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Europe » Spain » Basque Country » San Sebastián July 13th 2016

Quiet start to the day. Feet and legs feeling the walking from yesterday arvo. Look at options for the rest of the trip, how, when and how long. A few options that we are following up so watch this space...... Eventually out I tot he sun, after another good dump of rain this morning. Yes, we did see morning...... Out to the street and find a bar where they had Pintxos. Lots of little snacks like ham and cheese rolls (but fancier names that's that), bread with interesting stuff in it and other stuff. All went well with a sneaky little Rose. Off to the furnicular which goes up,to the hill beside our place and overlooks the cove and San Sebastián. Find that and up we travel. Pretty steep and the views agent better as we ... read more

Europe » Spain » Basque Country » San Sebastián July 12th 2016

Hola.... See how good my Spanish is already. NOT... Up early for our 0800 check out. Man arrives at 0815 apologising for early start and then tells us how the apartment is his daughters who is studying medicine at bordeaux uni. Expalis the pink sheets and pretty pics around the walls.... Anyhoo, all good and security deposit back in our hands. Wander the town which is just waking up. Find a place and get pastries and fresh squeezed OJ. Sit on the steps of the opera house and watch the crowds go by. Interesting way to start the day. Off tour tram and to the station. Lucky we have ourselves plenty of time. The automated ticket printing bit failed miserably. Noticed our booking and tickets but when I had to enter the card it just spat ... read more

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux July 11th 2016

Slow morning, got to chat with the kids just as they were going to bed so that was nice, then spoke with the adults as well. Caught up on the news in Melbourne including the prediction of snow in Ringwood. Hmm, it was cold here today as well, 25c. Never mind. Off to the trams today to do some city touring. Brunch first then away we go. Go to the new wine museum built last year. It resembles the swirl of wine in a glass, very trendy but at €20 to do a tour, not on. Wandered a bit then back on the tram and into the exchange to another line which takes us to ABC. Interesting church, then we wander down the main shopping street. Bit ordinary but worth the visit. Another church then another ... read more

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux July 10th 2016

Today we are doing the wine appreciation morning. Find our way to the building, ring bell and greeted by a young guy Who asks where we are from. Ahh, Melbourne, they have very good wines there. Introduces us to Colas, our educator. Young guy again who looks like he has just got out of bed. Another couple in a big room with a high table and stools around it. Looks like only 5 of us. The other couple are from the USofA. Wait for a while then he says we will start without the other woman. Eventually she arrives. We talk about all the wine regions of France and how they are all different, etc. Start the tasting with a dry white - to wake the pallet up.... Sure does. Very tasty but not preferred by ... read more

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux July 9th 2016

Wake early after a restless night - aircon not great and quite noisy. Find out later we had the window open so noise was coming in that way. Go down earlier than we need so we can catch up with the others before they leave at about 0800. Get into the restaurant and they have seats together and there is another one as well. We ask if we can sit there. Waiter says it is dirty but we don't mind. Finally agrees and we get to chat which is nice. Time is up so we do hugs, etc. It has been great fun with all of them (our tribe as we were labelled). Finish breakfast with lots of the ship people slipping in or out. Meet the tour director who tells me he has had a ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France July 8th 2016

Woke early to put bags out at 0630. Looked like all bags were already out but ours weren't late so why wake too early. Ended up staying up and had an early breakfast. Last on the ship so there are more farewells with the staff. They have been a great crew so it is hard to leave them behind, however, they just clean up and get ready for a new bunch that afternoon. Sure they won't be as good as us. Onto buses for a drive to Dijon where we have about 1.5 hours before we get to the station for our TGV ride to Paris. We Re walked down to the centre of town where we are given our free time and to meet back there at 1215. Luckily Annette and Colin (part of our ... read more

Europe » France » Burgundy » Beaune July 7th 2016

Slow start, breakfast then we are off to another town in the Burgundy region for another town and wine tasting. Find out that the Burgundy region produces 65% of its wine as Charonnay and the other 35% as Pinot Noir. Hmmmm..... Anyway, we are the first for the wine tasting. Not too sure about this as a bit dusty from last night. We get to the wine house after many cobbled stone streets, then wait. Wait. Wait. Turns out the wine guide has the wrong time. Eventually we are in with a very frustrated tour guide. Tour starts with the General Manager talking to us. Down into some really good cellars that are not dressed up for tourists, then up again for tastings with the real wine tour guide. Apologies and we start tasting with a ... read more

Europe » France » Burgundy » Cluny July 6th 2016

Hmm, getting down to the end point of the tour. Today we head off to Cluny to visit anothe Abbeye and a horse stud (ABC). Morning sailing again so we have a lazy morning doing stuff like eating and talking. Then comes lunch and away we go. Tonight we have the Captains formal dinner - oh dear, out comes the same shirt for me, worn last night in the chefs table dinner as well. Packed light.... We drive through some of the prettier country we have seen to a horse stud where we get to wander around the grounds then into the stables where different varieties are shown. Big boys here, and some were a tad excited to see us as well. Then a demonstration of how they teach the horses how to do their dressage ... read more

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Belleville July 5th 2016

Floated from 0600. Nice way to wake up. Arrived at Belleville. Not much around the port but we have 3 hours before our arranged trip so let's do a walk. They have a local market day which turns out to be really good. To get to the centre of town we have to walk along the major road into Belleville. Very busy and the footpaths are very narrow. Lots of close semis and cars but we survive, even crossing over the A6 motorway under us. Market is good, standard stuff, clothes, shoes, wallets and watches along with the butcher and deli people and then the fromergeries. Gee they know how to do cheeses here. Back for lunch, feeling a bit hungry as breakfast was slow after our rich dinner last night. Then off to the Beaujolais ... read more

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Lyon July 4th 2016

Normal stuff, breakfast, get ready and onto a bus for our tour. Today is a Culinary tour. We drive around the town, which is bordered by the Rhone river and the Saone river. Told lots of interesting bits about the history of the town, how silk was once a major craft of the area, and how the buildings were built. We then got off and started the old town walking tour. This old town is a bit different. They have lots of hidden walk ways that are behind doors - most times locked. When you open the door you walk through a corridor into a courtyard where there are say 10 apartments. These are called Traboules and were used by merchants to get between streets easily. They were also used by the Resistance fighters in the ... read more

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