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Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Gravedona June 8th 2012

Day 27 Head for Lucerne with rain and low cloud. So low that driving up the mountain just outside Brienz that we have very low visibility and a car off the side of the road so slower then usual driving. Despite that, still get some spectacular views of towns below us. Get to Lucerne and guess what - bucketing down. Drive down a road towards what looks like the river and get a park right beside the river and the special wooden covered bridge - lucky... Go to the information office to find out what to do on a rainy day in Lucerne. Not lots. Go across the river to the old part of town and it rains even harder. So much that the buses cause waves in the gutters. Wait under cover for a while ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Brienz June 7th 2012

Day 26 OMG Jungfraujoch - at last. What a day of superlatives. Get up early'ish and have breakfast at the B&B. Irene offers us some coupons for the Jungfraujoch trip that will get us extremely cheap fares as long as we split the difference with her. Good deal so off we go..... Tickets issued at almost half price and we get on the train (after buying some cheap gloves). On our way and alreadynthensigtsbarebcoming thick and fast. By the time we get to our first change of trains I have lots of shots (might be a long trip). Get on the next train and immediately start to climb very steeply. Snow covered mountains, waterfalls, valleys, too many sights to cover so decide to cut back on photos and just look. After about an hour we get ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Brienz June 6th 2012

Day 25 Deep into the land of fondue, chocolate and absolutely stunning scenery..... We wake up to rain. Go down and do breakfast at Lausanne (in the hotel) and head off towards Interlaken (via Berne - the capital of Switzerland). A quick chat to Stephanie via Viber (it is back and very pleased to have it again - even if it drops out every so often). On the road and the rain has eased. Stella takes us up the hill from where we were staying on ordinary roads (read 80kmh here) but as it turned out, not too bad. Scenery was to kill for. Eventually back onto the motorway and 120kmh and still the scenery to kill for..... More roadworks and slow speeds but no hassle here - able to check out the sights again. Deviate ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lausanne June 5th 2012

Day 24 We are now in our next European country - Switzerland. We left the hotel in Lyon and went tthe huge park on the outskirts of the CBD called Parc de la tete d'or. Great spot once you find where to park. We got a baguette each and walked the park and rose gardens and then sat by the lake and ate our lunch. Very pleasant to sit and watch the wild life, etc. lots of office workers running, must be their version of the tan.... Left there and direct to Switzerland. Motorways are fantastic over here. There was in part where they had roadworks which meant one side of the road was not being used, speed down to 70kmh and single file. Quite a few tunnels which varied from say 500 meters to 5 ... read more

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Lyon June 4th 2012

Day 23 We leave sour B&B after a leisurely breakfast. Our host gives us some more clues on where to go in Italy. We say our farewells and head into Avignon for a quick look at the old city. Very pretty but like a lot of others we have seen before so we point towards Lyon - our next stop. We decided to go straight to our destination this time. Arrived and booked into our hotel and then caught the Metro into the city and caught the last hop on hop off bus tour (at a discounted rate too). This tour was even better then the Paris one. They stopped at sights for photo opportunities and the commentary was much more detailed. We then sat in a cafe and had a drink and some chicken wings ... read more

Day 22 Just broke the 3 week barrier today. And what a great win by Melbourne last night. Messages from lots and emails today after my photo of me in my Melbourne shirt... Oh well, back to mundane things like touring again. Later start today - sleep in then a late breakfast - still available at our B&B so that was nice. The German and Croatian couples were leaving today so we had a very pleasant chat with them at breakfast. Turns out that I was well covered if the was a any medical conditions. The Croatians were a Cardiologist and a Radiologist while one of the Germans was an Anathiesiologist and his wife was a Tax lawyer....... Spoke to Stephanie and John and Jan via Skype as well - Viber has gone west...... Nice to ... read more

Day 21 Wake to a blue sky and an outdoor breakfast. A walk in the gardens before we eat and then a fine repast of croissants, bread, jams (home made and about 6 varieties) and coffee, tea, juice, hot chocolate, etc. Meet the other guest - couple from Croatia and anotherfrom Germany. All ask where to go and get directions to Uzes - town no too far away that has a market so guess how many people we knew that we saw in Uzes - at least 4. The market took over the town - main street, back streets, alleyways, nooks and crannies that I am sure we missed as well. A lot like the St.Kilda esplanade with fresh food as well....... Even bought some stuff - shorts for me (didn't pack too many of them) ... read more

Day 20 Driving from Toulouse towards Provence today. We have a few minor things to finalize in Toulouse (duty free tax papers to be finalized and pack the bags). The first means that Chris gets to ride the metro in Toulouse with Alain to go to town to do the paper work while I do the second. Bags and car packed and then paper work finalized and we say our farewells to our hosts for the past 4 days of extremely fine hospitality and tourist guides.on our way around midday so not too bad at all. On to the motorway and off into the sunset. First stop is another medieval town called Carcasson. Another sight as you drive in that is out of the movies - a castle with the parapets, moats and other old stuff..... ... read more

Day 19 Off to the Pyrenees today. Alain and Josette are showing us the Pic du Midi du Bigorre (the top of the Pyrenees). As we climb the mountains we get to see snow covered hills - in spring/summer.... Park the car and into a cable car to the peak which is 2877 metres above sea level. Oxygen a little tight but the views are to kill for. First cable car to a mid point then change to the big one that drops then climbs really high and fast. Eventually at the top and lots of photos. At one stage we are surprised by 3 fighter planes (Alain thinks from Spain) that fly past very close to us and then down a valley. Sort of got them in photos - if you strain your eyes... The ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse May 30th 2012

Day 18 Tourists in Toulouse today. We do the city and see lots of old buildings again. And more churches again...... Different again. City is not as clean as others we have seen (dog shit all veer the footpaths). Still a pretty city for its sights, etc. We go into the town hall which in itself is like parts of some of the palaces with big halls, paintings on the roof, etc. Domone of the petite train tourist trips around the city and then back to the house. Domestic things like wash the car - with the use of an e-wash and fill station for the first time and then back to another feast of fois gras, rib eye steak, and fromage to finalize. Tough life here, not sure how we will cope when we get ... read more

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