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Oceania » Australia » Queensland April 17th 2007

This fourth and final blog in the “Holiday in Oz” series features my family and a number of my many friends. In particular I introduce you to my Hashing buddies whom I miss a lot while in China. They are a fantastically varied group of people who love to get together, run/jog/walk and have a bite to eat and a few drinks. As can be seen from the photos they are also a little partial to dressing up and celebrating anything that takes their fancy! So here’s “Cheers!” to you! My life would not be the same without you all! ... read more
Muddy & Spaz
Lin & Sue
Limpy, Mudguard, Slip It & Treadie

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane April 17th 2007

Brisbane is a lovely sub-tropical city about an hour or so north of the Gold Coast. It is the capital city of Queensland, my home state. I went to school and University there and lived there a large part of my life. Even though it was so close, I only managed to find time to spend a few days there on this trip. The main purpose was to house-sit for my good friend Alison who was travelling to the USA for a special workshop. While there I managed to look up a number of my friends. I was especially lucky to catch up with my schoolmate Sandie, who happened to be in town (from Cairns-2000km away) to celebrate her daughter Beth’s 21st birthday. So here’s a glimpse of my Brisbane buddies and the beautiful Brisbane River. ... read more
Beth's 21st lunch
Birthday Girl Beth
Mother & Daughter

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne April 17th 2007

As well as lolling about on the Gold Coast I managed to squeeze a week away in Melbourne. I have been to Melbourne a number of times, so the purpose of my visit was not to “sight-see” so much as to catch up with long term friends, particularly Jan and John Martyn and Jenny and Bruce Martyn, whom I’ve stayed with a number of times. Jan and Jenny were my “tentmates” during a 9 week odyssey through Europe in 1977! We were on an infamous Contiki camping holiday and I have made a number of life-long friends from this trip. It was a trip of a life-time. So many hilarious stories and vivid pictures come to mind. Drinking pastisse in a bar in Montmartre in Paris; dress up parties in Italy and Germany; eating snails for ... read more
Yarra River
Summer Evening at the Myer Music Bowl
Open Air Concert

Oceania April 17th 2007

My first visit home after nearly a year started with a strange feeling of being a little bit alien as I stepped onto the train at Brisbane airport. No pushing and shoving to beat each other to what remaining seats there may be; no cacophony of excited voices; just the piercing, nasal chat of a number of local teenagers enjoying their summer holidays. Their voices sounded really strange to me. It wasn’t until an Asian family boarded the train and started to speak what to me sounded like Chinese that I felt a bit more at home! ”Now, that’s weird!” I told myself. It didn’t take me long to settle back into the cruisy lifestyle that is the Gold Coast. I stayed most of my time at my friend Lisa’s as my own apartment was ... read more
Beachside Playground
Beach Wedding
Bootcamp on the Beach

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou April 5th 2007

As expected, my final few days in Taizhou prior to my flight home to Australia were hectic. However, that did not prevent me from squeezing in a 2 day revisit to Suzhou with my friend Marg. As a long term committed backpacker my normal place of abode in Suzhou is the Suzhou International Youth Hostel. On this occasion we decided to go “upmarket” a bit on the recommendation of friends of Marg and stay at the charming Ping Jiang Lodge. Ping Jiang Lodge is over 300 years old and one of a number of the recognized historic/heritage places remaining within the area of the old city walls. It is tucked away in one of the beautifully preserved laneways in Suzhou “old town”, only minutes away from the main shopping area of the CBD. Despite this ... read more
Our Backyard

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou January 31st 2007

After a whirlwind two weeks back in the Land of Oz for a well-earned holiday, I now have time to share with you all my myriad experiences of my first “Silly Season” in the great “Middle Kingdom”. For those of you who thought it might be a little lonely being so far away from home at a time when friends and families traditionally get together to celebrate, never fear! The following photo essay “documents” a mesmerizing range of activities from parties, tree plantings, cultural concerts, weddings and even a birth, all mixed in with final exams! Not a time for the faint-hearted! Read on and enjoy!... read more
Corporate Xmas Celebration
Arthur & Hans Share the Xmas Spirit
Aussie Connection

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou December 23rd 2006

It occurred to me in the past week or so that it’s been nearly 3months since I last posted a blog! With the demands of a new semester, ongoing issues with uncooperative computers and slow internet connections, a broken camera and an increasing social life outside of this campus, there never seems to be quite enough time to do all the things I’d like- including updating this blog! It took the realization that Xmas was just around the corner to finally put fingers to keyboard! EXCUSES ASIDE, I DEDICATE THIS XMAS BLOG TO MY FAMILY AND MY MANY FRIENDS, BOTH OLD AND NEW, AROUND THE GLOBE. I ANTICIPATE WITH RELISH MY RAPIDLY APPROACHING “WINTER BREAK” IN AUSTRALIA. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHOM I WON’T SEE SO SOON, MAY YOU HAVE A JOYFUL FESTIVE SEASON AND MAY ... read more
Sue in Office
Sue and Xmas Tree
Sue and Dean Fan

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Qintong October 22nd 2006

Qintong Town, 15 km north of Jiangyan City (Taizhou Prefecture) in Jiangsu Province, is located in an area criss-crossed by waterways. Qi Hu (Lake) is found on the outskirts of town about a 20-30 minute ride by car east of our hotel. This particular visit we were the guests of Taizhou City itself. It was an opportunity to show their “foreign friends” the ongoing efforts to not only boost economic growth in the area but as a mark of an increasing awareness of the importance of protecting the environment that so often suffers when rapid urban growth occurs. To mark the “auspicious” occasion we were inevitably tagged by a team from Taizhou Television and a number of their family members. We were also accompanied within the reserve by a young tour guide called Crystal. She was ... read more
Canna lily
Rare Milu Deer
Life jackets for all

Asia » China » Beijing July 8th 2006

A visit to Beijing is not complete without an excursion to the Summer Palace in the far NW of Beijing. It took over an hour to arrive there through horrendous traffic, so I definitely got to see a lot more of Beijing even if it was main roads, road construction and flyovers! A more pleasant way of getting there, is to hire a bike and follow the canal so as to miss most of the traffic. I was told that it takes about 1.5hrs- almost the same as the bus. Next time! The area surrounding the Summer Palace had been used as a pleasure garden for centuries, when in the 1880’s, the Empress Dowager Cixi decided to substantially expand the original park, and the “new” Summer Palace was built to replace the old one that had ... read more
Hall of Dispelling Cloud
Grand Theatre
Ancient Music

Asia » China » Beijing July 7th 2006

There are numerous Temple complexes spread around and close to Beijing, but it would take numerous visits to this great city to view and appreciate them all. This blog will feature just two, Temple of Heaven (Tiantan) and Lama Temple. Temple of Heaven The spectacular Temple of Heaven complex is located a few minutes south of the Palace Museum in one of the cities’ most popular parks. It is possible to get a park only ticket, but I chose the “all inclusive” option (tao piao) to allow closer inspection of the temple complex itself. The temple complex is surrounded by a double wall, separating the temple into two parts-inner and outer temples, with the main structures found in the inner one. The inner temple complex is then divided into two main clusters of buildings, north and ... read more
Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests
Figures of Prestige
Gate Feature

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