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North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth March 31st 2019

O O O O’Rielly Autoparts 500. NASCAR. Iiiiiiiiiiit’s a little cold. Damn it. So yeah the track is huge. Pays to bring a handicapped pass holder with ya for parking. JesuChristo. Yeah the FanZone is collector item heaven. You need Jimmie Johnson socks? (I did) Hats? Pins? Cars? Beer cozy? Yup. Spent a solid hour poking around there. Not nearly as bad as Disneyland, but they will let ya leave your money if you need to. Track was nice, mile and a half. Good seats in section 415 upper. The race was SO LOUD. But they rent scanners and headphones 🎧 so you can follow along. The corn dogs were corn dogs, despite the fancy sign. Get them at the window so they’re hot. The off road truck race was nifty, Denny Hamlin won the big ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth March 30th 2019

Got to Ft Worth early afternoon. DFW is a nicely organized airport. Went up 114 to the traffic jam around Texas Motor Speedway. Staying at home2 by Hilton. Cookies in the lobby? Sure thing I’ll have 6. Or 7. Went to Mexican food at the intersection of 114 and 312 next to the RISE (lol) men’s clinic. Fair. The Ft Worth Water Garden was the only stop on the agenda. Take 35, 312 is tedious. The water garden was a film location for Logan’s Run (1976). It was a nice park. Wouldn’t go out of my way, but looks like a lovely lunch spot. ... read more

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