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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand August 2nd 2016

One more sleep to go. Our tour this morning took us to the land of temples (ABT). We also visited the Royal Palace (which had temples....). Some of these temples have to be seen to be believed. Dripping in gold leaf, one even has a huge solid gold Buddha sitting on top of a stand on the 2nd floor. They didn't know it was solid gold until they went to move it and dropped it cracking the plaster that surrounded the gold. Surprise surprise....... Luckily we got an early start again as it was very hot and humid, especially for the palace visit as we had to have covered legs. Long pants in this weather - hmpph.. Anyway, we survived, but just. There was even a reclining Buddah that was 22 metres long. And they love ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok August 1st 2016

Up early as we have a day trip to the River Kwai booked. Breakfast and ou tot he lobby by 0700. Good effort. Meet our guide, Nikki. A 4 ft Dynamo. We get into the Hi Ace bus and away we go. Through the city streets which are busy as all get out. At 0710 even... She says that for this coming into town, they have to leav at 0500 in some cases. Worse them the Monash car park...... Finally out of the traffic and through the outer suburbs. The old town in different from thone in Europe. TheSe are more like slums rather then walled cities..... Eventually into the real outer limits where the industry happens. Lots of car yards, bus repair and building places and other associated industries.mhard to believe that any of them ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 31st 2016

During the night I noticed a fantastic lightning show off the left hand side of the plane. Told Chris and we watched it for quite a while. Stunning scenes off the clouds. Chris then went to the toilet and was speaking to one of the flight crew about it. He said it was over Kraków. Finally to sleep. Had a good sleep and then got up for a toilet break, another nap and finally woken by the crew offering breakfast. Ok. I ordered fruit, croissant and baked ham. Chef arrives with ham and 2 sloppy eggs under it. Luckily they hadn't spoilt the ham..... Done and then some homework - immigration forms to complete. That is done and another documentary on Austria then we are landing. Very smooth landing, I must say. Into the airport, out ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna July 30th 2016

Not too much of a sleep in this morning. Need to pack our bags - much easier as Chris has less than half of what she started out with along with my shoes, etc. Yes, bag fairy has passed us again. Bags packed and ready to be out by around 1100. Not bad - photos of the room and front of house then we check if Chris can get a haircut from the hairdresser around the corner. Honestly, this place everything very close by. She can do it straight away so in she goes, I park the bags in the shop and wander off to look at other things.Come back just before the allocated half hour and Chris is just being brushed down. I get to pay and then we head off. A short walk which ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris July 29th 2016

Another day of sightseeing and maybe some shopping. You guessed it, no bag fairy again so a few more personal items and a new suitcase. On the bus at the Eiffel Tower and around the city to Notre Dame de Paris. At last we get to go in to this icon of Paris. Queues aren't too bad and we don't have to pay so even better. Inside and it is rearly just ABC. Very dark but it does have some beautiful stained glass windows. Out into the sunlight and onto another bus route for a look around. This tour take sus past the French equivalent of the NYC high line so we get off and do the walk. Very calming amongst the traffic, etc. Down to street level and we need a drink/toilet break so we ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris July 28th 2016

Another overcast day. We decide to do shops today to replenish some of Chris's lost (missing) clothes. Go to the end of our street and there is a clothes shop. Chris goes in and after a little while we leave with 3 tops. Happy camper and so close to home. They go straight back to the apartment and we start again. By this time, the breakfast specials are finishe so we stop for lunch. Tiny bar with tables so close that to get I you pull the table out and slide I. Then pull the table back. Real meet your neighbour stuff here. Good food at reasonable prices. Is this place in Paris? Fed and watered we head to the hop on hop off bus to get us to the main shopping street and the Lafayette ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris July 27th 2016

the bag fairy didn't appear overnight so now we have to just wait. Up and away to explore a bit including a visit to a shopping department store not far from where we are staying. Wander down to the Eiffel Tower for shots to prove we really are in Paris. sexurity is huge around the tower. They have temporary fences surrounding the entire structure and you have to go through airport type scans before even getting in ot the leg area. We decide not to go in as we have the dinner booked for tomorrow night. We check out where we have to go and then wander off into the distance. As we walk along the street we come to a building that has photo boards along the fence With stories about each one. Turns out ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris July 26th 2016

Another sleep in and then finish packing bags. Out just before our deadline of 1200. Where does the time go. Wander down to the metro, only a 200 metre walk. Ask for a ticket to the airport - lots of hand signals - no english here. Tickets dispensed, then to find our platform. Signs very confusing. Luckily we get an English speaking guy who helps us to the right platform, back up a level and the. To the next station where we connect with the airport train. Very simple really........ Off at out terminal stop and to the departures lounge. Earlier than needed so we find a food place to have some brunch. Realise we have put a bunch of liquids in our hand luggage that won't get thorough security so have to re-pack bags again. ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid July 25th 2016

Last full day in Madrid. Another easy start but no breakfast. Get advice on which bus takes us to the old city and away we go. Bus in a few minutes then into the city. Wander around, do some souvenir shopping and see lots of new streets we haven't seen before. Interesting. today is a public holiday so we thought everything might be shut but not in this area. Stop at a cafe and have something to eat. Croissant with potato chips - not my choice with the chips, it is an added extra. Fresh OJ and coffee for Chris and we are ready to hit the streets. We head towards the old market. A very impressive building with lots of food stalls inside - a little like the deli hall at the Vic market. Stop ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid July 24th 2016

Last official,day of the tour which is really just breakfast. Many have already left on the early transfers, but we have booked another 2 nights at the same hotel. Decided to have a little sleep in. Finally got up at 1030'ish and spoke to Jessica, Chris and the kids. Just caught them before they went to bed (Charlie and Pippa that is). Finally went down to breakfast around 1100. At least 9 others still there (also staying a bit longer). Chat and eat without worrying about having to be on a bus in 30 minutes. Nice.... We make the most of this breakfast as we have decide to save €54 per day by not paying for breakfast off our costs for the last 2 days. Back to the room and chat with Stephanie for a while ... read more

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