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Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Taizhou University June 30th 2008

Hello this time from Neu-Purkersdorf (near Vienna, Austria)! This is the fourth and final episode wrapping up my final semester at Taizhou Teachers College and Nanjing Normal University Taizhou College! Yes, I know, it's been a long time coming, but here it is with 100 photos to boot! My last couple of weeks were a whirlwind of farewells from graduation dinners for ex-students , special banquets from both my work teams, a few casual get togethers with friends and even a hen's party for our good friend Yama! It was such a fun time, but it made it all the more difficult to move on! So enjoy this and a big thank you to all my friends, colleagues and students for sharing with me this amazing 21/2 year adventure. Your friendship and companionship is sorely missed! ... read more
A Special Night Out With The Boys
Business English Gents
05EE Grad Dinner 1

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Taizhou University June 30th 2008

Welcome from Cesky Budejovice, Czech Republic to Part 3 of my blog series on the wrap up of my final teaching semester at Taizhou Teachers College and Nanjing Normal University Taizhou College. May was a month of great contrasts and an enormous emotional roller coaster for the people of China. The horrific earthquake that struck Sichuan Province on May 12 absolutely paralyzed a nation. Everyone was glued to their TV and computer screens for weeks, watching shocking footage coming live and in gory replay from the epicentre in Wenchuan County. The country was in official mourning for 3 days where no entertainment venues could be open and even the Olympic Torch Relay was suspended as a mark of respect. For my students, their safe little worlds were shattered in a moment. Many walked around in disbelief ... read more
Toadally Crazy!
Business English Earthquake English Corner
A song to uplift the spirit!

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Taizhou University June 30th 2008

Hello from Riga, Latvia and welcome to the second installment of my four installment wrap up of my last semester in Taizhou. As always, it was a very busy one, with some very special events and always lots of variety! I will keep the text to a minimum and let the photos speak for themselves! I will be publishing fairly frequently from now on, otherwise my adventure will be over before you get to read about it! There are 17 blogs to date (I am currently about half way through my trip) , so you have been warned! To my wonderful students and friends in Taizhou, welcome back to another semester. I trust it is a successful one and I encourage you to keep in touch. Messages while I am travelling are very much appreciated and ... read more
Spring has sprung on the campus grounds
Spring walks through Taizhou
Foreign Language Festival

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou June 30th 2008

This is the first of 4 retrospective blogs highlighting my last semester (at least for now!) at Taizhou Teachers College. It features four of my prior students who caught wind of the fact that I was returning to Australia at the end of June and each of them made a special effort to catch up with me and were eager for me to see how they have fared since leaving Taizhou Teachers College to pursue other opportunities. The first is Cathy (Guo Min), who graduated from Taizhou Teachers College in 2007 as a primary school English teacher. She also teaches Chinese and Science to her students. Her country primary school is tiny by Chinese standards with only 200 students in total. I had an absolutely delightful visit to her classroom of Grade 3s and was also ... read more

Asia » China » Heilongjiang » Harbin May 11th 2008

This is the second of two blogs featuring my visit to Haerbin/Harbin in Heilongjiang Province in the NE of China. As previously stated, the main attraction for me to venture into these frozen realms during the coldest Chinese winter in 50 years, was to experience the Haerbin/Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, a series of gala events involving ice and snow carving art. The Ice and Snow Festival came into being in January of 1985. Initially the main events were the Ice Lantern Festival in Zhaolin Park and surrounding streets (particularly Zhongyang Dajie and the waterfront parks) and the Snow Sculpture Fair on Sun Island (a recreational area situated on the northern banks of the Songhua River). The festival lasted for about a month or so up until around Chinese New Year/Spring Festival Holidays. In 1999, ... read more
Snow Sculpture Festival Sun Island 1
Snow Sculpture Festival, Sun Island  2
Snow and Ice World 1

Asia » China » Heilongjiang » Harbin May 2nd 2008

Have you ever been somewhere sooooo cold that your eyelashes temporarily froze together? This was one of the more unusual experiences I had on a visit to Haerbin/Harbin in the North East of China this past January! Part of the joy of travelling is in setting personal challenges in order to stretch your boundaries of comfort. This is how, I, as a woman from the sub-tropics of Queensland, Australia, found myself travelling north from my temporary home in Taizhou, Jiangsu to the frozen north-east of Heilongjiang Province in what was later referred to as “the coldest winter in over 50 years”! With daily temperatures ranging between -17 and -30 degrees C, it was definitely an experience that pushed me a number of times well outside my comfort zone! I have divided my week- long visit into ... read more
Flood Control Monument
Front view St Sophia
Golden Buddha

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Taizhou University April 5th 2008

Finally, I can publish this blog after it being "almost" completed since January. So, for those of you who have wondered what has become of me, here is a synopsis of the last semester in Taizhou Teachers College! From the arrival of our freshman last September, through our Autumn Sports Carnival in November and the many activities and cultural events since, I hope you will enjoy this overview of my everyday experiences in Taizhou Teachers College. There are a large number of photos, so apologies to those of you who have slow internet connections! In coming weeks I will take you on a journey to the North of China to experience the Snow and Ice Festival in Haerbin, to the coastal city of Qingdao, famous for its beer and as being one of the top wedding ... read more
Welcome crew and a few ring-ins!
More welcome crew from the Foreign Language Department
Never miss an opportunity!

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Taizhou University December 27th 2007

Yes, it's been some months since I published a new blog, but this is proof I have not fallen off the edge of the earth! The approach of Xmas is always a good impetus to put pen to paper, or in this case, fingers to the keyboard! In the next week or so I will bring you up to speed with a synopsis of this past semester, my fourth at Taizhou Teachers College. That is if our appalling internet connections will allow! In the meantime, read and on and share in some of the fun of the past week or so of celebrating Xmas "Chinese Style". This is my second Xmas in China and I’m still a little surprised by the enthusiastic adoption of this very Western Festival by my Chinese friends. This is especially as ... read more
Jennifer leads Jingle Bells
071 Sleigh mob
Cool sheep

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Taizhou University September 19th 2007

For those of you who actually look at the date on my blogs, you can rest assured that you haven't missed a heap of blogs! I'm back from my summer adventures and into my third week of my fourth teaching semester here at Taizhou Teachers College. It really is hard to believe I've been here for such a length of time and despite having a wonderful summer, it's really good to be back. I am especially relishing my own bathroom and not living out of a backpack! It's also great to catch up with friends, colleagues and students who all seem to have enjoyed their summer break immensely. Everyone seems relaxed, confident and full of energy, in marked contrast to earlier this year when facing the prospect of the Government Evaluation. At that time, everyone was ... read more
What a welcome
Chatting with a star
Student Hosts

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Taizhou University June 21st 2007

Well, the end of yet another term! I have now been in China for three teaching semesters. In that time, I have had the pleasure to work with over 700 young people, all aspiring to achieve their potential in this incredibly competitive society. For most of them this was their last term of Oral English as next year they will be preparing to enter the workforce. I will be particularly sad to say “Goodbye” to my 05BE Business English class as they have been with me for the whole time I have been in China. They are a very hard-working class and have benefited from regular weekly English chats that they organized themselves in their very limited “free” time. I am very proud of their achievements over the last one and a half years and ... read more
05BE cake celebration
05BE cheers!
Paula wears the cake

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