and a driver who is waiting to get paid... no dollars, no soles, but wait - I got the money which was meant to pay the ticket from Frankfurt to Heidelberg. Those 15 Euros would be exactly 52 Soles!!! Driver was not happy at all, but I opened both wallets to him ... read more
Who eats whom...?
Another classic

North America » United States » Florida June 5th 2014

Apalled by Ryanair customer service? Try Spirit airlines - "the ultimate couldnt care less" carrier. So it took over 2 hours to get the 5 kilometers from the beach to the airport thanks to massive local public transportation failure. On the shuttle terminal there was a empoyee of my airline whom I asked of it was possible to inform the gate of my arrival, since boarding time would be in 15 minutes already. The answer was a blank, "sorry it is not possible" - it later turned out that she worked exactly at my gate (!). Arriving at the counter, I asked them woul they please inform the gate of my coming, that I am already checked in and my luggage was on the plane. And that was where those magical words were spoken: "We just ... read more
Miami vice feeling
Everglades Snoozing alligators

North America » United States » Florida June 4th 2014

met this guy in SF who had a wrong ticket for Local Transportation and sought for reimbursement without success. So he tried to sell his 10$ ticket of stored value to other passengers. I told him that my trip will be only 8$ and he agreed on the price. However, feeling pity for the guy, I paid the full value. At the destination I have the remaining 2$ ticket to a young traveller who seemed very happy about the little gift. A day later in Fort Lauderdale one lady had no use for her day ticket anymore and saved me 6$ of bus trips by giving it to me. We started chatting and she tells me about her cancer and how it changed perspective on life. Her goal is to make people happy, one a day. ... read more

On to Costa Rica, a more reliable, trustworthy environment - not so: Sometinme you just have the feeling somthing is not quite right. Sometimes you don't care, like when you find out the tuk tuk driver overcharges 40 cent. But sometimes you do care. Especially when it is a fixed price in an official place, such as a bus. It was the way the driver gave me the change that made me calculate the equivalent in Euros. 4 Euros, that is a Paunu charge, no way it is Costa Rica standard. So turned to a passenger and asked what is the regular price, and it turned out I paid about 5 times as much. So I adressed the driver and made him understand how much I gave him and how much I got in return. Then ... read more
Luxury version of a dorm room
Riches of the New World
Put your vote here - universal statement

So I left the last maya ruins of this tour to take a flight from the world's allegedly most dangerous town - by homicides per capita, that is. My mission was to get form the bus station of San Pedro Sula to the airport. And for some mysterious reason there is no bus connection, so taxi is a must. The price was a rip-off, double the price of a 4 hour bus ride in the morning from Copan...AFTER I managed to negotiate the price by agreeing to take other passengers with different destinations on the taxi. But in a city like this you don't want to argue about prices much. To my surprise I realized that locals paid just as much for the ride as me, so I was not even ripped off. Just had a ... read more
 Departure fee

So I went to this agency to book a trip from Flores, Guatemala to Copan, Honduras, because it seemed difficult to find information about connections. It would start at 5.30am from the hostel and after 8 hourse in a LUXURY bus, should reach my destination. While saying this, the agent pinted several times at a supercool modern bus on a poster. Ok, I thought, sounds easy, I thought, should be comfortable I thought. Booked the rather pricy trip for the next day. To my surprise, at 5.30 am there really was a taxi waiting for me. Even the tour agant was there to hand money to the taxi driver, so the transfer to the LUXURY bus was included, already the second nice surprise. Unfortunately, my good luck for the day ended here, at 5.35am on this ... read more
Classic Tikal ruins
'Luxury bus' from 70s
Bullet holes

Merida, Yucatan is my first stop off the beaten path. Way to meet the locals and as the saying goes do in Rome as the Romans do... so I went to the market and had my first local dish. Some tortilla with something that resembled chicken in a broader sense. Since my Spanish is still virtually non-existant, I simply pointed and told the waiter I want that. To which he looked at me like I was the first gringo to set foot onto the New World. Well at least I was the only White around, for sure... But I insited, thinking if locals can eat it, I should give it a try. So I had a dish named "black chicken" and was quite happy with it, and so was my stomach, as it turned out. But ... read more
Pok na Pok
IMG_2244 Kolonialer Platz Merida

and exhausted people DO screw up things, yes indeed. But first things first. Cancun beach is just EMEZING! White coral sand beaches, dolphins, manta rays and erm jelly fish, sharks, ... ok didn´t care much, went into the water, heard whistle had to get out. Had not see red flags, saw the waves though. Thought they were rather fun instead of them being dangerous.... Screw up of the day: Did not take map with me, hopped off the bus close to the hostel on a 20km long boulevard by pure luck. next day Chichen Itza, the first of a number of cultural sites I will visit. Not writing much of the ruins here, no it was a majestetic scew up that made my day. Imagine this: Tired conquistador falls asleep on the bus. Wakes up and ... read more
Friendly wildlife
Pyramid of Kukulkan

Central America Caribbean April 30th 2014

Condor? Yes, German is a must ;) So here we go, with that cheap-noble airline towards Cancun. Colonial experience of our time. Well, the Condor is about to get extinct - considering the food rations onboard, it must die of hunger... Else, I am going to face the challenge entirely unprepared. Time for getting accustomed to the equipment there is on the flight, also for learning Spanish. The word for thief is... oh damn I already forgot. The final days were abnormally stressful. Sending my work at 2 am and 3 hours of sleep, that stupid road contruction causes a royal traffic jam, so I manage to check in just 8 minutes before the counters closed... the reward: Place near the emergency exit with extra leg space and noone in the seat nect to me. Can´t ... read more

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